Now, who is going to tell me Amy is not a big “homo erectus”.

Dear Brother Elijah,

My blog post about my brother bishop Bishop Deenihan selling off some of the lands of the Diocese of Meath was the catalyst for a number of people to contact me about the fundraising efforts by Silverstream Priory. And they included a copy of the latest Newsletter from the Priory. It is such an interesting newsletter that I feel compelled to e-mail you with a number of questions that arose from a forensic reading of the Newsletter.

Having played a modest part in establishing the notoriety and unseemliness of Silverstream Priory, I offer my congratulations on the tenth anniversary of the arrival of the two founders of Silverstream Priory in Ireland, Dom Mark Kirby and the then Br Benedict Andersen. You also highlight this year is also the fifth anniversary of the canonical foundation of Silverstream. Do you know if Bishop Tom curses every day the decision-making of Bishop Smith with respect to Silverstream Priory or does he offer a Te Deum in thanksgiving?

In the photograph of the community embedded in the newsletter I am sure that eagle-eyed readers of my blog will note the absence of the original founders of the Priory: Dom Mark Kirby and Dom Benedict Andersen. It is hardly a glowing endorsement of the Priory that the two founders are not resident at the scandal-ridden Priory.

I am not surprised that the newsletter does not draw attention to the scandalous misconduct of Dom Kirby.

Of course, it would not be good for fundraising if the newsletter highlighted the on-going mistreatment of Dom Andersen by the community for calling out the misconduct of Dom Kirby. But this does not come as a surprise because the institutional Church has always taken a dim view of whistle-blowers. A more honest approach would have been to invite readers of the Silverstream Newsletter to read The Pillar article about Andersen. Would you care to refresh your memory about Dom Andersen by reading the article? If so, I enclose the link for your convenience.

Where is Dom Mark Kirby? Has he taken an authorised leave of absence from his foundation (because it was his vanity project), Silverstream Priory? Is the more pertinent question: had Dom Kirby become a source of scandal and an obstacle to your ambitions?

Where is Dom Kirby currently located? Is he resident in the Diocese of Meath? If not, where is he located? And is Dom Kirby resident in that location with the written permission of his Ordinary, Bishop Thomas Deenihan and with the consent of the local Ordinary of that location? Is Dom Kirby in receipt of a financial sustenance from Silverstream Priory? Is it true that when Dom Kirby left Silverstream Priory, two novices left with him? Are they deemed to have departed from the Priory or are Kirby’s helpers/chicks undertaking their canonical novitiate outside the Priory? Is there an anticipated date when the two novices will return to the Priory in order to make their profession of simple vows?

Why are members of the monastic community now lying to visitors about Dom Kirby? You would accept I trust that the deceit/dissimulation of members of the monastic community to people that enquire about Dom Kirby displays an institutional lack of honesty and transparency that is scandalous.

Where is Dom Benedict Andersen? Is he still in the United States? Is Dom Andersen in receipt of a financial sustenance from Silverstream Priory? Will Dom Andersen be returning to the Priory at any stage in the not-so-distant future? That is a legitimate question, because to the best of my knowledge and information the only priest within the community at the moment is Dom Hildebrand Houser? Is that correct?

Have you completed your studies for the priesthood? I know you were having lots of difficulties with the studies. Has my brother bishop, Tom Deenihan made any noises about ordaining you a deacon?

If so, have you assured him that your addiction to gay pornography is under control?

Would it be inappropriate of me to ask you have you received therapy for this addiction? It is, however, a legitimate question if you are going to be advanced to the clerical state in light of the scandals that has befallen the Church in Ireland over the past three decades. How do I know about your gay porn addiction? Because of the indiscretions of Dom Mark Kirby who was very indiscreet about the internal problems of the community to guests. And, the worst gossips are clerics and they are more than happy to get on the phone and share with the Bishop of Larne! Amen.

I do admire the entrepreneurialism of Silverstream Priory in having its own “publishing enterprise”. I note it has published a book on the life of a Benedictine nun and it is promising “more new releases over the coming months”.

Will “The Cenacle Press”, be publishing an updated version of In Sinu Jesu, containing more “revelations” from Dom Kirby? Will the updated version have a pious introduction from Bishop Deenihan? Readers of my blog are particularly keen to read the latest revelations from Dom Kirby so they can be edified and encouraged in their own spiritual struggles.

It is ironic that you highlight St Pope Paul VI in the Newsletter and his observations on the establishment of a new monastic foundation. If Bishop Deenihan renders a Decree ordering Silverstream Priory to celebrate the Divine Office in English and for the Eucharist to be celebrated in English utilising the New Rite (Mass of Paul VI/ Nova Ordo) will the community promptly and obediently comply with the Decree? Will Dom Hildebrand Houser find it within his heart to celebrate the New Rite in obedience to his Ordinary?

With prayerful best wishes,

+Pat Buckley


Bishop Thomas Deenihan