Businessman Ryan Williamson, 44, regularly preaches against homosexuality in messages he delivers across NI and the Republic of Ireland.

Police were called to investigate claims he was committing hate speech in Larne on 10 August last year. However when approached by police, he refused to stop preaching and was arrested for disorderly behaviour.

His case came before Ballymena Magistrates Court yesterday, where his solicitor entered a not guilty plea. The case is adjourned until 20 May, to fix a date for a trial.


I have no problem with people preaching even if I do not agree with what they are saying.

We call that free speech.

But these speakers were using equipment that was greatly exceeding the allowed public decibels and it was causing a major disturbance.

And I object to them bawling out that;

All homosexuals were going to hell.


Disabled children were a curse from God.

As a 37 year priest resident of Larne I felt I had the obligation to publicly challenge their hate speech.

To date no one in Larne has disagreed with my challenge.

Some of these preachers were also ex prisoners with a hatred for the PSNI.

One of the ones arrested had 150 convictions