“Bishop Buckley,

The Apostolic Nuncio to Great Britain has asked for Bishop Stephen Robson of Dunkeld to resign. The spin will be that he’s retiring early due to ill health. He does have Parkinson’s. Here’s why he’s really retiring:

1) Relationship with Keith Patrick.

Stephen was a long term close friend of Cardinal Keith Patrick O’Brien; Keith was known as Bunny and Stephen as Pettle. They taught us in Blair’s together. When Stephen/Pettle  was consecrated (auxiliary) bishop of St Andrew’s & Edinburgh, the MC and Cathedral Administrator, Mgr Michael Regan who died of HIV/AIDS, hid the crozier immediately before Mass on top of a cupboard; he’d slept with Keith on the promise of being made an Auxiliary and that’s why he was one of the three who outed Bunny to The Nuncio. Hell hath no fury like a lady priest scorned. When Bunny was removed Pettle abandoned him, cut him off and had nothing to do with him.

N.B: When Lay On My Cushion became Archbishop in succession to Bunny he did so with the agreement that Rome would move Pettle on from the Archdiocese and so he was sent to Dunkeld. There Pettle replaced one of Bunny’s old love rivals with Cardinal Granny Grey hips, the predatory alcoholic Vincent Logan. Pettle has indulged all the Dunkeld clergy queens in lace with smells and bells everywhere since arriving ithere. He publicly ridiculed Pope Francis instructions on the TLM. Lay On My Cushion has been working with The Nuncio to have Pettle retired off.​

2) Relationship with Christopher Morris.

It was well known in The Via Cassia that Stephen, then Spiritual Director, was having very close to Christopher Morris which continued when Christopher was dismissed and still living in Rome as a lay student. Stephen knew of all Christopher’s conquests inside and outside The Via Cassia whether consensual or not. He was compromised and became Christopher’s Chief Protector and fought tooth and nail to have Christopher readmitted and eventually ordained. He intended to attend Christopher’s recent ordination but was told by the Nuncio not to attend and like Sean Brady cited Covid for his non attendance.


N. B: When Father Rector Milarvie had Christopher removed from the Via Cassia for his predatory behaviour in the college and gay bars of Rome, Stephen openly opposed his removal, was incandescent with rage and was swearing in the Salone and Refectory to and about Father Rector. When Father Rector was returned to the archdiocese of Glesgay for not towing the party line he was set up by Archbishop Conti & Stephen Robson and sent to the parish of Christopher’s long term lover. He had already set honey traps for 2 other priests including Mgr Huge Bradley, VG in Glesgay, who fell into it.


From Daily Record

Angry parishoners were told to “go to confession” after they raised objections to their new priest accused of “unwanted harassment” during a drunken homosexual incident.

Father Paul Milarvie was accused of trying to “constrain” a male guest at his parish house in 2010, just months after he returned to Scotland

That led to an investigation by the Archdiocese of Glasgow.

Milarvie was later allowed to keep his parish and dragged the church into a row over homosexuality after the incident was classed as “totally unworthy of a priest”.

The complaint against Milarvie alleged he invited a man to dinner at his parish house and an incident, which is disputed, occurred.

Milarvie apologised to the man, who agreed to return for a second dinner. It was during this evening he claimed he was subjected to unwanted harassment.

After an investigation, Archbishop Mario Conti later said there had been no crime committed and claimed there had been “consensual” activity, rather than an unwelcome approach by Milarvie.

He said allowing for the “morally reprehensible over-indulgence” in drink, Milarvie’s actions had been “voluntary and totally unworthy behaviour on the part of a priest”.

Now churchgoers at St Mary’s chapel in Duntocher, near Glasgow, are up in arms over the proposed move by Milarvie to their parish.

One, who asked not to be named, said: “Parishioners are outraged 
and disgusted at his dark secrets. 
Meetings are being held to discuss the way forward.

“This priest is not wanted or welcomed. It’s a disgrace after the way he’s behaved and this dreadful issue has been swept under carpet by past and present church 
authorities. No one is listening to the people who pay for the upkeep of the church.”

The parishioner claims they emailed and phoned Archbishop Philip Tartaglia, a friend of Milarvie, but were ignored.

He added: “People are utterly appalled. We have contacted 
Archbishop Tartaglia and have been met with a disgraceful attitude.

“The priest we spoke to said we should ‘go to confession’ and that Milarvie was ‘forgiven’.

“We said that wasn’t good enough and that we’re very concerned he’ll do this again. He said, ‘We don’t know if he’ll do it again but we hope not’. Disgraceful.

People deserve to know the truth. We want this priest out. Not only of our parish but of the priesthood.”

The case, which came to light in 2012 after the church spoke out against SNP plans to legalise same-sex marriage, prompted accusations the church was confused in its 
attitude to homosexuality.

Milarvie, 51, was vice-rector of the Pontifical Scots College in Rome from 2001 to 2005 and rector from 2005 to 2009. He is currently the parish priest for St Flannan’s in Kirkintilloch, near Glasgow.

A spokesman for the Archdiocese of Glasgow said: “Fr Milarvie was involved in an isolated drink-related incident some years ago which was well documented at the time.

He was subject to a Church disciplinary process with which he complied fully. He has served without blemish since that time and is loved by his present parishioners at St Flannan’s who have been fully supportive of him and are sorry to lose him.

“The Archbishop has full confidence in Fr Milarvie and believes he will make a fine parish priest for St Mary’s.”

Happy Retirement Bishop Robson; you and your type will not be missed by the Church in Scotland that you’ve destroyed. The truth will out about your time “lecturing” us in Blair’s when you should’ve been protecting us.​