When I or my followers mention someone on my blog it is my belief that they have the RIGHT to reply.

Robert was moved to reply to my blog about masculine spirituality and he asked, not demanded, I publish his response. Here it is – totally unedited.


Dear Robert,

You were discussed on this blog and your are entitled to respond.

Can I first of all say tar when you visited me I enjoyed our chat and do believe that you are 100% sincere.

We did also agree that we would record a video interview for your channel but you have not, to date, honoured that agreement?

I agree with you that a vital part of developing a masculine spirituality is about helping men to be authentic men, authentic husbands and authentic fathers.

Although men who do not choose to be partnered or have kids also need an authentic spirituality.

18,000 Abortions?

You attribute these abortions, partially at least, to the men, as fathers not preventing them.

Most men who try and stop abortions are given short thrift by women who say to them: “It’s my body. I’ll do what I want with my body”.

And civil law in this respect at least, is on the side of the woman

30 years ago I tried to persuade a family member not to have an abortion.

I was told where to go by the woman involved and her partner.

And there are men and women who have abortions who say and belueve they act in good conscience?


You clearly are confusing the CATHOLIC FAITH with the CATHOLIC CHURCH.

The Catholic Church just now, and for a while at least is not BEAUTUFIL. It is VERY UGLY!

The face of the Catholic Church is marred by child sexual abuse, adult sexual abuse, the mass graves of children, priests in gay saunas, seminaries being gay knocking shops, the rape of nuns, the Magdalen Laundries, the graves of native indiginous children and universal corruption and financial scandal.

Why not, in TRUTH and in GOD”s name acknowledge this REALITY?

I have and try to practice the CATHOLIC FAITH.

It’s about Scripture, the Sacraments, prayer, meditation, the saints, great spiritual writings.

And secondly its about serving God and neighbour.

Please! Please stop confusing the CATHOLIC FAITH with the CATHOLIC CHURCH/ INSTITUTION!


Robert, masturbation is a perfectly normal part of sexuality. 95% of men do it right through life.

The other 5% are either sexually dysfunctional, have a mental / physical illness or are just liars.

Masturbation even prevents prostate cancer.

I do agree that there can be psychological problems when people cannot have sex any other way except by masturbation.

But that is psychological dysfunction and not grave sin.

The only circumstances where I think masturbation can be a sin is when someone says to God: “Lord, I am now going to masturbate and I am doing it purely to annoy you, defy you and piss you off”.

In my 70 years on this earth I have never come across a single person who did that.

PORN is a bit different. There are issues about contributing to the disrespect of the porn stars.

There are issues about men in particular viewing sexuality solely in terms of porn.

There are issues around porn addiction.

But so often these issues are issues in the psychological sphere rather than in the theological.


You and folk who think like you are fixated on the Latin Mass and some are weaponising this liturgy against Francis, Vatican II and the so called novus ordo.

If we want to go back to basics – the first language of the Mass was Aramaic.

Jesus, who celebrated the First Mass wore no vestments and said Mass facing His congregation.

There was no bells, no incense and no birettas.


In your recent videos you are suggesting, if not saying, that you have been called by Jesus and Mary, quite literally, to be a prophet in your pronouncements.

I don’t doubt your sincerity nor can I judge your soul.

But, are you not in danger of becoming another Mark Kirby?


9.46 when is the Irish Roman Catholic Church going to publish same and with current whereabouts in interests of public safety instead of engaging in their current major focus of slandering complainants whilst at same time facilitating their deviant clergy in schools and other educational settings.

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Your daily reminder that the Roman Catholic church has learned literally nothing from the past decades of being dragged (lol) through the press, which is why your kids are safer at Drag Queen Story Hour than in church.

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SNAP is a very good organisation. Is there a branch in Ireland to support victims and survivors of clerical abuse?

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Actually men who want to prevent abortions take responsibility for contraception and put a condom on, and don’t play Vatican Roulette.

