Archbishop helped jail senior garda officer by reporting him for incestuous abuse of sister

Victim kept her brother’s sex attacks secret for more than 30 years as she feared she would not be believed.

An archbishop alerted Garda headquarters in 2012 about the alleged sexual abuse perpetrated by a senior garda against his sister, sparking a major internal investigation and the detective’s forced retirement.

Last week, the former detective was jailed for four years for multiple sex attacks including unlawful carnal knowledge of his younger sister in the 1970s when the victim was just 15.

It is also understood the retired garda was the lead investigator into a major sexual abuse case in the capital at the height of his career, as well as involvement in numerous other rape and sexual assault investigations.

Informed sources confirmed to the Sunday Independent that an archbishop, who is now retired, became aware of the alleged sexual abuse of the victim in the case and felt “compelled” to contact high ranking members of An Garda Síochána.


Diarmuid Martin had many failings – chief among them being his very bad relationship with Dublin priests.

We will more later on this blog of the awful state of the fiman es Dermo left behind him.

Farrell has been sent into Dublin to sort out the financial mess.

Farrell has not been sent into Dublin to lead people to Jesus – but to lead the diocese to financial betterment.


One thing Diarmuid made a GREAT BIG SUCCESS OF was the handling of sexual abuse within Dublin

He gave the Garda and the Courts the documents and files auld Des O’Connell was hiding from them.

He also dealt with all the ages brought before him and was very good with victims and survivors.

Farrell believes the TREASURES of the church are its buildings, monies and investments.

Diarmuid treated the victims of abuse as TREASURES.

A Pastors primary role is not finance.

It is the care of souls.

Diarmuid was a better pastor than Farrell is.

Farrell is a better accountant than Diarmuid was.

You do not need to be in Holy Orders to be an accountant.

The following quote applies rather well to Farrell:

He went out to do good AND he did well!!