Here is his presentation of the four roots of the crisis and his explanation.

#1 Homosexuality among the clergy

One of the evident, observable and deepest roots of the sexual abuse of minors is homosexuality among the clergy. Of course, I will not say that all homosexuals are necessarily abusing children. This would be unjust and untrue. But we are speaking about clerical abuse in the Church, and so we have to focus on this illness. 

It has been proven that more than 80 percent of victims were post-pubescent males. It is therefore evident that the nature of the majority of this abuse involved homosexual acts. We have to stress that this is one of the main roots.

#2 Relativism of doctrine

The other main root of the abuse crisis is the relativism on moral teaching which began after the Second Vatican Council. Since then, we have been living in a deep crisis of doctrinal relativism, not only of dogmatics but also of morals — the moral law of God.

Morals were not taught clearly in seminaries over the past 50 years; it was often not clearly taught in Seminaries and Theological faculties that a sin against the sixth commandment is a grave sin. Subjectively there may be mitigating circumstances, but objectively it is a grave sin. Every sexual act outside a valid matrimony is against the will of God. It offends God and is a serious sin, a mortal sin.

This teaching was so relativized… We have to stress this… the relativism of moral teaching, specifically on the sixth commandment. 

#3 A lack of ascesis in seminaries

Another deep cause is the lack of a true, serious and authentic formation of seminarians. There was a lack of ascesis in the life and formation of seminarians. 

It has been proven by two thousand years, and by human nature, that without physical ascesis like fasting, praying, and even other forms of corporal mortifications, it is impossible to live a constant life in virtue without mortal sin. Due to the deep wound of original sin and the concupiscence still at work in every human being, we need corporal mortification. 

St. Paul says: “Make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.” (Rom. 13:14) We can paraphrase these words, saying: do not nurture your flesh too much or concupiscence will dominate you. And this is exactly what often happened in seminaries. Seminarians and priests nurtured the flesh through a comfortable life without ascesis, without fasting and other bodily and spiritual mortifications. 

#4 Above all the absence of a deep and true love for Christ

But to me, the deepest cause of the clerical sex abuse crisis is the lack of a deep and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. When a seminarian or a priest does not have a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ, in constant fidelity to a life of prayer and really enjoying a personal love for Jesus, he is easy prey for the temptations of the flesh and other vices. 

Furthermore, when you have a deep and personal love of Christ, you cannot deliberately commit a horrendous sin. Occasionally, because of the weakness of human nature, a priest or seminarian could commit a mortal sin against purity. But in the same moment, he is deeply repentant and decides to avoid the next sin at any cost. This is a manifestation of a true love of Christ. But it is for me completely excluded that a person who deeply loves Christ can sexually abuse minors. It is for me impossible. In my opinion, a deep love of Christ excludes this.



Bishop Schneider might be right or wrong in what he says – or even partially right and partially wrong.

He makes the point that over 80% of the sexual abuse victims of priests are post pubescent males on whom priests perform ”homosexual acts”.

Is it accurate to call these acts “homosexual acts” or would it be more accurate to call them “paedophilic acts”?

Doctrinal relativism

I cannot agree with the bishop when he says:

A sin against the sixth commandment is a grave sin. Every sexual act outside a valid matrimony is against the will of God. It offends God and is a serious sin, a mortal sin“.

This is an extremely legalistic view. It is denying that loving sexual expressions between two adults who are not married according to RCC theology and law, are always committing mortal sins.

In this day and age such a view is disgraceful and irrational position will be rejected by very many people.

Corporal mortification. 

Schneider suggests that it is impossible to live a moral life without fasting and other “corporal mortifications”.

Is he talking about people whipping themselves with “self flagalation”?

I hope not.

Above all the absence of a deep and true love for Christ.

It is easy to agree with the bishop on this.

Any person with a deep and true love for Christ could not abuse a child in any way.

But I suppose that does not allow for people who are either mentally ill and those who are sociopathic.

What do readers think of Schneider’s views?


Bishop Schneider Rebukes Pope Francis: Catholicism Is ‘The One True Religion’

September 18, 2022 from LifeSite News by Michael Haynes

Bishop Athanasius Schneider has hit back at the ecumenical Congress Pope Francis recently attended, saying that Catholicism is “the only one true religion which God commanded to all people to believe.”

