I spent most of yesterday in alerting the police and animal welfare to a puppy farm / Mill here in Larne.

There were three mother dogs and 11 puppies living in filth and squalor in the small back yard of a house.

Here are the photos of the poor creatures that I took.

The lady dogs were malnourished with ribs showing and loss of their coat.

The puppies were all huddled together in one kennel shivering.

A witness last night saw a thug who is supposed to be looking after them kicking one of the mothers in the stomach.

The owner of the dogs is on the run and there is an arrest warrant out for him.

The thug looking after the dogs was arrested last night for battering his girlfriend.

The owner is selling the puppies for £ 800 each.

The house is also a drugs den.

In any event I got the police and animal welfare involved.

A vet came and assessed the dogs and they have been taken into the care of animal welfare.



I am an animal lover. I’ve always had dogs as pets and still do.

Any person who abuses or hurts animals is sub human and deserves really serious punishment.

Maybe put them in with a lion 🦁 and tell them to try abusing it.





Dear Bishop Deenihan,

In light of my blogging about Silverstream Priory, I have been contacted by priests incardinated within the Diocese of Meath with new (and in my opinion) legitimate concerns. These priests have asked me to bring these concerns to your personal attention. It is, of course, sad that these priests due to the toxic nature of Silverstream feel unable to approach you directly. Instead, they have asked me to act as their interlocutor. Some of these individuals would not be naturally sympathetic to the Bishop of Larne.

Bishop Deenihan, you are not known as a bishop who is zealous in promoting the Traditional Latin Mass; so, it might be helpful for you to have some background information about the never-ending psychodrama that is unique to the majority lace-obsessed nasty and bitchy “queens” who celebrate the TLM.

Within the Diocese of Fréjus-Toulon in the south-east of France, the Ordinary of that diocese, Bishop Dominique Rey gave permission to the Australian-born monk, Dom Alcuin Reid, OSB to establish a monastic community. Canonically, it existed as a Public Association of the Faithful.

As a legitimate scholar, Dom Reid is well-known for his pronouncements on liturgical matters. He is also known to be deeply associated with celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Liturgy. He, too, has a colourful past. I am told that he had an illicit sexual relationship with a man and that was why he was never ordained a priest.

Recently, Dom Alcuin Reid, OSB, announced that he had been illicitly ordained a priest and another member of the monastic community he founded ordained a deacon without the Ordinary (Bishop Ray) issuing the appropriate dimissorial letters. What is common to Kirby and Reid is a colourful sex life before they both founded monasteries.

The illicit ordinations were publicly revealed by Dom Reid, which led in turn to their immediate suspension by Bishop Ray. It has been reported that Dom Reid and the deacon continued their “obstinacy in disobedience”. Seemingly, this disobedience was manifested by their contumacious refusal to reveal the identity of the ordaining bishop. I have it on good authority that the ordaining prelate was Archbishop Viganò, the previous Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America. And as a consequence of that ongoing disobedience Bishop Ray, quite rightly in my judgement, dissolved by Decree, the canonical structure that gave legitimacy to Dom Alcuin’s pet project. Stupidity and disobedience must have consequences.


You were consecrated the Bishop of Meath on September 2, 2018, so you have been the Ordinary of the Diocese of Meath for a period of nearly four years. Due to the decline in vocations to the priesthood, it is now increasingly rare for a bishop to ordain a man to the priesthood. It is, however, notable that you have not ordained any individual from Silverstream Priory either as a deacon or as a priest. But, I am aware that you have ordained other men since your own episcopal consecration.

In the Summer 2017 newsletter produced by Silverstream Priory, I noted a reference to the presence of Monsignor Karel Kasteel. He is referred to as “a veteran in the diplomatic service of the Holy See and a dear friend of Silverstream”. I am told that Monsignor Karel Kasteel is the “senior Dutch cleric” who was arrested for a nefarious act in a park close to the Coliseum, outside the territory of the Vatican. This is detailed in the book, In the Closet of the Vatican: Power, Homosexuality, Hypocrisy, by Frédéric Martel. Before his act of wanton stupidity in the Rome Park, he was tipped to be elevated to the episcopate and was going to be appointed an Apostolic Nuncio, following the footsteps of his father who was an ambassador.