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Patsy I do not for a minute believe Robert Nugent is a prophet, a lot of what he says is nonsense. However I disagree with your harsh and uncaring attitude to those of us who love and prefer The Latin Mass and detest the thousands of changes foisted on us since the hellish Vat.II. Perhaps you could show a little of your famous pastorality to those of us who differ from you. You could also point out to these Novus Ordo junkies that the documents on The Sacred Liturgy issued by that council do not concur with the disaster they now have.


Somebody hasn’t read the history. A major reform of the Roman liturgy took place in 1910 when the ancient order of the Psalms in the breviary was changed under, guess who… Pope St Pius X.
So called trads really really have no sense of history, the Catholic faith, or much else.


@10:13 am

Get a grip ya cretin, changing the order of the Psalms in the breviary by the great Saint and Pope St Pius X of Glorious Memory in no way equates with the changes, not reforms to The Holy Mass and Sacraments brought in after Vat.II . If you can’t see that you have no sense at all and don’t have a clue about The Catholic Faith or history.🙄


9:41 I did point out that you had literally no understanding. The order of Psalms he got rid of was one of the most ancient parts of the liturgy and was just got rid of.
It’s not my fault you’ve swallowed the selective fake ‘trad’ agenda.


11.45, you are a monumental hypocrite. You don’t just love the Latin Mass; you publicly denigrate and pillory, with such pejorative phrases as ‘Novus Ordo’, those content with Mass in the vernacular.
You lambast Pope Francis, and every other pope since Vatican II.
Speaking of Vat II, you blame it for everything, from priest rapists to… the weather.
You ask Pat for pastoral care, while you care nothing for those whose liturgical preferences differ from yours. You attack and harass them frequently.
You ARE a hypocrite. Why should anyone even consider extending pastoral care to you? Doesn’t Scripture say ‘you reap what you sow? You have sown seeds of anger, hate, intolerance, and division. You do so virtually every day on this blog. God knows how you behave off it.
Oh, wait! You’ll react, as is your wont, angrily and harshly. You’ ll refuse to listen to anyone but yourself, and you are your very own stumbling bloc. And somewhere will appear that signature christian catchphrase of yours ‘ya cretin’, along with a smirking emoji.
You really do reek of ‘Christ’.

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11.54 Robert Nugent like Bishop Pat is a good and well intentioned person, you are either born that way or not. Sadly spending a lifetime within the RCC means depositing ones integrity at the door on the way in.


In my case I was “in” for 16 years and have been “out” for 36.

I recovered my integrity as I left 😀


11.54 Robert Nugent is very brave to return to the blog, after his wife & family were threatened after he visited Bishop Pat at The Oratory & subsequently collaborated with him on this blog. Let’s hope that there will be no repeat of this nastiness from protectors of wrong doing.


4.27: Pat, after 40 years plus, I have retained my integrity…never lost it, I hope. Many of us despite all that’s happened do have integrity and a conscience!

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Bp Pat it’s none of your – OR Robert’s – business why some men may more rarely m*sturb*te. I fully agree with all your other arguments and not Robert’s. Contrary to fallacy, each person’s level of belief is their own affair. Robert is a normaliser. Unholy Roman Mother was beautifying Herself and not praying for the young when government declared young people were open season for each other in 1969 (teacher’s permission to “have” sex – from whom – outside marriage when it was always meant to be our private business: my brother’s class tore a strip off the teachers for their intrusion). Having led girls and boys to expect what was “trendy” also opened the door for devious adults. Robert needs arguing against on the issues he avoids both blatantly (his institution fixation) and by airbrushing (the effects of central church unbelief). Vatican spiritual dominionism, and that of their protestant lackeys like Falwell Snr is unfortunately, real. Believers ought now to pray the prayer of Daniel ch 9 v 3-21 about their authorities’ sins (and lots of Glory Be’s). As for liturgies “both” sides have shown their hypocrisy by being united in holding the English 1962 mass facing the people as so evil.