Speaking to EWTN’s Alexey Gotovskiy outside the Archdiocese of Astana’s Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, the auxiliary bishop awaited the arrival of Pope Francis to a meeting with Kazakhstan’s Catholic clergy.

We’re not one of the many religions; we’re the only one true religion which God commanded to all people to believe,” Bishop Schneider stated. “There is no other way to salvation.”

He made his clear remarks in light of the ongoing ecumenical meeting – the 7th Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions – which Pope Francis was in Kazakhstan to attend.

The previous day Pope Francis had delivered an opening address at the Congress in which he decried conversion efforts, and told the various representatives that their “religions” remind them all that they are “journeying towards the same heavenly goal.” Assembled were numerous religious and political leaders, including, among many other Muslim leaders, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmed el-Tayeb; Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel Yitzhak Yosef; as well as Buddhist, Shintoist, and Taoist leaders, as well as representatives from the U.N.

Pope Francis employed numerous quotes from a local Mulism philosopher to make his argument, but did not reference Jesus Christ or Sacred Scripture during his speech.


I do not agree with Bishop Schneider.

To me, spirituality / God, is like a multifaceted diamond.

Each facet reflects God.

Catholicism is one facet.

There are hundreds of other facets.


MC ALEESE DISGRACEFUL ACTION OVER DALI LAMA. Trinity College stripped the honor of the Dalai Lama after Mary McAleese sparked China fears

A Trinity College Dublin committee rejected the Dalai Lama’s nomination for an honorary degree – after former President Mary McAleese, Trinity College’s chancellor, expressed concerns about a “serious” backlash from the Chinese government.

The Sunday independent noted that the Trinity Committee, which makes recommendations on honorary degrees to the University Board of Directors, met on December 16, 2019 in the University’s Long Room Hub.


I think that Mc Aleese and Trinity are a disgrace for refusing to present the Dali Lama with an honorary degree – in case it upset China!

The Dali Lama is an international symbol of peace and a global supporter of enlightenment and wisdom.

Why are people so willing to appease people like the Chinese and Putin – war mongers and threats to the world ?

I know Russia and China are powerful and have nuclear weapons.

But if we give them the message that we are afraid of them, then we will forever bully us forever.

Why should China sensitivity stop an Irish University from honouring the Dali Lama.


Today, the UK lays its belove Queen Elizabeth to rest.

She was a great servant of her country for over 70 years.

I am genuinely sad over her death

May she rest in peace.



The Church is to start moving the preparation of children for Holy Communion and Confirmation out of the classroom, putting more pressure on families to prepare their children for the sacrament. 

The country’s largest archdiocese is developing plans to strip back pre-sacramental preparations in schools amid growing sentiments that many families and children have little interest in the celebration.

The new policy in the Archdiocese of Dublin, which has been in development for four years, follows a survey of 1,800 people including parents, priests and school principals.


I think Dublin is quite right to take sacramental preparation out of the schools and put more responsibility on the parents.

In fact, I think all denominational religion should be taken out of schools. Schools should teach religion as comparative study.

The places for denominational religion are the church, the Sunday school and the family home.

Many teachers, even in Catholic schools, do not practice their faith.

Many parents who want their kids baptised, given Holy Communion and confirmed do not practice their religion or even believe.

Baptism, Communion and Confirmation have now become social occasions, parties, and excuses for eating and drinking to excess.

Parents spend hundreds and thousands of pounds on clothes and these occasions.

Some families even hire limos for the occasions and occasionally helicopters.

Are Sacraments not for believers?

Should they not be more spiritual and less materialistic occasions?

Should the children of the non believing and non practising be baptised?

We have a lot of thinking to do about the Sacraments and how we prepare for them, celebrate them and who receives them.



“GPs will never return to the pre Covid model we knew”.

So said a very senior medical professional to me on Thursday.

Covid has given the GPs two years away from seeing lots of patients face to face everyday.

Instead they have dealt with patients over the telephone etc.

This has been much less stressful for GPs and given them a new, easier relaxed lifestyle.

Many GPs have now gone on to a three day a week basic – again introducing them to less stress and more relaxation.

But the impact will be felt by patients – especially older, more sick and disabled patients. Seeing their doctor helped them not be so isolated.

Many of them are not great communicators on the telephone.

Many of them cannot use laptops or mobile phones for texting and emailing.

To get to see a GP now you’ve got to get past a battery of receptionists, practice managers, nurses and nurse specialists.