In the February 2020 newsletter produced by Silverstream Priory reference is made to the conferral of the Minor Orders of Porter, Lecter, Exorcist and Acolyte on Dom Elijah Carroll and Dom Cassian Aylward. While the newsletter does not explicitly state who conferred the minor orders I have independently confirmed that they were in fact conferred by Monsignor Kasteel. Do you as the Ordinary of the diocese deny this reality?

Because Monsignor Kasteel is a Protonotory Apostolic, he was entitled to “confer” the minor orders. However, the priests of your diocese are curious to know who issued the dimissorial letters permitting the conferral of the minor orders? Because the conferral of these orders took place on your watch: did you, Bishop Deenihan, issue the appropriate letters? Were you content to let him confer the Minor Orders because your knowledge of Latin and the Extraordinary Form is non-existent? Alternatively, because I am told Dom Mark Kirby told everybody that canonically he was a major superior, did he, Kirby issue the requisite letters?

Notwithstanding, Dom Elijah’s addiction to gay porn, do you intend to advance him to the clerical state? It is a legitimate question that some of your priests want answered. If you do ordain Dom Elijah, he will become a cleric of the Diocese of Meath, and that is a development that will not be welcomed or wanted among your priests.

It is noteworthy that none of the current priests of Silverstream Priory are listed in the diocesan directory as being clerics of the Diocese of Meath. I am told that by virtue of Canon Law, an Institute of Diocesan Right is incapable of incardinating in its own clerics. I also have it on good authority that your predecessor, Bishop Michael Smith incardinated by Decree, Dom Kirby into the Diocese of Meath.

And if the currently missing-in-action Mark Kirby misbehaves while outside Silverstream Priory whether you like it are not if there are legal proceedings it will be the Diocese of Meath that will be sued for his misbehaviour and not Silverstream Priory, which is going to create a fresh headache for you and your chancery.

What will be your response, if Dom Elijah Carroll, seeks out somebody like Archbishop Viganò and tells him he is being persecuted for upholding the “tradition” of the Church? If it is the case that Archbishop Viganò ordained Dom Alcuin Reid, OSB, with his nefarious past, clearly, he, Archbishop Viganò will have no problem ordaining Dom Elijah, because they Reid/Carroll are both birds of a feather! Do you agree with that analysis?

What would be your response if the conventual chapter at Silverstream Priory voted to join the SSPX? Would this be a development that you would welcome? Would you take steps to evict the community from the Priory? Again, these are questions that are animating some of your priests. And, in light of the unjustified actions of Dom Alcuin Reid you can now better understand why these questions are legitimately of concern to some of your priests. It is also the case that it is no longer something speculative that the community at Silverstream Priory could act unilaterally in seeking to have some of its members in solemn vows ordained to the priesthood; this is an act that could become an ecclesiastical reality in your own diocese.

Moreover, the concerns of some of your priests about the ordination of Dom Elijah Carroll are actually well-founded. It was pointed out to me that Dom Benedict Andersen, self-acknowledged that he was never formally a Catholic seminarian and was not solemnly professed when he was ordained a priest by your predecessor, Bishop Michael Smith.

Every time I blog about Silverstream Priory, my readership numbers go through the roof. Everybody knows about the problems at the Priory. And people are now legitimately wondering: why do you continue to allow this problem to fester?

Because I believe transparency is good for the Church this correspondence will appear on my blog. Of course, I know you will not reply, but at least you will be aware of the legitimate concerns of some of your priests. And the reality that Dom Elijah Carroll being ordained illicitly is not as far-fetched as you may consider. The trads have gone crazy as a result of the legitimate and overdue reforms to the liturgy introduced by Pope Francis.

8Your brother bishop,

+Pat Buckley





Bishop Buckley,

If you want to know how arrogant, deviant and dismissive the hierarchy are of the People of God just look at Motherwell Cathedral this Thursday when Bishop Toal ordains Christipher Morris who is predatory and deviant. So much for victims and safeguarding.​

A man reported during his time in Rome for cruising, attending gay bars, psychologically, physically and sexually bullying numerous fellow seminarians – for which reason the staff threw him out in no small part thanks to Catholic Truth.