I mean that we’ll not convince bystanders if we stay in an intrusive paradigm: you were trained in “confession hearing” but at least I missed out on catholic school. The roots of the rot are in the Jesuits and Jansenists, then Rome adopted American intrusive attitudes to genitals progressively from the 1920s and especially since 1946. Intrusion in sexuality by church led to intrusion in sexuality by commerce: same subalterns, same state of hegemony, got us by our genitals. What will help us enter the kingdom of heaven (to which Rome threw away the key) is situational chastity. Men should watch what they discuss in Robert’s sodality in case one of the other members wants to create melodrama.


8.14 you’ll find no one more intrusive and self entitled than clergy & their types, the Church attracts sadistic control freaks obsessed with matters that are absolutely none of their business so they violate the rights of others on a daily basis under the cloak of the church and with zero accountability to date.

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Pat, I’m not surprised you challenge Robert. He seems to be in a hotel..back in Mexico!! This is his 2nd or 3rd video from this hotel. Robert, to me, is convinced he’s been given a unique mission. I admired him initially in his crusade to evangelize men through prayer and scripture and by encouraging them to return back to Christ in the Eucharist. All very admirable. However, for quite some time and moreso since his Medugorje experiences, he’s now had “messages” asking him to be a “prophet”. He recently asked, almost shouting, that all of us (priests especially) listen to his message before it’s too late!! You late for what??? I don’t doubt his commitment to helping renew the Church by attaching himself to the more beautiful, conservative prayer traditions and rituals of the Church and to rediscover the wonder and gift of Christ in the Eucharist. I think those of us who are genuinely concerned are attempting to do all these things. For a long number of years I have focused more on my Catholic “faith” and it’s myriad of spiritualities, prayer forms and its treasury of the lives of the saints, all of which have brought me to focus on living truly the Gospel of Christ as best I can in ministry. I think Robert is overly critical, has a particular vision and is too serious in his criticisms. You, Pat, are on the opposite spectrum of being Catholic and a man of God. You and Richard are opposites. Totally. I don’t approve of much of your harsh criticisms and judgments nor do I approve of all Robert’s views. Both of you often, almost self righteously, seem to believe that the “rest” of us in ministry aren’t seeking personal renewal in our lives. We are and we damn well struggle. Sometimes, in our humanity we are just overwhelmed at the huge task facing us today. We need criticisms but not the condemnatory, hammering kind. We are all familiar with the awful wrongs and scandals and the effects which these have had are are having on so many. Many of us have been inspired by Fr. Duffy in Creeslough this past week. His human kindness and compassion shone brightly in a very dark place. His pastoral care has inspired many all over our country. Isn’t his “being with” his community as evidenced this week a great parable for ALL priests and bishops? I hope the response of commenters won’t seek to rubbish or hurt or demean Robert. He has his way of understanding life, church and spirituality. Pat, you have yours. We all have our own “vision”. What matters is that those of us who profess Christ endeavour to emulate him in virtue, self giving and true life giving love and when we grievously and mortally sin that we seek God’s mercy and graces.


3.06 Mark Kirby – Europe
Fr Ryan McAleer – Europe
Abbot Richard ‘Rawhide Dick” Purcell – ??
Killaloe MIA clergy & MIA Armagh & other Irish Diocese??
Who’s paying for the travel, accommodation, PhD & other educational & lifestyle perks awarded to abusive clerics currently being protected by the Irish Roman Catholic Church?


Sir, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for highlighting the often overlooked plight of the adult abused. As a recent victim, your defence of my kind has been inspiring. May God Bless you Bishop Buckley.

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5.33 hiding out somewhere same as other clerical reprobates being fed, watered & the rest by the sheep who are misled into imagining their pennies fund “good works”. Con job.


One, two…the things that priests do.
Three, four…behind the closed door.
Five, six…gay or straight
Seven, eight…they do not abate
Nine, ten…appear on Pat’s blog and try again


No one in their right mind will be taking parenting or any other advice from the Roman Catholic Church internationally recognised as abusers, facilitators and cover up merchants in all manner of sexual and financial scandals worldwide.