In a big practice you will not get to see the same doctor each time you visit – making the experience much more impersonal.

Most young doctors don’t want to be GPs any longer.

Many GPs are leaving general practice and indeed the NHS.

There is a worrying shortage of GPs.

Men are not becoming GPs. Most are now women.

I’m very worried about where General Practice / Primary is heading.

I’m worried about how it will affect all of us and medicine in general.


German Synodal Way Approves Text Calling Homosexual Acts ‘Not Sinful’ and ‘Not Intrinsically Evil’


At the fourth Assembly of the German Synodal Way, a large majority of the bishops and laity present voted to approve a text that demands the Church change her teaching on homosexuality. 

Entitled “Magisterial reassessment of Homosexuality,” the document includes the following statement: “Same-sex sexuality – also realized in sexual acts – is thus not a sin that separates from God, and it is not to be judged as intrinsically evil.”

The fourth Assembly of the German Synodal Way was held from September 8-10, 2022, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The Synodal Assembly consists of the 56 German bishops, 69 representatives of the lay organization “Central Committee of German Catholics,” and several other members of clergy and laity. For a text to be approved, a majority of the members of the Assembly, as well as a two-thirds majority of the bishops, is needed. 

Forty of the 56 German bishops (71%) voted in favor of the text that proposes a change to Church teaching on homosexuality. The document is meant to be submitted to Pope Francis and into the worldwide synodal process. 


I agree with the German Synod’s statement on homosexuality and homosexual acts.

But of course this is a direct challenge to the traditnal RCC teachings that homosexual acts are intrinsically evil and are grave sins.

It is a big step for an important national church like the German church to throw down this challenge to Rome, the Vatican and traditional theologians.

But eventually Rome had to eventually agree that the earth was round and not flat.

And it must now prepare to abandon its flat earth approach to human sexuality.

It must learn from the fields of science, medicine and psychology.

These disciplines are also gifts from God and contain well founded sources of wisdom and knowledge.

The Holy Spirit is at work through all knowledge.

The clash of views on human sexuality may very well prompt a schism in the RCC?

As someone said:

“Sex will be the Catholic Church’s 21st century Galileo”.

And strange that the country that produced the most recent conservative pope is now challenging conservative Catholic theology.



“God wants spiritual fruits, not religious nuts”.

What a true saying.

And Religious Nuts keep coming.



This is a crazy group of “Christian” mothers and their supporters who are chasing down masturbators”.



When I was a curate in Kilkeel in County Down, the housekeeper came into the kitchen and told me there was a very distressed woman at the door looking for me.

It was a parishioner I knew well – a lady in her 40s – a university graduate, an accomplished artist and a daily Mass attender.

She had a plastic bag with her.

Inside the bag were the sheets from her two sons beds.

The sheets, she said, were stained as her two sons were masturbators.

I politely refused to examine the sheets.

I also declined her invite to visit her home and lecture her sons on the Biblical sin of Onanism.

the Old Testament story of Onan (Genesis 38:8–10), Judah ordered his son Onan to sleep with Onan’s recently widowed sister-in-law, but Onan refused on the ground that “the descendants would not be his own, so whenever he had relations with his brother’s wife, he let [the seed] be lost on…

She was 100% convinced her two sons were bound for Hell.

She cried bitterly.

Sadly, she was one of those Irish Catholics who had been brought up in the 1930s and 1940s and told that the worst sins of all were sexual sins.

She believed that one act of unconfessed masturbation brought you to Hell for all eternity.

I had a long talk with her, recommended some reading, and tried to lead her to a more enlightened and relaxed view of the topic.

I don’t think she ever came to a “modern” view.

Not so long ago a Down and Connor priest – Fr Paddy Devlin – had a big part of his parish website devoted to Onanism.


He was offering young men help and support.

His headline went something like this:

Young men – if you are having a problem with masturbation don’t lose heart. Talk to me. A helping hand ✋️ is waiting”.🤣

I named Paddy – Belfast’s Apostle of Chastity.

Robert Nugent is also very worried about men masturbating.


Once, Woody Alan was asked if masturbation was a sin. He answered:

“Only if its not done properly”.



I have spent 3 days trying to see my GP. I was told I had to telephone at 8.30 am yesterday morning. I rang 45 times between 8.30 am and 9.20 am.

When I finally got an answer I was told I had missed all the doctors “call you back” spots for the day.

