Surprisingly, good priests often become corrupt when they become bishops, and they seem to always get away with it.

Here are some reasons why bishops are able to exploit religious people and others to their advantage, and what to do about it.

  1. They play dirty and the public lets them get away with it.
  2. Because they are bishops, many people expect them to be good and holy and deal with us honestly. However, they don’t play by the rules. They promise truth and justice but lie and cover up abuse. That’s why so many are duped by them. They are like unscrupulous salespeople using Jesus’s values.

  3. WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT? Develop a healthy scepticism. Speak up and ask questions. Make sure you are being dealt with honestly.
  4. They understand power dynamics.
    Because they are in authority, they understand that authority can give them a free ride. Because they are bishops, the public is often reluctant to question their authority. That’s why they move about with an air of authority and get away with criminal activity.
    WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT? Question them! See through these bad guys hiding behind a thin veil of self-righteous holy authority.
  5. We are prone to the bystander effect.
    Part of the problem is public tolerance for bad behaviour. Too often, we simply stand by when others have been abused, not wanting to get involved, expecting those in charge to act appropriately.
    WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT? Challenge those in charge! Stand up to those who cover up abuse.
  6. We give them money and that enables them.
    A major part of the problem is giving bishops money. They ask for money under the pretext of doing their charity work. But your money to the church is going to bishops to pay their lawyers to fight victims and survivors of clerical sexual abuse.
    WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT? Stop giving them money.

These are just four ways to help stop bad bishops and make the world a better and safer place.


The New Zealander survivors give us good advice.

1 Question everything a n RCC bishop says.

2. Always challenge an RCC bishop.

3. Stand up to abusers and their cover uppers.

4. STOP giving them any money.


Bishop Pat,

You may recall in a previous email I mentioned the upcoming case against Fr Neil McGarritty of Glasgow.

He appeared today in court prior to his trail later this month.

He’s facing 6 charges against 4 separate girls including two 10 year olds.​

Checkout bbc news Scotland.

There is a long back story of allegations over decades and cover up by 3 archbishops if you want further info.

Bishop Buckley,

You may remember I mentioned in a previous email the impending trial of Fr Neil McGarritty. He had his pleading diet this week past and his trial will begin this coming Wednesday at Glasgow Sheriff Court. (Details of victims, 2 aged 10, and six charges on bbc news Scotland)

He’s best friends of Fr Peter McGarvey of Donegal and of Derry Public Toilets Voyeur case.


Day 1 of Trial of Fr Neil McGarritty today at Glasgow Sheriff Court; testimony by 10yr old of grooming behavior, language and touching.​