We are having a number of problems on the Blog – people using other people’s names, people submitting multiple silly comments to blog up the blog etc.

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I hope you are keeping well. Pat I believe Mc cafferty has finally overstepped the line and if I knew the proper channels to report hate crime to the PSNI I would, I know Mc cafferty personally and have challenged him personally on several occasions only to be stonewalled by him and once contacted the diocese only to be blanked no surprise there.

In a most recent Facebook post he gives a very long speech about the book he is writing about his abuse which we all acknowledge although I’m personally not convinced by Mc caffertys version of events as he did admit under cross examination that he went of his own free will to Donagheys room.

But and it’s a big but at the end of the post he turns it into a homophonic hate speech saying that many homosexuals are attracted to teenage boys and we must continue to pray for our gay and Lesbian brothers and sisters who carry this cross.

Carry this cross? Linking homosexuality to child abuse is the little runt for fucking real. He needs challenging he needs to be reported for his hate filled invective. Check out his Facebook page not the Corpus Christi one his own one. Like I said he has overstepped the Mark.

Kind Regards


Fr Paddy McCafferty is a very Wounded man.

Sexually abused as a child and later seriously sexually abused as a seminarian by the then Fr James Donaghy.

Different people cope with abuse in different ways.

I was abused as a child and eventually came to live with that and all my other demons through indepth psychotherapy in my late 30s.

Paddy was not as fortunate as I and to this day he exhibits ongoing pain and dysfunction.

But Paddy needs to be very careful about making judgements about gay people based on his own experiences.

He has suffered much hurt himself.

That should make him very sensitive to not be hurting others who have travelled their own painful sexual journeys.