Mind, Bp Pat, for all their faults, Liz and Kwasi capped energy prices for two years for Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. Unlike the Republic of Ireland.


I think Robert Nugent’s message was relevant, authentic and a reminder from the Holy Spirit that men need to start manning up.


Robert Nugent may well be convinced he’s on a mission and that he’s been designated a prophet by God. Unfortunately for him this is highly unlikely and it sounds like voices in his head.

The RCC will gain NO traction until it addresses fundamental issues around sexuality including masturbation and casual sex as well as contraception. We now live in a highly sexualized society -and this is what nature intended. The whole purpose is reproduction and this is programmed into us. To deny this is to deny gravity or that the Earth is round. Only the other day a friend of mine was telling me he was having his regular swim in the local hotel pool and there was rake of women going around in thong bikinis. This would be all very well except the pool is entirely indoors so the women weren’t wearing them to tan their arses. They were wearing them to show off their butts and rightly so. Power to them. If we are to take Robert Nugent’s views at face value we can say God gave us genitals and sex drive but wants us not to use either unless we are married (an entirely human idea, BTW) and basic live a hermit lifestyle with urges forever. So God set us up to fail, day 1. It is such a nonsense idea it beggars belief.

Because of the abject failure of the RCC and the likes of Robert Nugent to accept nature for what it is the RCC is utterly doomed. No amount of Bible bashing and Latin Mass is going to change that.

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And porn. What you’re describing is natural porn. When I was in my teens I used to masturbate to an illustrated Desmond Morris book.
I know Pat made the point of how porn stars are treated but I think he’ll agree that working retail can be abusive and oppressive.


It seems to us that RN been on high since he came back from medjudorje. Also he produced a lot of videos in last couple of weeks as I noticed.

Have been very very wary of medjudorje since my 2 trips there back in late 1980s plus heard a first hand source from a deaf woman who roomed with her before CG started her message crusade et al. Could provide links that painted a quite bad light on medjudorje.

TM isn’t be all and end all cos the majority of cardinals and bishops who ATTENDED VAT2 and VOTED for the new mass (NO) , were all ordained in the old rite which is TLM itself. Plus abuses were taking places in Cabra in 1930s 1940s 1950 and 60s as I have heard various horror stories there.

Loads of TLM adherents and die hard fans such as Taylor Marshall, TLM devotees were all voting for Trump which made me question TLM. Is it a good thing or bad thing etc 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️.

TLM isn’t perfect as it doesn’t suit people with varying disabilities with their back to them, lack of access. Not accessible for deaf people.


Laces and all things sundry to TLM have been an attractive draw for homosexuals.

Sexual abuse: speaking out within the SSPX

Revelations on pedocrime and the excesses of the SSPX
Leave a Comment / October 1, 2022 / Uncategorized / By SSPX Victims Collective
A mighty breath
“September 2022. The starting point of a new impetus in the fight against abuses within the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X. In this article, we summarize all the publications of recent weeks, made possible by the courage of witnesses and victim members of our Collective. We thank them very much. In the same way, a big thank you to the journalists and editorial staff who trusted us. These revelations on paedocriminality and the various excesses within the SSPX are extremely important in freeing the voices of those who have experienced them.”
(Use Traduire le site or Translate if required.)


FYI at 9.56am

A certain Christine Niles have been quite voracious towards SSPX as she had been banging out loud re SSPX hidden cover ups due to remote locations especially in France.

I think sspx have been so arrogant and untouchables as they dimissed complaints out of hand just ‘ LIKE NOTHING TO SEE HERE’ and move on.

There is a bit of a cult feeling or atmosphere about them which is gaining traction as we speak. I would regard opus dei definitely in the bracket of ‘dangerous cults’. Think SSPX will take a lot of battering before their dam breaks in coming decade. It took years and years to break down RCC’s dam before hell broke loose.

