My brother Bishop Tom,

Last week, I was informed that Elijah Carroll resigned as the Prior of Silverstream Priory. However, as you know, I take an evidence-based approach to what is published on my blog, so I made some enquiries. And very kindly some of the priests that provide me with information within your own diocese confirmed this fact.

I already know the answer to this question, but, is it true that the new Prior of Silverstream Priory is: Fr. Basil Mary MacCabe, OSB, a monk of the French-based Abbey of Saint-Joseph de Clairval de Flavigny?

I have been told that Fr. Basil Mary MacCabe, OSB, in the past, was a visitor to Silverstream Priory and was impressed with the place. Is this true? If so, is the appointment of Fr. MacCabe an attempt to rehabilitate the malign legacy of Dom Mark Kirby? Surely, growing-up in Cork, you would have been aware of the adage — you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, and that is a maxim that is applicable to Silverstream Priory.

Readers of my blog will be curious to know: did you approach the Benedictine troubleshooter, Abbot Brendan Coffey of Glenstal Abbey and ask him to provide a priest from Glenstal to act as Prior of Silverstream?

Did the kindly Abbot Brendan tell you to look beyond the shores because Silverstream has become so toxic no mainstream Benedictine community in Ireland would wish to be associated with it under any circumstances? If so, Abbot Brendan has given you sound advice.

It is my understanding that Fr. MacCabe has been a monk of Flavigny for some time. I am told it is a very odd place. Like Silverstream Priory – Flavigny is not authentically Benedictine because its monks go out and give retreats based on the exercises of St. Ignatius. Flavigny, too, has its own troubled history with ecclesiastical authorities but unlike Silverstream it has NOT been mired in sexual scandal, which is a blessed relief. So, the questions that flow from that observation are: a) has Fr. MacCabe, OSB been appointed to oversee the closure and suppression of Silverstream Priory; and, b) if that is the case: will the professed monks of Silverstream be transferring to Flavigny or will Silverstream become a satellite community under the jurisdiction of French-based Abbey?

Did you demand the resignation of Elijah Carroll? Did you threaten to remove him by Decree? Of course, readers of my blog would like to know: did Elijah resign voluntarily, due to the fact that I have repeatedly highlighted on my blog his addiction to gay porn? Alternatively, it has been suggested that my last missive to you about traditionalist communities approaching bishops to be illicitly ordained might have been a catalyst in your decision-making: is there any truth in that observation?

Do you regret appointing Elijah Carroll as superior? Back in the day when I first started blogging about Silverstream, was he [Carroll] recommended to you as a potential superior by Abbot Brendan of Glenstal Abbey because he [Coffey] was desperate to end his association with Silverstream in light of my blog? If that was the case – would you accept that Elijah was not an inspired choice and Abbot Coffey has bad judgement?

Presumably, the Rt. Rev’d Dom Jean-Bernard Marie Bories, OSB, who was elected the third abbot of the Abbey of Saint-Joseph de Clairval de Flavigny on May 8, 2020, gave written permission for the appointment of Fr. MacCabe? In an act of transparency – are you Bishop Deenihan willing to publish his written permission on the website of the Diocese of Meath?

Silverstream Priory in the past would have been subject to the jurisdiction of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, however, the jurisdiction of that Commission has now been transferred on January 19, 2019 to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, in light of the Motu Proprio of Pope Francis: was the aforementioned Congregation consulted and permission received from same to appoint Fr. MacCabe, OSB, as the Prior of Silverstream Priory?

As Fr. MacCabe belongs to a monastery of diocesan right located within the Archdiocese of Dijon, did the Ordinary, Archbishop Antoine Henry Pierre Marie Hérouard give written permission for the appointment of Fr. MacCabe as the new superior of Silverstream Priory?

Do you as the Ordinary of the Diocese of Meath have any concerns that the new Prior of Silverstream was only ordained a priest on October 17, 2020 by the then Archbishop of Dijon, Roland Minnerath?

I am told at Flavigny Abbey, the Community Mass is celebrated using the Novus Ordo. However, I am also told that priests of the community celebrate so-called Low Masses using the Extraordinary Form. Have you instructed Silverstream Priory to celebrate the Eucharist using the Missal of Paul VI? And will this be one of the first acts of the new Prior: to impose the new missal? If the community at Silverstream refused to accept the new Rite – will you seek guidance from Cardinal-elect Roche at the Congregation of Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments?

Obviously, the question we all want answered: will Dom Kirby and Dom Andersen be returning to Silverstream to be subject to the jurisdiction of the new Prior?

With prayerful best wishes,

Your brother bishop

+Pat Buckley