from Catholic Truth Scotland

Archdiocese of Glasgow,


Dear fellow Catholics in Scotland,

Truth: What is it?  Where should we Catholics place it in our daily lives?

For the good of our souls, and our eternal destination, we need to ask ourselves this key question in these traumatic, frightening times.

Jesus answered “It is you who say that I am a King. I was born for this, I came into the world for this, to bear witness to the truth; and all who are on the side of truth listen to my voice.”  “Truth? said Pilate. What is that?” The chief priests and the scribes hated and crucified Christ because He brought, and made known the Truth.

There have been many frightening things happening in our world which endanger the eternal future of our souls.  Hence, I feel moved to write this letter.

To outline:

I intend to address priests, myself included, to consider the meaning of Christ’s priesthood and what it should mean to us.
Actions of both priests and then of Pope Francis and of bishops both in Scotland and the World which are contrary to our priesthood.
I shall address events recently in Scotland and the UK, as well as the events in the world which we should fear, because they could result in my soul, your soul being lost;  Our Lady of Fatima showed the 3 children of Fatima that any one of us could end up being a soul suffering in Hell for all eternity.
Let me start by addressing one grave, grave lie told by Priests, Bishops, Cardinals . . .

“There is no Hell. That is rubbish those priests and people are frightening you with about Hell.  God loves us all; we are all going to heaven.”  Absolute rubbish! Satanic deceit!

St John Chrysostom, Bishop and one of the 36 Doctors of our Catholic Church said

“The road to Hell is paved with the bones of priests and monks, and the skulls of bishops are the lamp posts that light the path.”

St. Athanasius, another Doctor of the Church goes further than Chrysostom by saying, “The floor to hell is paved with the skulls of priests.”        

            St Teresa of Avila
St Teresa of Avila, also a Doctor of the Church warns us “Remember dear Christian, you have but one soul to save, one God to serve, one Eternity to expect, Death will come soon, Judgement will follow, and then Heaven or Hell forever”  

These are all Doctors of the Church people whose teaching and example are held in high esteem by the Church which is why they are given the title of Doctor of the Church, and there are only 36 of them, so the Church does not hand this title out willy-nilly!

Why is it that so many of we priests deceive, continually, lie to our flocks about Hell and Damnation? Christ tells us very clearly of its existence in the Gospel – “the chaff will he will burn on a fire that never goes out” Parable of rich man and Lazarus – “it is not possible for anyone to cross over”; and yet I recently heard to my amazement one such priest/bishop claim that “there is no hell; someone would have come back by now to tell us.” So was Jesus lying in that parable?

Brothers, for the good of your souls, and the souls of the sheep whom you and I will be called to give account for on the day of Judgement, should ask yourselves “Would Jesus have lied to us? He who died on the Cross for our sins and the salvation of our souls?  And forget not what the Father said at the Transfiguration, “This is my Son, the Beloved, listen to him.”

Regarding the little children: “Anyone who would do any harm to the least of these little ones, would be better cast into the sea with a great millstone round his neck.” If the actions of we priests are endangering the little ones, Christ will be there at the right hand of the Father at our Judgement to confirm these great evils committed by us. I fear the Father’s wrath.

The Queen of Heaven, Our Lady of Fatima, did not lie to the three children of Fatima when showing them the vision of souls suffering, for all eternity in Hell.  Please, accept and realise this Truth, for the good of your soul and the well being of the souls entrusted to your care.

Priesthood: As Catholic Priests what is our priesthood? What should we be seeking to do through it?

As we address this question let us remember John the Baptist’s actions, he who because of his behaviour pleased the Son of God so much to say “No greater man born of woman.” Are we similarly trying to please God in our priestly actions or is it the world we are more interested in pleasing?

Our Priesthood is that which we ask Jesus Christ to share with us on the day of our ordination, Christ’s priesthood, conferred on Christ by the Father, which we ask Jesus to share  as we go forward for priesthood. In that priesthood, which because of the Father’s wish, we re-enact the perfect sacrifice of Christ at the last supper and on Calvary for the sins of the mankind. Or do we?!  The offering made in complete obedience to, and love of the Father, and love of us, His brothers and sisters on earth, created in His image and likeness. It is that attempt to please the Father, that we as priests should be fervently trying to do, every time we celebrate the Mass.

Are priests and those studying for the priesthood who practice and support such sexual deviancies worthy of sharing Christ’s priesthood?  Are they fit to celebrate Christ’s Mass?

Bishops of the world, chief shepherds your duty is to serve Christ’s Church in Truth, nothing less. 

Pope Francis, Bishop of Rome, you have sold the Catholic Church in China for a yearly payment made to Vatican Bank, to the Chinese Communist party to appoint its bishops, (a deal you did through Cardinal McCarrick who advocated and freely practiced sodomy and such devious sexual practices) just like Judas Iscariot sold Christ to the chief priests.

Francis, you favourably meet with Nancy Pelosi and Joe Bidden who advocate abortion up to 9 months, who I state without doubt, whilst they continue to advocate this grave evil, are false Catholics, Judas Iscariots. Francis, you say that it they should freely and without any fear receive the most Holy Eucharist, whilst they support and stand for such abortion. “For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh his own damnation, because he discerneth not the Lord’s body.” You, Francis say they should do it when the Lord’s chosen apostle to the gentiles, St Paul, says to the contrary.  Francis you have no authority, I repeat, no authority, Pope or not, to contradict what God has given to His flock through the Sacred Scriptures of St Paul.  You are advocating the will of Satan and the world, which continuously fights against the will of God.

