Bishop Buckley,

If you want to know how arrogant, deviant and dismissive the hierarchy are of the People of God just look at Motherwell Cathedral this Thursday when Bishop Toal ordains Christipher Morris who is predatory and deviant. So much for victims and safeguarding.​

A man reported during his time in Rome for cruising, attending gay bars, psychologically, physically and sexually bullying numerous fellow seminarians – for which reason the staff threw him out in no small part thanks to Catholic Truth.

Despite advice from Christopher’s numerous victims, seminary and diocesan staff and his presbyterate for some reason Bishop Holy Toaly is still ordaining him. There will be few diocesan clergy present but as many protestors and of course most diocesan clergy are refusing to welcome him into their parishes. If Bishop Robson of Dunkeld attends that says it all though not as much as it will say if none of the 3 priests he physically and sexually harassed whilst living with them during lockdown don’t attend.​

The Pink Tartan bus was full traveling from Motherwell to Oscott for the diaconate of Colm Martin – another man who was thrown out of Rime for bigotry, bullying and violence but welcomed back by Bishop Toal. Colms best friend The Provo Princess hit the press here and was barred from Teaching in Catholic Schools. Check Oscotts website for pics of the diaconate ordination of Colm and you’ll see some of The Daisy Chain Motherwell Branch.​

The Bishop of Motherwell doesn’t give a damn about victims, safeguarding nor the opinions or safety of his priests nor people. Like most of our Scottish Bishops and even Archbishop Nolan is protecting the Daisy Chain over in Glesgay.


After Christopher got fed up with Primary Teaching he approached Bishop Holy Toaly about returning to seminary. After enquiry among the people of god Holy Toaly, found him worthy to return to seminary but the staff refused to take him back in Via Cassia so he sent him to Oscott which became to Motherwell rejects what Wonersh was to Galloway rejects.

Holy Toaly then met with former staff from the Via Cassia which included at different times amongst others Archbishop Tartaglia, Bishop Robson and Fathers Milarvie and Dougan who had all been Rector, Spiritual Director, Vice/Rector and Vice Rector respectively.​

During his time as Rector Fr Philip Tartaglia had covered up for Christopher despite his deviancy and forcing himself on others; he refused to deal with him as was Tartaglia’s way. However, once he became Archbishop he and Holy Toaly fell out over Morris return as Auld Tarty told Holy Toaly that Morris was dangerous and hasn’t changed.

Bishop Robson was Morris chief protector and opposed his removal from the seminary. Robson fell out with Fr Rector Milarvie over his removal of Morris. Robson continued to communicate with and support Morris upon his dismissal and recommended his return to Holy Toaly. He and Morris remain very close to this day. He may well attend the ordination.​

Fr Milarvie who had been Vice Rector under Tartaglia acted very swiftly when he became Rector on information and evidence provided by students, clergy and other external sources. After his time on the staff and upon his return to the diocese Morris and his then boy friend – Mark McGuire – had Milarvie set up in a honey trap.

Fr Dougan, a former lawyer, was Vice Rectir when Fr Rector Milarvie threw Morris out and was fully and vocally supportive of his decision. In a twist of fate Fr Dougan became PP of East Kilbride where Morris was Deacon but insisted Morris be gone before he arrived and so it came to be. Fr Dougan and many other Motherwell clergy have been vociferous in their opposition to Morris return – let’s see if they have the courage of their convictions and vote with their feet on Thursday. A number of clergy have told Holy Toaly they won’t take Morris as an assistant though the money is on Fr Bernard Pugface Mourninan aka Miss Moneypenny to take him to upset Big Denny another of Morris victims who is shitting a brick about Morris ordination.

This ordination is a major source of embarrassment and causing great scandal to the priests and people of Scotland.​

It shows that The Daisy Chain is strong and powerful. Will Mgr Bradley VG of Glasgow be present? Two priest friends of the VG have hung themselves recently in England and Germany. What about Mgr Paul Murray Chancellor of Glasgow? Canon Anthony Gallagher Director of RE in Glasgow? Or Fr Brian Lamb VD of Motherwell?

Or even Fr Ross Campbell of Glasgow University or Fr Paul Big Cock Denny of Motherwell?

What about our Lay faithful? Mr Anthony Oscar Wilde OConnor? Nephew of the Safeguarding Officer of Glasgow and brother of Motherwell TLM Chaplain, Fr Liam OConnor?

We wait with baited breath…just like Christopher’s former and current lover-victims!!!​


Just this week we had Wilson and Laverty. Now we have Morris.

And it’s only Wednesday.

Support bishops – Amy, Keenan and Toal.

What is out of seminaries, in man’s cases are unfit for ordination.

And the unfit seem to be the only ones seeking to be priests.

So we have:

Unfit bishops,

Ordaining unfit priests,

All joining a hierarchy and presbyterate full of the unfit.

Thank God I have not been part of it for 36 years.