Despite advice from Christopher’s numerous victims, seminary and diocesan staff and his presbyterate for some reason Bishop Holy Toaly is still ordaining him. There will be few diocesan clergy present but as many protestors and of course most diocesan clergy are refusing to welcome him into their parishes. If Bishop Robson of Dunkeld attends that says it all though not as much as it will say if none of the 3 priests he physically and sexually harassed whilst living with them during lockdown don’t attend.​

The Pink Tartan bus was full traveling from Motherwell to Oscott for the diaconate of Colm Martin – another man who was thrown out of Rime for bigotry, bullying and violence but welcomed back by Bishop Toal. Colms best friend The Provo Princess hit the press here and was barred from Teaching in Catholic Schools. Check Oscotts website for pics of the diaconate ordination of Colm and you’ll see some of The Daisy Chain Motherwell Branch.​

The Bishop of Motherwell doesn’t give a damn about victims, safeguarding nor the opinions or safety of his priests nor people. Like most of our Scottish Bishops and even Archbishop Nolan is protecting the Daisy Chain over in Glesgay.


After Christopher got fed up with Primary Teaching he approached Bishop Holy Toaly about returning to seminary. After enquiry among the people of god Holy Toaly, found him worthy to return to seminary but the staff refused to take him back in Via Cassia so he sent him to Oscott which became to Motherwell rejects what Wonersh was to Galloway rejects.

Holy Toaly then met with former staff from the Via Cassia which included at different times amongst others Archbishop Tartaglia, Bishop Robson and Fathers Milarvie and Dougan who had all been Rector, Spiritual Director, Vice/Rector and Vice Rector respectively.​

During his time as Rector Fr Philip Tartaglia had covered up for Christopher despite his deviancy and forcing himself on others; he refused to deal with him as was Tartaglia’s way. However, once he became Archbishop he and Holy Toaly fell out over Morris return as Auld Tarty told Holy Toaly that Morris was dangerous and hasn’t changed.

Bishop Robson was Morris chief protector and opposed his removal from the seminary. Robson fell out with Fr Rector Milarvie over his removal of Morris. Robson continued to communicate with and support Morris upon his dismissal and recommended his return to Holy Toaly. He and Morris remain very close to this day. He may well attend the ordination.​

Fr Milarvie who had been Vice Rector under Tartaglia acted very swiftly when he became Rector on information and evidence provided by students, clergy and other external sources. After his time on the staff and upon his return to the diocese Morris and his then boy friend – Mark McGuire – had Milarvie set up in a honey trap.

Fr Dougan, a former lawyer, was Vice Rectir when Fr Rector Milarvie threw Morris out and was fully and vocally supportive of his decision. In a twist of fate Fr Dougan became PP of East Kilbride where Morris was Deacon but insisted Morris be gone before he arrived and so it came to be. Fr Dougan and many other Motherwell clergy have been vociferous in their opposition to Morris return – let’s see if they have the courage of their convictions and vote with their feet on Thursday. A number of clergy have told Holy Toaly they won’t take Morris as an assistant though the money is on Fr Bernard Pugface Mourninan aka Miss Moneypenny to take him to upset Big Denny another of Morris victims who is shitting a brick about Morris ordination.

This ordination is a major source of embarrassment and causing great scandal to the priests and people of Scotland.​

It shows that The Daisy Chain is strong and powerful. Will Mgr Bradley VG of Glasgow be present? Two priest friends of the VG have hung themselves recently in England and Germany. What about Mgr Paul Murray Chancellor of Glasgow? Canon Anthony Gallagher Director of RE in Glasgow? Or Fr Brian Lamb VD of Motherwell?

Or even Fr Ross Campbell of Glasgow University or Fr Paul Big Cock Denny of Motherwell?

What about our Lay faithful? Mr Anthony Oscar Wilde OConnor? Nephew of the Safeguarding Officer of Glasgow and brother of Motherwell TLM Chaplain, Fr Liam OConnor?

We wait with baited breath…just like Christopher’s former and current lover-victims!!!​


Just this week we had Wilson and Laverty. Now we have Morris.

And it’s only Wednesday.

Support bishops – Amy, Keenan and Toal.

What is out of seminaries, in man’s cases are unfit for ordination.

And the unfit seem to be the only ones seeking to be priests.

So we have:

Unfit bishops,

Ordaining unfit priests,

All joining a hierarchy and presbyterate full of the unfit.

Thank God I have not been part of it for 36 years.



Pic of Paul with Paul Martin-Tighe

27 th June 2022

Mister Keenan and My Dear John,

I wanted to refer the matter below to you and ask you to investigate. It was sent from the Paisley area.

Please let us know your findings.


Your brother bishop,


PS warm regards to your Estate Agent.