You have met with those who advocate, sodomy, one of the sins crying to heaven for vengeance, those who are for transgenderism, something that accuses God of mis-creating us. You say that the Church has to change, and accept people who openly advocate and practise similar grave sexual practices, evils of Satan.  Absolutely not!  The Church, is the Church of Jesus Christ, God the Son, founded as he told us on St Peter profession of faith of who Jesus is, something the Church celebrated a couple of days ago, 29 June. You are advocating evil solutions to the Lord’s flock, and thus I seriously fear for your soul.

You have nominated a priest, Arthur Roche to lead the Congregation for the Faith, and suppress and eliminate the celebration of the Traditional Mass which many of the great saints, doctors, martyrs celebrated. Francis, I say directly to you, this is not action of God, but is of Satan, who is trying to suppress the true celebration of the Most Holy Mass.

You are suggesting that God, though the Second Vatican Council wished to suppress and eliminate the Traditional Latin Mass and this is nothing less than deceit, just like Satan deceived Adam and Eve.  Please Francis, turn from this evil, from the deceits of Satan, return to the True Church, that of Jesus Christ, and as Christ says, “There will be more rejoicing in Heaven over the repentant sinner than ninety-nine good men.”

carrying out actions clearly not of God.

Bishop Joseph Toal: by ordaining Christopher Morris whilst he allegedly continues to engage in the gay lifestyle, something made very clear to you by numerous priests in the Diocese of Motherwell, you betrayed Christ’s priesthood. You cast the great pearl (priesthood) of the Church before swine to be trodden. Wicked!

Bishop Joseph Toal: I say to your face, re–instate Fr Mathew Despard now to his full duties as a priest for the people of Motherwell diocese.  You had no right to remove him and suspend him for showing the priesthood in crisis in Motherwell, information since shown to be true. By suppressing such Truth you were doing the work of Satan, and by continuing to fail to re-instate Fr Despard, Bishop Toal, you suppress the Truth – you are thus doing the work of Satan.

Archbishop William Nolan: by your actions in stopping the people of Fr Despard’s parish praying for him in the church (when you were an assistant priest there), telling them to get out of Christ’s Church, you deprived the sheep of acting in a humble, reverent and loving way on behalf of their much-loved shepherd, Fr Despard. Your action was that of a ravenous wolf disguised as a shepherd.  I would urge you to apologise now in full to Fr Despard, asking him to forgive you for such grave injustice.

Bishop John Keenan: you have a duty, not a choice, to cleanse the Lord’s threshing floor of the evil that has entered your diocese – for example, those advocating grave sexual misconduct and showing it on public websites – read about the seminarian, Paul Laverty. By failing to remove this person from seminary, you are betraying Christ and endangering souls. Thus, Bishop, you will be judged most harshly.

To bishops who support and are obedient to Francis, who clearly is serving the world, not Christ – the same harsh judgment awaits each of you.

This letter has been written with good intentions, and I trust that it is read by all concerned in a spirit of charity.  Please pray for me.  Thank you.

God Bless you all.        
Fr Stephen Dunn    


Father Dunn and I would not appear to close on matters.


1. The existence of Hell.

2. The Mass being the reenactment of the Perfect Sacrifice of Calvary.

3. Francis’ disastrous agreement with China

4. The ordination of the actively gay Christopher Morris.


5. The atrocious treatment of Father Despard.


6. The seminarian Paul Laverty.


1. Fatima.

2. The Latin Mass

From what Fr Dunn has written he strikes me as a sincere and devout Catholic and priest.










My long time friend and renowned performer of the Irish flute – SEAMUS TANSEY (78) died unexpectedly in the early hours of yesterday morning at Craigavon Area Hospital.

Seamus – Rest in Peace.

Seamus was from Gorteen in Sligo.

He spent part of his life as a postman in his own area.

For personal reasons he left Sligo and came to live in Northern Ireland.

31 years ago I celebrated his marriage to his wife, Joan, from Ballyclare in County Antrim.

From then forwards they lived in Craigavon.

Seamus was initially part of the music / drama group called The Armagh Rhymers.

But for a long time he had been regarded as an expert in the Irish flute and was renowned and highly regarded.

He had long term connection with with the Flately family and taught Michael Flately to play the flute.

Apart from his music Seamus was an old-fashioned Republican.

He had a mischievous sense of humour.

One time a court in the Republic forwarded a series of three summons to him.

Seamus sent a letter to the judge

“Dear Judge,

I wish to acknowledge the three summons you sent me.

I have only one request.

Could you please print all future summons on softer paper.

Sincerely yours,

Seamus Tansey”

Seamus was very loyal to me and to The Oratory.

Every Holy Week and every Christmas Eve Seamus played at our Masses. He also read old Irish poems for us.

Like myself, nobody was neutral about Seamus. You either loved or hated him.

But he was mightier himself than all his enemies put together.


Monday 11th July 3 pm Arrival of Seamus at The Oratory.

Wednesday 13th July 3 pm Funeral Mass at The Oratory.

Afterwards: Cremation

SUNDAY 17TH : Burial of ashes in Gorteen, Sligo.



Seamus’ music is available on Amazon and on the SPOTIFY APP