I find all this new gender pronouns very confusing and often wonder if the tail – the uptight transgender extremists, is wagging the dog – us and society in general.

I have a long history of openness and ministry to the LGBT community and transgender people in particular.

I have accompanied a number of individuals on their journeys/ counselling and surgery as they change gender.

I will call anyone by the name they prefer – male, female or whatever.

If someone wants me to regard them as a he or she I will respectfully obliged.

Bit then they bring this issue up of gender being a continum with male and female at either end – the binaries.

And othere being son here in between and wanting to be referred to by pronouns.

But how are the rest of us to know, immediately and spontaneously what to call someone like this.

Do I really have to ask EVERYONE I meet what pronoun they want me to call them by?

And are people entitled to be offended if I innocently call someone who looks like a man – “he”?

Is all if this not POLITICAL CORRECTNESS gone mad?

Is it a small section of people trying to bully everyone else?

Just wondering?