I insisted to the receptionist that I needed to see a doctor.

In the afternoon I got the flowing message from a number I could not reply to!

Dear Mr Buckley,

Following your medication request today the GP feels this would be best being discussed with our Nurse Mandy who will call you tomorrow to discuss your symptoms, please expect the call.

Reception Team
Corran Surgery


“I did not request medication. I requested an appointment with a GP.

If none of the doctors are willing to see me – then so be it.

I do not want to speak to a nurse.

(Bishop) Pat Buckley


Dear Dr Hopkins,

I have been a patient of this practice for 38 years. I have never done anything but respect the practice. I have never asked too much or bothered the doctors unnecessarily.

I am now a 70 year old man with various chronic medical conditions.

I have been telephoning the surgery for three days. This morning I called 45 times from 8.30 am to 9.20 am. When answered I was told I had missed the list for today’s calls from a doctor.

I am absolutely disgusted by my treatment today.

But that will not bother you, I imagine?

Pat Buckley


When I first came to Larne in 1984 we had 14 GPs in the town.

Not only did they do five 8 to 6 days – they also covered their own overnight cover.

On top of that they manned the 24 / 7 / 365 A&E in the town.

Today the GPs do a four and a half day week, have all other cover performed by an out of hour doc service and have no A&E work to perform.

And, unlike in the old days, they have practice managers and a whole plethora of office staff – and earn £ 130,000 plus per annum – and Covid and other bonuses.


Dr Charlie Cosgrove GP Larne. Worked day and night. Had time to really listen. Total generosity.

Mr Roy Maxwell Surgeon Belfast. Renowned for his dedication to patients. When he did major surgery on me in 1991 he was at my bedside every day at 8 am, 1 pm and 6 pm. And came to me at 3 am one morning I was poorly.

Professor John Hermon Taylor Dean of Surgery St George’s Hospital London. Renowned surgeon and Crohns Disease researcher. Still working in his mid 80s.

Dr Tom Trouton cardiologist N. Ireland. Always gave and still gives 1000%

I will very interested to hear readers views on medicine – past and present.


Apology from GP. Appointment in 10 minutes and xray in 30 minutes. Result at 4 pm




Pat says:

This case is a reminder to us that some people and some priests who are accused of abuse can be innocent.

There were two in investigations into Fr Mc Aleer – a police one and a church one. The matter was relating to a minor before he was ordained.

The Church hearing does not involve the same level of evidence that a criminal trial does.

The accusations were not substantiated.

We don’t know if the complainant did not offer evidence or refused to attend hearings.

But we must remember that in our countries we regard people innocent until found guilty.

That does not mean that they have to found innocent!

The Armagh statement says that this has been difficult for all involved.

We must recognise that.

We must also recognise that it has been hard for Fr Mc Aleer.

We must also wish him well as he gathers the pieces together again.


I signed the Book of Condolences for Queen Elizabeth at my local council office yesterday.




To me, the word EXCOMMUNICATION, is meaningless!

The Church is God’s family and God has never been in the business of expelling people from His family.

Just look at the Parable of the Prodigal Son – yesterday’s Gospel reading.

“They” tell me I was automatically excommunicated on May 19th 1998 when I was ordained a bishop.

But I’ve never had a telephone call or a letter from anyone confirming that SOMETHING happened to me on that day. I felt nothing on that day or since.

Since 1986 – 12 years previously – I had been banned by the RCC Junta from celebrating Mass or Sacraments in any of their local branches.

That included the Funeral Masses of my nephew Christopher, who took his own life in 1997 and my dear mother who died in 2006.

But the real Cristians of the Unitarian Church in Dublin stepped forward and threw their doors open to me.

They also allowed me to celebrate the 25th anniversary of my ordination there in 2001 and a large number of weddings.

I have found a Christianity in the Unitarians that I have not found in the Church of Rome.


Many people do not realise that any Catholic who procures an abortion or assists in the procurement of an abortion are AUTOMATICALLY EXCOMMUNICATED.

There are therefore hundreds of thousands of men and women, husbands and wives, doctors and nurses etc excommunicated from the RCC.

The Church is two things – in purity it is the People of God.

In its putrid form it is the the RCC institution which has a 1700 year history of murder, rape, paedophilia, pillage, incest, theft, etc, etc.

Excommunication is a device of the putrid.