The Roman Catholic Church is going to have to decide between teaching its basic teachings, even and especially when unwelcome, or changing its teachings, either because they changing or to simply please “the world”.

1. The RCC teaches that masturbation is a mortal sin that can lead to hell. The world regards this teaching as nonsense.

2. The RCC teaches that sex before marriage is a mortal sin. Others disagree.

3. The RCC teaches that having an abortion or assisting someone to have one is a mortal sin, and attracts the penalty of automatic excommunication. Others, including practising Catholics, take another view.

4. The RCC teaches that homosexual acts are disordered and mortally sinful. The world now marries people engaging in them.

And there are other Church teachings.

So, the RCC has a decision to make.

Up to now it has sat on the fence trying to be all things to all men and women.

They need to tell us whether or not the teachings of the Catechism of the Catholic Church still apply in 2022.

Of course if they insist on their traditional teachings more and more people will walk away.

If they change their teachings they will be accused, especially by the RC Right of having sold out the faith.

Currently the RCC is morally ambitious.

First the archbishop of San Francisco refuses Nancy Pelosi Holy Communion.

Then the pope and Vatican give her Communion.

The RCC needs to declare their bottom line teachings – and then stick with them.

Of course, the other big problem is that bishops and priests who represent the Church globally are themselves involved in all kinds of sinful and immoral behaviour – and excusing themselves.

Remember Ger Fitzgerald’s crazy statement:

“My canon lawyer tells me I did nothing wrong – except to be immoral”

That very statement is a summary of the lack of morals of bishops and priests.

And that’s why most people write them off now as total hypocrites!