Dear Bishop Pat,

I am writing to you because I was absolutely​ shocked to find a seminarian for the Diocese of Paisley on the gay dating app Grindr. His name is Paul Laverty, 34, and he will be going into his fifth year of formation in September at the Scots College in Rome.​

His Grindr profile is faceless but shows his legs and feet. He gives some general details about himself etc. However, I was also shocked to discover that he was recently tested for HIV in April 2022 – the Easter holidays! Therefore, he must be sexually active while he is in Rome and in Paisley. I was also told that Paul got excessively drunk at the St. Andrew’s Day 2021 celebrations in the College and was embarrassing himself in front of other seminarians, College staff and a guest who was celebrating his jubilee.​

Moreover, I find it completely unacceptable that Bishop John Keenan is allowing Paul to continue to priesthood. However, John Keenan is a wolf in sheep’s clothing so it’s hardly surprising. I think Paul Laverty is a completely dangerous individual who clearly is not suited to a celibate lifestyle. He should be stopped from continuing his studies for priesthood before he causes more damage to himself and to others.

Feel free to do a blog on Paul or on Scotland. There is a lot more I can tell you about certain individuals.​

I have attached photos of Paul’s Grindr profile for reference.


Imagine a priest defending himself by saying: “I did nothing wrong. I was only being immoral”



Some readers of this blog assumed I would go to Armagh yesterday to protest the ordination of Herr Rosa Wilson.

Why would I waste my time and expensive diesel to do such a silly thing?

In the 1980s I protested three times in the sanctuary against C Daly.

When I learned the he had appointed a security detail to block me I did not go again.

I have never believed in violent protest and was not willing to be manhandled by Daly’s gang

No would I wanted to be manhandled by Big Amy’s security detail

“On my left stands the queen in gold of Ophir”.


I have often said that I am a bishop with no power.

As the Americans say: “You can’t beat city hall”

Most bishops abuse power.

And I would not to be a power abusing bishop – and would not want to put myself into that area of temptation.

I am a man like all other men and power like money etc is a great temptation.


The RCC is one of the world’s most powerful institutions.

We, “little people” are pretty powerless against it.

And the RCC in different ways, in different places, are in league with politicians, lawyers, judges, medics etc.

All we can do at this stage to TO call out the EVILS IN THE RCC and CONDEMN THEM.

Hopefully, a power greater than ourselves will take it down.

And I don’t care whether its GOD or KARMA.

“They have to be lucky all the time. I have to be lucky only once”.


Someone sent me them pics below.

In the top picture you see a chair and kneeler ready for a prelate to “preside”.

In the second picture then items are gone.

My informant an Armagh priest, says it was for Brady and that Brady DID NOT TURN UP or was told NOT TO TURN UP?

There is no love between Brady and Amy.







UPDATE 11.30 am


Aidan McCann’s case had its second “mention” in Craigavon Court yesterday.

It is expected that there will be some more “remands” before the case is heard.







A Catholic priest in Armagh has appeared in court accused of voyeurism after he allegedly spied on a woman for sexual thrills. 

Fr. Aidan Patrick McCann, 35, with an address at the parochial house on Maddens Row in Keady, County Armagh, appeared at the Craigavon Magistrates Court via video link from his solicitor’s office on Friday and confirmed that he understood the single charge that had been brought against him. 

Fr. McCann is accused of voyeurism following an incident on March 28 after he allegedly observed a female “doing a private act knowing that the other person did not consent to being observed” for his own sexual gratification. 

The Sunday World reports that the incident took place at a changing room at the Rushmere Shopping Centre, which is across the road from the Craigavon Magistrates Court. 

Giving evidence to the court, Constable Mosgrove of the PSNI said she believed she could connect Fr. McCann to the offense. 

Meanwhile, a prosecuting lawyer suggested that the case be adjourned “for some time” because the full case file was not due to be received until June 16. 

District Judge Bernie Kelly agreed to put the case back until June 24. 

Defence Solicitor Harry McCourt confirmed that he did not have any questions in relation to his client being charged with the offense. 


By LGBTQ Nation Friday, May 13, 2016 

A well-known Catholic priest in Ireland — who was vocally homophobic in his sermons — has been outed for having his own secret Grindr profile.

35-year-old Rory Coyle was a priest in Armagh, a town in Northern Ireland — until it was discovered that he’d been keeping a secret Grindr account, chock full of illicit selfies.

Coyle was outed when an unnamed source contacted the local Catholic newspaper to confess he’d sexted with the holy man on Grindr on several occasions.

