Consistory Reveals Francis’ Motives and Ambitions.

May 30, 2022 from De Omnibus Dubitandum Est. by Mark Lambert

Pope Francis has named to the College of Cardinals a pro-gay ultra-progressive who turned a blind eye to sex abuse. Namely, the bishop of San Diego, Robert McElroy. McElroy has distinguished himself by supporting causes close to Pope Francis’s heart and by having a consistent opposition to the teaching of the Catholic Church in a number of areas. He objects to Church teaching on abortion, divorce and “remarriage,” homosexuality, and the priesthood, and was described by America’s Vatican correspondent as being, “recognized in Rome as a top expert on the social doctrine of the church.”

McElroy’s appointment must be a clear endorsement of the man and his agenda. But it is also a blatant snub to Archbishop Cordileone. This appointment is unthinkable and unworkable in any other papacy as San Diego is suffragan of Los Angeles. But Pope Francis has done worse. In 2017 he made an auxiliary bishop of San Salvador a cardinal while the archbishop was passed over. Absurd, but purposeful.

Back in 2019, McElroy caused murmurs among the bishops after he stood against the conference’ condemnation of abortion:

Rod Dreher links McElroy with a 2016 letter that Richard Sipe, the (now-deceased) psychotherapist and foremost expert on the sexual habits of the Catholic clergy, sent to him back in 2016. McElroy refused to meet with Sipe to discuss the contents which demonstrate he is deep in clergy abuse cover-up. So how can we say Pope Francis is serious about cleaning up abuse?

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Pope Francis declares war on conservative Catholics

By Monica Showalter

I don’t know what else you’d call this — Pope Francis naming the Church’s strongest and most outspoken progressive, San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy a Cardinal — other than a war on conservative Catholics, with whom the Holy Father already takes a very dim view.

Here’s the news:

Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego, one of Pope Francis’ ideological allies who has often sparred with more conservative U.S. bishops, was named by the pope on Sunday as one of 21 new cardinals.

The San Diego diocese said McElroy will be installed by Pope Francis on August 27 at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Winning a cardinal’s hat doesn’t outrank the archbishop’s mitre but it does make one a prince of the Church — one of the few people with the power to elect the next pope until the age of 80. Given that McElroy is only 68, he may be in a position to do that. 

The maneuver conspicuously bounces McElroy over the heads of two higher-ranking archbishops in potential contention for a cardinal’s hat — Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of the San Francisco archdiocese, who’s generally recognized as a conservative, and Archbishop José Gomez, of the Los Angeles archdiocese, who’s generally recognized as a moderate, and one who is believed to have wanted to become a cardinal. McElroy, on the other hand, is very progressive. He’s all in for illegal immigration to the states, global warming taxation, the LGBTQ agenda, women deacons, and giving out communion to elected officials who promote abortion through the power of lawmaking as well as cash shoveling to the abortion industrial complex. What a sad, sad rebuke to those Catholic leaders and their parishioners who try to follow Church law and doctrine.


I think it is true that Francis is the enemy of Catholic Trads and Conservatives.

But I think the Trads started it by being the outspoken enemies of Francis, Vatican II and the Novis Ordo.

The extreme ones have even said that Francis is not a valid pope.

I am not part of the RC institution and am under no obligation to to obey Francis and his RC fellow hierarches.

I do not even pray for Francis in the canon of the Mass.

But if one claims to be a loyal Roman Catholic one must accept Francis as pope and Vatican II as a full Ecumenical Council of the Church.

I think Francis is right to take on these Right Wingers.

If they don’t want to be a full part of the Church headed by Francis – let them go and found a new church for themselves.



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