To me, the word EXCOMMUNICATION, is meaningless!

The Church is God’s family and God has never been in the business of expelling people from His family.

Just look at the Parable of the Prodigal Son – yesterday’s Gospel reading.

“They” tell me I was automatically excommunicated on May 19th 1998 when I was ordained a bishop.

But I’ve never had a telephone call or a letter from anyone confirming that SOMETHING happened to me on that day. I felt nothing on that day or since.

Since 1986 – 12 years previously – I had been banned by the RCC Junta from celebrating Mass or Sacraments in any of their local branches.

That included the Funeral Masses of my nephew Christopher, who took his own life in 1997 and my dear mother who died in 2006.

But the real Cristians of the Unitarian Church in Dublin stepped forward and threw their doors open to me.

They also allowed me to celebrate the 25th anniversary of my ordination there in 2001 and a large number of weddings.

I have found a Christianity in the Unitarians that I have not found in the Church of Rome.


Many people do not realise that any Catholic who procures an abortion or assists in the procurement of an abortion are AUTOMATICALLY EXCOMMUNICATED.

There are therefore hundreds of thousands of men and women, husbands and wives, doctors and nurses etc excommunicated from the RCC.

The Church is two things – in purity it is the People of God.

In its putrid form it is the the RCC institution which has a 1700 year history of murder, rape, paedophilia, pillage, incest, theft, etc, etc.

Excommunication is a device of the putrid.