In an email to the whistle-blower blog Thinking Catholicism, the source, who is over the age of 18, explains:

[Coyle] spoke to me on Grindr a few times and kept wanting to come to my mum’s house for sex with me while she was at work. He sent me lots of naked pics of himself too. When I realized who he was I sent them to a journalist along with the screenshots of his sex chat.”

Not long after that, the source says, Coyle’s Grindr account was deleted and his Facebook page deactivated.

“I assume the journalist contacted the diocese,” the source continues.

In the email, he goes on to call Coyle a “dirty bastard” and a “total pervert” who admitted via text to participating orgies, going to gay beaches, and renting rooms by the hour for “sex meets.”

“He’s just a hypocrite. Denouncing gay people from the pulpit and then shagging guys when no one is looking.”

Days after the story broke, Coyle was quietly removed from his clerical duties. His photo was also briefly removed from the Armagh Parish’s official website.

No explanation was given.



Father Mc Camley eas PP of Keady when he was caught sending naked images of himself at night to young men.

Amy removed him from Keady and sent him on leave.

Amy has now sneaked him into Dungannon to help out

Interestingly, both MC CAMLEY and MC CANN were in KEADY when their scandals broke out.



Ryan McAleer, up until recently, lived in the parochial house in Dungannon in Co. Tyrone, was Amy Martin’s primary school adviser and was the VF – the vicar forane of the Dungannon clergy area.

Now, he has disappeared and is listed as gone to do post graduate studies – whatever and wherever that is?

A young Tyrone man has made serious allegations against Ryan to both the PSNI and Amy.

To date, no charges have been brought.



As the parents and children of the sleepy northern village of Pomeroy gather today for this year’s First Holy Communion ceremony, they will be doing so without local priest Fr Martin McVeigh.

A pillar of the community who was highly respected in Tyrone GAA circles, Fr McVeigh has been on “sabbatical leave” after becoming embroiled in controversy after inadvertently showing gay pornographic slides to a group of parents.

Fr McVeigh denies the images were his and the PSNI says he has no case to answer.

But the controversy has refused to go away — with a bizarre series of subsequent events further adding to the intrigue.

These include the theft of a laptop and the circulation of rumours that Fr McVeigh was “set up” by persons

It all started on the night of March 26, when Fr McVeigh was using a laptop projector to give a presentation to 30 parents and one eight-year-old child on the forthcoming First Confession ceremony for pupils from St Mary’s Gaelscoil in the village.

In the course of his talk he managed to project 16 explicit images of naked men on to a large screen, much to the mortification of the parents present.

At first, Fr McVeigh continued his presentation oblivious to the graphic images that had flashed up in front of the unsuspecting audience.

Then by his own account he began shaking when he realised what had appeared on screen.

According to outraged parents, the priest, who has had a long and distinguished career, then whipped the memory stick from the laptop computer and “bolted” from the room without explanation.






Every diocese and monastery eventually has a sexual scandal or two attached to them.


The founding prior Mark Kirby was and is a gay silverdaddie that gets himself involved in young men.

The second prior BROTHER Elijah has a longstanding addiction to gay porn.

Kirby only allowed him to be on the computer if he kept the room door open where the other monks could watch him.

Silverstream is simply a GAY ESTABLISHMENT.

And all of this is presided by the incumbent of Meath diocese TOM DEENIHAN.


Silverstream has just published a book of the monk’s poems recommended by Coffey.



A priest has appeared in court accused of voyeurism by allegedly spying on a female for sexual thrills.

Father Aidan Patrick McCann (35) appeared at Craigavon Magistrates Court by videolink from his solicitor’s office and confirmed that he understood the single charge against him.

Fr McCann, with an address at the parochial house on Maddens Row in Keady, Co Armagh, is accused of voyeurism on March 28 this year in that “for the purpose of sexual gratification, he observed a female doing a private act knowing that the other person did not consent to being observed for your sexual gratification”.

None of the alleged facts surrounding the offence was opened in court on Friday but giving evidence to the court, Constable Mosgrove said she believed she could connect the priest to the offence.




“Satan’s smoke has made its way into the temple of God through some crack.”—Pope Paul VI, 1972


I have been working with an Irish parish priest who was drugged and raped by another parish priest.

This happened a number of years ago and to date has not been reported to the bishops involved or the police.

But it will be reported to both Church and police in the very near future.

