Pic of Paul with Paul Martin-Tighe

27 th June 2022

Mister Keenan and My Dear John,

I wanted to refer the matter below to you and ask you to investigate. It was sent from the Paisley area.

Please let us know your findings.


Your brother bishop,


PS warm regards to your Estate Agent.

Dear Bishop Pat,

I am writing to you because I was absolutely​ shocked to find a seminarian for the Diocese of Paisley on the gay dating app Grindr. His name is Paul Laverty, 34, and he will be going into his fifth year of formation in September at the Scots College in Rome.​

His Grindr profile is faceless but shows his legs and feet. He gives some general details about himself etc. However, I was also shocked to discover that he was recently tested for HIV in April 2022 – the Easter holidays! Therefore, he must be sexually active while he is in Rome and in Paisley. I was also told that Paul got excessively drunk at the St. Andrew’s Day 2021 celebrations in the College and was embarrassing himself in front of other seminarians, College staff and a guest who was celebrating his jubilee.​

Moreover, I find it completely unacceptable that Bishop John Keenan is allowing Paul to continue to priesthood. However, John Keenan is a wolf in sheep’s clothing so it’s hardly surprising. I think Paul Laverty is a completely dangerous individual who clearly is not suited to a celibate lifestyle. He should be stopped from continuing his studies for priesthood before he causes more damage to himself and to others.

Feel free to do a blog on Paul or on Scotland. There is a lot more I can tell you about certain individuals.​

I have attached photos of Paul’s Grindr profile for reference.


Imagine a priest defending himself by saying: “I did nothing wrong. I was only being immoral”