I am reading with interest your pieces on the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore with some time now and what is happening there.

Right now there are many people wondering where some of the priests have gone. People don’t know where they are or what they are doing.

For a few years there was a Waterford and Lismore Diocesan Directory printed for a few years which I know was issued to the school’s in the diocese and maybe to Priest and pastoral councils. I do not know if the latter got a copy but I know School’s and Priests did.

Some weeks back I got my hands on a copy of the 2007 Directory and did some research.

There is 13 priests listed in it, who could still be working if it was their wish but are currently without a parish.

The 13 are (and I include their year of ordination which might give a rough idea of what age they might be now).

Michael O’Brien (1982)

Joseph Condon (1988)

Jim Denmead (1990)

Paul Murphy (1996) It is said he was sent off to the Army as a Chaplain in Galway

Michael F. Walsh (1973)

Pat Butler (1982)

Michael P. Kennedy (1981). There is two Michael Kennedy’s listed in the Directory. This is the Priest that famously reported in the 1990’s that there was a woman in Dungarvan sleeping with men from the down and passing on the HIV Virus to them.

Gerard O’Connor (1990)

Frank Lloyd (1985)

Pat Hayes (1992)

Charlie Scanlan (1966) When his brother died he was not the celebrant at the mass and he does not help out in the Parish where he lives, despite the fact that the Parish Priest goes away suffering with depression.

Michael O’Connor (1967)

Thomas Burns (1978)

Meanwhile there is some older priests who are still working in Parish’s or makes themselves available to cover for other priests when they are sick or on holidays and maybe even as a school chaplain.

Raymond Liddane (1955) Currently the second oldest priest in the Diocese

Bill Carey (1961)

Michael Enright (1964)

Eanna Condon (1963)

Maybe with any contacts you have in the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore you might be able to work out and let people know how many of the above men are still priests and if they are where are they to be found.

Keep up your good work


The Roman Catholic Institution is built upon secrecy and deceit.

Anyone like to address her questions?

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