The rapist priest is VERY CLOSE to an Irish bishop, who the victim priest says is gay himself.

And I suspect that this bishop is weilding more than his crosier.

Drug rape is not new among clerics.

There was an unresolved case in Dublin.

There is a non resolved case in Armagh.

And there are other cases in the pipeline.

The whole gay clerical scandal is not just about sex.

It’s very much about drug addiction and crimes like rape and financial fraud.

The Irish bishops know about many of these cases and some of them are personally compromised.

When I started out investigating the Irish hierarchy and clergy I did not know how bad things really are.

I thought I was unshockable.

But what I am gradually discovering is shocking to the very roots.




First, the civil union at the registry office, then the blessing in church. It’s the first time a gay couple has been blessed in public in an Italian church. What’s more, it took place in Bologna which is the diocese of Cardinal Zuppi, the president of the Italian Bishops’ Conference. An act which is in open violation of the Responsum of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith which forbids such blessings.

The diocese of Archbishop Matteo Maria Zuppi, one of the most prominent Italian cardinals of the moment and newly appointed president of the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI), has staged the first public blessing of a homosexual union.

Pietro Morotti and Giacomo Spagnoli were united civilly on 11 June in the municipality of Budrio in the province of Bologna. After the classic souvenir photo and throwing of rice, the doors of the church of San Lorenzo, which is just across the square from the registry office, were opened wide for them.

Inside the church, a large group of priests were waiting for them ready to celebrate Mass. The main celebrant, Father Gabriele Davalli, who knows the two and follows them in the group in cammino (‘on the way’) for so-called LGBT Catholics, among his various tasks in the diocese of Bologna, he is responsible for family pastoral care. So evidently there is no problem about taking care of the natural family as the Church promotes and supports it, as well as so-called rainbow families.

Once in the church, a second ceremony, a mass,  began for Pietro and Giacomo, their parents, relatives, and friends, after the ‘yes’ that had just been pronounced in front of the official audience. A Mass in which the two – declared homosexuals – were also celebrated by the Church. There was all the typical paraphernalia of weddings: the flowers, the formal suits, the songs, the photographer and the two ‘newlyweds’,  protagonists of the celebration, in the front row.

But, in order not to make it look like an open violation of the laws of the Church, which forbids blessings to gay couples and does so with a very clear responsum, the priests invented the idea of a Mass of thanksgiving.

How can you say it was a mass of thanksgiving for a newly sealed civil union in which two men unite as a couple? “Because every Mass is a thanksgiving”, begins Fr Davalli on the phone to the Daily Compass. So what did the two say thank you for? “If you’re referring to the two young men, Giacomo and Pietro, who contracted their civil union, they participated just like all the people who were in the church”.

But, that isn’t exactly what happened that day: at one point, after Holy Communion, the two men stood on the altar where they were handed an apron by the priest. “The handing over of this apron signifies that these two are young men have always served the group in cammino with the service of coordination and reception, it was not a liturgical gesture”.

In fact, ignoring the play on words, the aim of the blessing was clear from the start. This is proved by a video from 2021 with 2400 views on YouTube, in which Pietro and Giacomo literally bare their souls, telling of their falling in love and their journey within the Church, noting among other things that “The answers in the Catechism were not exhaustive for our lives” and – paraphrasing St Peter with the pagan centurion to be baptised – after all “the Spirit already blesses this union”. The title given to the video, of high quality, is The Greatest Blessing. Which means the blessing of God, who already blesses the choices of His homosexual children who are part of a community of Catholics and whom the Church must accept.

But there is more. In the video (from minute 3:58), Giacomo Morotti puts forward beliefs that have nothing to do with Church teaching (on the contrary!), but which well express the ugly turn that many pastors, theologians, and faithful have been taking for decades. First of all, a totally misguided idea of the action of the Holy Spirit (an adjective that is never pronounced), who is believed to bless situations that the same Spirit, the inspirer of the Scriptures, explicitly condemns.

Morotti offers his own personal interpretation of the episode narrated in chapter ten of the Acts of the Apostles, when Peter baptises the first pagans in the house of the centurion Cornelius. While Peter is in the house of Cornelius and speaks to the pagans gathered there, the Holy Spirit descends upon them. Peter understands and exclaims: “Who can prevent these who have received, as we have, the Holy Spirit, from being baptised in water?” (10:47). Morotti comments as follows: “My first thought was: but these couples are already blessed by the Spirit. Not only that. The Church is blessed by the Spirit through the presence of these couples. The Spirit blesses the Church by giving the Church the presence of these couples. And so I would say: what can the blessing of men add to or take away from  the blessing of the Spirit?”. Of course, the Spirit blows where it wills and in its ‘freedom’ – very Gnostic and not very Christian – blesses what it curses elsewhere and even blesses the Church through intrinsically disordered unions. A spirit with a dichotomous personality.