Secrecy, hubris, cover ups, and looking down on you with disdain have been the hallmarks of sspx to date as if they were speaking for God.

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DG, there you go again going on about lace being attractive to certain people, may I remind you of McCarrick,Ledwith,McCamley,Kitty O’Brien,
Burrell etc. none of them into lace. As for lack of access to deaf people that’s a nonsense, they are able to follow the Mass better by using their Missal Latin/Vernacular. It is no more accessible to a deaf person watching some clown facing them at the back of a Cranmer table mumbling and making it up as they go along. I know deaf people who would never dream of going to the N.O.


Do macho men wear lace..😂
In relation to abuse human nature cannot be camouflaged by wearing lace or polyester. What an abuser wears on the job is immaterial.


Anon at 12.18pm
You made a valid point re mc Carrick, ledwith, KOB, burrell et al. But it’s the lace that attracts some homosexuals (but not all) out there re dressing up etc. I noticed that re ex gay friend of mine commented it re use of wording re eminence, dress colours etc. He’s obsessed with it as he’s a die hard trad TLM devotee.
But at the same time, he goes about looking for one night sex with gay men. He’s a full blown one which was quite obvious to others. BBC or some TV caught him on TV recently re Queen funeral as they sent me a very brief video of him.
Regarding accessibility, it’s 90% inaccessible period re TLM such as lip reading for any hard of hearing person (HOH). The least we could do was to follow the red book with diagrams as to where it was going and which stage of mass are we in etc. But still it doesn’t really address the real meat of accessibility.
In NO mass, its accessible more so than TLM, we could lip read priests well, not all of us are expert or excellent lip readers. It all depends at what age we’re you trained in lip reading. I lip read very well without volume or voice switched off and in some distance away. It’s very useful skill especially premier-league matches where I could lip read what that ref or linesman was saying. Its a skill learned from training or a natural talent or gift of reading it. But there is a limit to it cos I can’t read lip read all day cos I get tired especially lectures. NO mass is more accessible than TLM in my view but NO or TLM aren’t perfect. Both have pros and cons.
Did you ever hear a new buzz word namely ‘inclusion’ which is all the rage right now. That word inclusion is not to be confused with ‘access’ . Access means to enter. Means of access is lip reading, hand outs, electronic notebook, sign language interpreter et al.
In trinity college there is a professor who got promoted to equality, inclusion and diversity but that person has no lived experience of what’s like to be discrimated, left out of discussions. Analogy is like promoting a professor who is white male or female
to head of black studies. That’s where trinity college got it all wrong but it’s money they are looking for re sponsor, EU funding et al. Imagine that white person writing a research paper on black studies. It would create an uproar in the states but NOT HERE.
You don’t have a clue re lived experience of what’s like to be in situations where accessible or not. I could tell that TLM is not practically accessible to some of us except for a RED book handed out. For the sake of analogy, you are looking at a wall that isn’t speaking as it goes over our heads.
Most difficult ones to lip read is kerry and Donegal. Most easiest of them all is Dublin.
No idea re Cranmer table. There was no Cranmer table at the time of Jesus, none whatsoever. How did it come to being re Cranmer table. I guess it wasn’t there during pre Vat 2 correct? 😉
Lot of deaf go to NO mass in deaf village or some far flung small parishes in the west of Ireland but I don’t go there since age immemorial.


A very ignorant comment about interpreters for people who are deaf.
Thomas Cranmer was a gifted translator and author of prayer for public worship. His language is his legacy.
In your case, your vulgar language is yours.


Masturbation has got nothing to do with faith or religion. It’s part of our biological makeup… is natural that any of us (indeed all of us) would get pleasure from our genitalia…..get over it.

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Anon at 2.14pm
Mr know it all which you don’t have any experience in relation to interpreters.
Have no interest in Cranmer at all. It’s like moving table to the Proddy side and NO mass.
By the way my language isn’t vulgar. Just stating the truth which hurts sometimes.


