As a seminarian and young priest I was in total awe of the Irish Cistercians.

I regarded them as living saints.

I never thought of becoming a Cistercian for two reasons:

1. I believed I was good enough and holy enough to be a Cistercian.

2. My priestly vocation was always focused on diocesan ministry and daily pastoral service of the People.

Mellifont was my favourite Cistercian monastery and I did many retreats there as a seminarian and young priest.

I was very disturbed when the abbot of Mellifont told me a out his long sexual history with men and women.

I was also disturbed by his roaming hands.

Yesterday I learned that Enda used to feel the bottoms of young novices and press his grain area against them.

At the beginning, I put that down to the fact that the more holy you are the more the Devil attacks you.

And maybe there is still some truth in that.

But then, like everyone else I heard of child abuse at the hands of Cistercian monks in acrs like Portglenone in Antrim and Caldey in Wales.

I also became conscious that monasteries like Portglenone were also hiding terrorists who had murdered and bombed.

And I also became aware that bishops in Ireland and elsewhere were secretly housing paedophile priests alcoholic priests and other offending priests in monasteries.

This was because bishops and monks saw sexual abuse as a SIN and not as a CRIME



And then we discovered that the Lord Abbot of Mount Melleray – Dick Purcell was buggering Father Niall Dargan of Killaloe in Rocrea’s monastic kitchen.

And that he was a patron of the Boilerhouse sauna in Dublin


We heard stories of financial problems, alcoholism and sexual activity at Roscrea.


We discovered that Purcell had staunch episcopal supporters such as Lugs Monahan and The Fonz.


And then we hear of a woman made pregnant by a monk murdered by monastic supporters etc.

Not to mention Enda Ducey of the roaming hands, 18 bi sexual affairs and feeling up and pressing a groin against novices.


It is abuntly clear that the Irish Cistercians are in meltdown.

There are no vocations.

There are monasteries of dying old men.

There are financial issues.

There are homosexual monks and abbots ussues.

The Abbot General and his council in Rome need to immediately the 4 monasteries at Portglenone , Mellifont, Moone and Roscrea and create one new community at the mother house on Mount Mellerary.

They need to show the door to all BONKING MONKS, whether of the straight, homo or bi variety.

They need to seriously get back to their prayers and rule of life.

And they need to make all monks faithfully observe their four vows of





Otherwise, they should cash in all their property and investments, share the money with all members and clear off to Las Vagas, Monaco and Thailand.