At minute 6:21, we find instead a classic example of ‘adult Christianity’, baptised precisely by the environment of the Bolognese left: “Because of my history, I think of the Church as my mother, just as I think of my parents. And I understand those people who feel the need and desire for explicit recognition from the Church. Because we would all like our parents to approve of our choices and always be by our side in all the choices in our lives. At the same time, however, I realise that there comes a time in every person’s life when parents have to accept the choices of a son or daughter; and it is no longer the time when a child has to seek the approval of his or her parents as he or she becomes an adult”. The adult Catholic simply confronts the Church with their choices, whether she likes it or not.

And was the Archbishop of Bologna Matteo Maria Zuppi aware of all this? “Yes, I informed him myself”, Fr Davalli concluded.

So, a blessing of a newly civilly united gay couple is staged in Bologna, and the public blessing takes place in the diocese of the newly elected president of the Italian Bishops’ Conference.

The experiment in the diocese of San Petronio attempts to circumvent Church regulations by hiding its own shameful nakedness behind the Mass of thanksgiving. Can the Church, which “cannot and does not bless sin”, the Responsum goes on to explain, instead offer God the Sacrifice of thanksgiving for sin? It is here that all the pharisaical hypocrisy of certain pastors emerges, who are then quick to accuse others of pharisaical formalism. What people do not want to see is the objective disorder of these unions and the sinful nature of homosexual acts. And the shepherd, instead of calling the sheep back, proudly leads them on the road to perdition.


Today’s story shows just how f….d up the RCC is about homosexuality.

Many, if not most, RC bishops and priests are sleeping around with each other and other men.

They are also hosting gay blessings like today’s for their friends in the gay community.

And at the same time their church condemns ordinary gay people as “disordered” and gravely sinful.

What that means is simple. Clerical men can fcuk other men but lay men cannot!

Today’s story is all a out the slowly creeping gay club that is taking over the RCC.

Next Sunday’s ordination is really the inauguration of another gay priest into the GCPC – the Global Clerical Pink Confraternity.

And this confraternity has no principles or morals and is totally and absolutely corrupt.




The Man Behind the Mask!

Dear Eamon,

I wish to put on record a formal objection to the ordination of Stephen Wilson on next Sunday June 26 th 2022.

I make this formal objection on my own behalf and on behalf of the many people among the People of God to whom I have spoken and who have contacted me, including a number of Armagh priests.

Our objection is based on our conviction that this man is unsuitable for ordination as he does not have the moral fibre to be a priest and our conviction that he will cause much “admiratioamong the People of God.

We are particularly concerned about his ability to keep the Solemn Promise of Celibacy you will ask him to make on Sunday next.

Furthermore, we do not believe that those involved with his training have given you an accurate report of his suitability.

Nor do we believe that Mr Wilson himself has been totally open with you about many matters.

We are also seriously concerned about your own ability to judge who is or is not worthy of ordination – displayed by your behaviour in the many cases of priests who have caused grave scandal within your diocese and are now “missing in action” – MIA, or returned to ministry in an occult manner – Rev. Rory Coyle, Rev Eamon Mc Camley, Rev Ryan Mc Aleer etc.

There is something deeply troubling about your attitude to homosexually active priests – an attitude, in my mind, that can only come your own personal and internal conflicts.

That is why I am copying this letter to the Congregation of Bishops and the Congregation of the Clergy in Rome

I am not foolish enough to think that this letter to you will change anything.

But I wanted to put a formal objection on record so that when the inevitable happens you cannot plead ignorance or say you were not warned.

In the Name of Jesus Christ I ask you not to proceed with this ordination.

Your brother bishop,

+ Pat Buckley

Canon 277 of the Code of Canon Law (promulgated in 1983) states: “Clerics are obliged to observe perfect and perpetual continence for the sake of the kingdom of heaven and therefore are bound to celibacy which is a special gift of God by which sacred ministers can adhere more easily to Christ with an undivided heart and are able to dedicate themselves more freely to the service of God and humanity.”