When I or my followers mention someone on my blog it is my belief that they have the RIGHT to reply.

Robert was moved to reply to my blog about masculine spirituality and he asked, not demanded, I publish his response. Here it is – totally unedited.


Dear Robert,

You were discussed on this blog and your are entitled to respond.

Can I first of all say tar when you visited me I enjoyed our chat and do believe that you are 100% sincere.

We did also agree that we would record a video interview for your channel but you have not, to date, honoured that agreement?

I agree with you that a vital part of developing a masculine spirituality is about helping men to be authentic men, authentic husbands and authentic fathers.

Although men who do not choose to be partnered or have kids also need an authentic spirituality.

18,000 Abortions?

You attribute these abortions, partially at least, to the men, as fathers not preventing them.

Most men who try and stop abortions are given short thrift by women who say to them: “It’s my body. I’ll do what I want with my body”.

And civil law in this respect at least, is on the side of the woman

30 years ago I tried to persuade a family member not to have an abortion.

I was told where to go by the woman involved and her partner.

And there are men and women who have abortions who say and belueve they act in good conscience?


You clearly are confusing the CATHOLIC FAITH with the CATHOLIC CHURCH.

The Catholic Church just now, and for a while at least is not BEAUTUFIL. It is VERY UGLY!

The face of the Catholic Church is marred by child sexual abuse, adult sexual abuse, the mass graves of children, priests in gay saunas, seminaries being gay knocking shops, the rape of nuns, the Magdalen Laundries, the graves of native indiginous children and universal corruption and financial scandal.

Why not, in TRUTH and in GOD”s name acknowledge this REALITY?

I have and try to practice the CATHOLIC FAITH.

It’s about Scripture, the Sacraments, prayer, meditation, the saints, great spiritual writings.

And secondly its about serving God and neighbour.

Please! Please stop confusing the CATHOLIC FAITH with the CATHOLIC CHURCH/ INSTITUTION!


Robert, masturbation is a perfectly normal part of sexuality. 95% of men do it right through life.

The other 5% are either sexually dysfunctional, have a mental / physical illness or are just liars.

Masturbation even prevents prostate cancer.

I do agree that there can be psychological problems when people cannot have sex any other way except by masturbation.

But that is psychological dysfunction and not grave sin.

The only circumstances where I think masturbation can be a sin is when someone says to God: “Lord, I am now going to masturbate and I am doing it purely to annoy you, defy you and piss you off”.

In my 70 years on this earth I have never come across a single person who did that.

PORN is a bit different. There are issues about contributing to the disrespect of the porn stars.

There are issues about men in particular viewing sexuality solely in terms of porn.

There are issues around porn addiction.

But so often these issues are issues in the psychological sphere rather than in the theological.


You and folk who think like you are fixated on the Latin Mass and some are weaponising this liturgy against Francis, Vatican II and the so called novus ordo.

If we want to go back to basics – the first language of the Mass was Aramaic.

Jesus, who celebrated the First Mass wore no vestments and said Mass facing His congregation.

There was no bells, no incense and no birettas.


In your recent videos you are suggesting, if not saying, that you have been called by Jesus and Mary, quite literally, to be a prophet in your pronouncements.

I don’t doubt your sincerity nor can I judge your soul.

But, are you not in danger of becoming another Mark Kirby?