The Man Behind the Mask!

Dear Eamon,

I wish to put on record a formal objection to the ordination of Stephen Wilson on next Sunday June 26 th 2022.

I make this formal objection on my own behalf and on behalf of the many people among the People of God to whom I have spoken and who have contacted me, including a number of Armagh priests.

Our objection is based on our conviction that this man is unsuitable for ordination as he does not have the moral fibre to be a priest and our conviction that he will cause much “admiratioamong the People of God.

We are particularly concerned about his ability to keep the Solemn Promise of Celibacy you will ask him to make on Sunday next.

Furthermore, we do not believe that those involved with his training have given you an accurate report of his suitability.

Nor do we believe that Mr Wilson himself has been totally open with you about many matters.

We are also seriously concerned about your own ability to judge who is or is not worthy of ordination – displayed by your behaviour in the many cases of priests who have caused grave scandal within your diocese and are now “missing in action” – MIA, or returned to ministry in an occult manner – Rev. Rory Coyle, Rev Eamon Mc Camley, Rev Ryan Mc Aleer etc.

There is something deeply troubling about your attitude to homosexually active priests – an attitude, in my mind, that can only come your own personal and internal conflicts.

That is why I am copying this letter to the Congregation of Bishops and the Congregation of the Clergy in Rome

I am not foolish enough to think that this letter to you will change anything.

But I wanted to put a formal objection on record so that when the inevitable happens you cannot plead ignorance or say you were not warned.

In the Name of Jesus Christ I ask you not to proceed with this ordination.

Your brother bishop,

+ Pat Buckley

Canon 277 of the Code of Canon Law (promulgated in 1983) states: “Clerics are obliged to observe perfect and perpetual continence for the sake of the kingdom of heaven and therefore are bound to celibacy which is a special gift of God by which sacred ministers can adhere more easily to Christ with an undivided heart and are able to dedicate themselves more freely to the service of God and humanity.”




Cornwell said that in his view, the real “bombshell” to emerge from Kertzer’s essay is not regarding Pius XII’s negotiations with Hitler, but instead Kertzer’s uncovering of documentation that the Vatican ordered the burning of files regarding German priests who had abused children — an issue von Hessen raised during one of his visits to the Vatican.

“It is now clear that the Secretariat of State, then under Cardinal Pacelli’s direction, had indeed taken immediate action,” writes Kertzer. “A folder in the Secretariat’s files from the previous year is labeled ‘Vienna: Order to burn all archival material concerning cases of immorality of monks and priests.’ ” 

ROME — New research from the Vatican archives appears to show evidence of previously unknown backchannel negotiations between Pope Pius XII and Adolf Hitler during the Second World War, although some historians cautioned that the findings do not represent a “paradigm shift” in understanding the Catholic Church’s wartime actions.

“No new finding has been as dramatic as the discovery that, shortly after he became pope, Pius XII entered into secret negotiations with Hitler, a story told here for the first time,” writes Brown University historian David Kertzer in a recently published essay in The Atlantic, adapted from his new book, The Pope at War.

The article chronicles a series of meetings between Pope Pius XII (formerly Italian Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli) and Hitler’s emissary, German Prince Philipp von Hessen, newly discovered after the 2020 opening of the Vatican’s Pius XII archives.

Kertzer, the author of several best-selling books on the Vatican, has uncovered transcripts of meetings between the two men, which include a series of cordial greetings between Hitler and Pius XII.


Pope Pius XII, like all RC hierarchs and clerics, was willing to sacrifice ordinary Catholics, and victims, to protect disgusting and lecherous priests and monks.

The protection of the so called good name of the RCC, and bishops and priests, has always been more important than non clerical, totally dispensable.

Catholic laity are simply clerical fodder.

The while ROMAN CATHOLIC INSTITUTION is an evil and not of Christ phenomenon.

In fact, at this stage, I think I have to say that it is more true to say that many popes were the vicars of Satan rather than the vicars of Christ!

Thank God, I only wasted the first 33 years of my life on the RCC.

And thank God, at the age of 33, through the machinations of the RCC hierarchs, I had a road to Damascus liberation from the RCC and for the first time in my life experienced what it was really like to have freedom of the sons and daughters of God.

ROME is the new Babylon for the People of God.

And I’m so glad to be in Larne instead of Babylon 😀