Monsignor GRIDNR’ Gets New Parish.

June 12, 2022 from Complicit Clergy by Staff

Last July, Monsignor Jeffrey Burrill, General Secretary of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the highest-ranking non-bishop Church official in the country, was forced to resign his position because he was routinely using apps like GRINDR that connect men who want to have sex with other men. Burrill, now often times referred to as ‘Monsignor GRIDR,’ is incarnated in the diocese of La Crosse under the authority of Bishop William Callahan.

Yesterday Bishop Callahan announced he has assigned Monsignor Burrill to be administrator of St. Teresa of Kolkata Parish in West Salem.

In his letter, Bishop Callahan states:

Let me state unequivocally that the Diocese of La Crosse has received no allegations of illegal misconduct of any kind by Monsignor Burrill and that I have every confidence in returning Monsignor Burrill to active ministry and in his ability to accompany the people of God of this great parish as together you journey toward a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the Person of Jesus Christ.

Got that? Callahan tries to reassure parishioners that there’s no need to worry that Monsignor Burrill was routinely cruising on homosexual hook-up apps because he apparently did nothing illegal!



This appointment for the disgraced highest profile gay sexually active priest in the USA is further proof that the RCC priesthood is being totally taken over the the priestly Gay Mafia.

Burrill has been using Grindr for years and having no strings attached sex all over the USA.

And he was fling this while teaching in a seminary and the most senior, non bishop cleric in the USA.

Had he not been caught he would have been adequate a bishop.

In fact, he may still be appointed a bishop by the higher up gay mafia in the global RCC hay mafia.

The RCC hierarchy and priesthood is now a sexually active gay profession.

And it’s not good that the priesthood should be the equivalent of a gay club or sauna.

And all this is happening while AMY MARTIN is planning to ordain TROLLY DOLLY WILSON in Armagh Cathedral in 12 days time.


Limburg, Germany, Jun 13, 2022 / 11:30 am

The rector of a German Catholic seminary was found dead last week in an apparent suicide.

Father Christof May had been removed the day before from all his offices by Bishop Georg Bätzing of Limburg.


Bätzing, the current chairman of the German bishops’ conference, reportedly took the step due to allegations of abusive behavior.

May’s death was first communicated internally within the Diocese of Limburg on June 9. CNA Deutsch, the Catholic News Agency’s German-language news partner, obtained a copy of the email.

It said: “We are devastated and full of grief. Christof May was questioned yesterday in a personal conversation about allegations of abusive behavior. Subsequently, Bishop Georg Bätzing had removed him from all offices in order to be able to review and investigate the allegations.”

“The death of Christof May affects us all. We have lost a committed and much-appreciated pastor.”

On June 10, the Limburg diocese publicly confirmed the death, but did not provide more details.

The German newspaper Frankfurter Neue Presse reported that the 49-year-old rector left a suicide note, which led to a search effort involving police, firefighters, and members of the German Red Cross. His body was found in a forest on the morning of June 9 after a police helicopter spotted his car nearby.

A senior prosecutor confirmed to the paper that there were “no indications of external causes or a criminal act that led to the death.”

Bishop Bätzing was recently criticized for promoting a priest who was accused of sexual misconduct by two women. Bätzing learned about the issue after he was made bishop of the Diocese of Limburg in 2016 and met with both victims.

Bätzing made it unmistakably clear that he disapproved of the priest’s behavior,” the diocese said. “He issued a monitio, an admonition in written form.” It added that the priest “asked for forgiveness, and showed credible remorse.”

Bätzing made the priest a district dean in 2020, which eventually led to the two victims going public with their accusations. In response, the priest decided to step down from his position as district dean.


Yesterday I visited The Angel’s Plot in Carlow cemetery to remember my 5 little sisters who died at birth and were buried in the plot.