The Vatican acknowledged Thursday that it imposed restrictions in 2020 on the ministry and residency of Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo, a Nobel Peace Prize winner who is accused of sexually abusing teenage boys decades ago.

But Vatican officials will almost certainly face more questions about those restrictions, and about the bishop’s past, as details of the allegations against Belo come into focus in the weeks to come.

The Vatican’s admission came after a Dutch magazine reported this week the serial abuse allegations against the bishop, who has been regarded as a hero of the fight for independence in his native country of East Timor.

The allegations are grave. The bishop is accused of raping young men in the 1980s and ‘90s, and of taking advantage of their poverty, and his power, to keep them silent.


The Vatican disciplined Bishop Belo over two years ago but kept the matter silent.

They would never have made the matter public if the victims and journalists had not spoken out.

This sends a number of very clear messages:

1. The RCC is still covering up abuse everywhere and everytime they can.

2. Pope Francis, like many popes before him, even and especially those SAINTED were and are abuse cover up merchants.

3. NEVER REPORT ABUSE to a bishop, a priest or a church paid safeguarding officer.

4. ALWAYS report abuse directly to the police and social services.

5. Always get a good lawyer – one with no church connections.

6. Always consider talking to a good journalist with an investigative journalism track record.