I have the very strong impression that Catholic priests are much more sexually active than in the past.

I know clerics were sexually active in antique and medieval times.

But nowadays we hear if new clerical sexual scandals every single day.

If its not priests abusing children it’s priests showing their genitalia on the internet and looking for sexual “action”.

Or priests masturbating in public!

And perhaps it’s the world wide internet and the ever present media that is letting us know more about these things?

I attended daily Mass from the age of 4. I knew and met an awful of priests.

I cannot imagine the good priests I knew being sexually active – priests like Fr John Hyde SJ; Canon John Pierce and Fr Joe Collins – Ballygall parish, Dublin and Monsignor John Shine, Waterford.

What’s causing the recent and present glut of clerical scandals

1. Priests having less morals than in previous generations?

2. The failure of priestly formation?

3. The influence of the secular, materialistic and permissive society?

4. The Internet and international media?

5. Celibacy no longer being accepted by priests?

6. The work of Satan?

I’d like to readers views on this.