Readers have been asking me to do a blog about the RCC’s so called Synodal Way.

Since Vatican II the RCC all over the world has been producing thousands upon thousands of reports that eventually ended up gathering dust on shelves all over the world.

It’s always about talking and there is never any action.

“All cackle and no egg”.

The cynical purpose behind the Synodal Way is to invite people to talk, to give them the impression that they are being listened to, that they have a real say, and then to put the report on a shelf and get back to business as usual.

Do you really think the pope is going to share his power with Mrs Murphy of Mulberry Way?

Do you really think that the Roman Curia is going to share its power with the Ballydehob Pastoral Council?

Do you really think that Phonsie is going to ask the Waterford branch of the Association of Catholic Priests to help him govern Waterford?

Do you really think that the papal nuncio is going to allow the progressive lay group – We Are Church – to help him choose bishops?

There is an old saying in Rome: “Do what you want with women, men and children, but never challenge the POWER”.

The RCC is about clerics weilding the power, controlling the money and regarding morality and moral rules for the laity alone.

It’s been like that for at least 15 centuries.

Do you really think that is going to change?

Of course, things on the ground are changing – fewer priests, nearly no seminarians, very few under 60s attending Mass.

This will force certain changes – closing parishes, amalgamating parishes, fewer Masses, laity conducting baptisms, weddings and funerals etc.

But the power and the money will stay in the bishops palaces and the priests houses.

Who knows – in time to come celibacy could be optional and even women could be ordained?

These married and women priests will be allowed to do the donkey work – if there is donkey work to be done.

But the POWER will stay where it is and always has been.

The hierarchs and the clerics have betrayed the People of God.

A number of years ago I visited the death bed of a Belfast man called Gerry Reynolds – a man who was a daily Mass goer, a man who had been a Legion of Mary lay missionary and a long term Catholic youth worker. With tears in his eyes he said: “Our priests and our Church has let us down badly”.


Christianity will survive.

“The memory of Jesus is both sacred and subversive”.

We might see a return to Basic Christian Comminities modelled on the early church?

The clericilization of the Sacraments and especially Holy Orders was a disaster for Faith and Church.

Going forward Catholic Christians will have to revisit that clericalization under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

For God, all things are possible.