Relax, DG! You got your wires crossed.

My comment at 2.14 was directed, not at you, but at the ignorant commenter at 12:18 who denigrated people who translate speech into sign language. He has been well and truly castigated in earlier comments above.

Look before you leap.


A society becomes totalitarian when its structure becomes flagrantly artificial, that is, when its ruling class has lost its function but succeeds in clinging to power by force or fraud.


Anon at 7.19pm

Yes wire’s croosed.

Please accept my apologies where I mistook your message for another message. 🙏🙈


I refer to my earlier post on 10.24am.
I forget to clarify re CG as it refers to a certain Christine Gallagher from Mayo.


Several months ago Robert N was ranting and raving on youtube and this blog about how he was going to ‘sort out’ the historical abuses which took place in a catholic seminary and address the issue of the suicide – and its cover-up – of a young man in a catholic seminary – I forget which one. He was triumphantly claiming that the ‘report’ was on its way – a report that would name names and blow the lid off this scandal. NOTHING materialised; well, nothing we didn’t already know.

After that damp squib, we were promised that Robert, with Pat’s assistance, was going to challenge the hypocrisy of those catholic priests and bishops who preached one thing while living lives at variance with their catholic vocation. clergy with lovers, whether straight or gay, clergy with drug problems etc – I believe he went as far as saying that he was prepared to go and confront them at their altars. In several videos, now deleted, he whipped himself into a froth of righteous indignation, proclaiming he was ready to take them on. What did we get from Robert? NOTHING!

Now he is claiming that ‘if we want to be a part of history in the making’ we need to make our way to Derry on the 19 November. In the words of his Youtube tag “The Derry Earthquake is going to transform Catholic Ireland.” Apparently, Christ and Our Lady are telling him that that’s where it is all going to happen. The renewal is going to kick off there and move its way down; Robert has seen Christ and he told him that. The man’s hubris is monumental.

Watch This Space.


Quality post. I almost wet myself laughing.

On the subject of divine appearances why doesnt our Lady appear somewhere half decent and accessible like Limerick or Cork instead of the arse hole of Mayo?

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11.08 How dare you, we have an airport thanks to Monsignor James Horan and his very good friend Charles J Haughey.


Does Robert not realise the institutional church has a major credibility problem. Encouraging men to adopt any kind of spirituality is a sisyphean
task. It is far too simplistic to say survivors of abuse were treated in the church by men who were not fathers but caretakers-or-the root problem of the church in Ireland is because bishops are not spiritual fathers. Bishops can’t give what they haven’t got. Covering up abuse was church policy worldwide. They follow orders from Rome. Earlier this year Robert got a taste of ‘evil in some Irish clergy’ acknowledging he was ‘extremely naive’ and ‘wasn’t prepared for the depths of rot and decay he was confronted with’, when he went on a brief crusade to tackle church corruption. It would be interesting to quantify the numbers of evil clerics or the depth and extent of evil decay and rot. Does Robert not think Christ
might be walking among survivors of church abuse, including those who are calling out abuse, corruption and crime..? I think Robert needs to differentiate between the ideal church and the real church- with its very
rotten underbelly.


Having listened to Robert’s many preachings on his You Tube, it’s clear that he has one wirld view about the Catholic Church, the Eucharist and the manner in which all liturgy should be celebrated. Those whom he has admired most (as priests) are of similar mind to himself. Christian living is either black or white, right or wrong, good or bad, evil or noble. In his and their mindset there are no grey areas up for debate, no room for doubt or searching or questioning. They inhabit a world of certainties. Their words are couched in very condemnatory language. I do not doubt the sincerity of Robert and priests who are committed to their way of being good human beings and good Christians. I have no difficulty with their liturgical preferences but they cannot be deluding themselves into believing they are “prophets” or that Mary and Jesus are whispering into their ears! A visit to Medugorje does not a prophet make!!


American online trad Fr Zuhldorf (of What Does The Prayer Say? which focusses a lot on Mass propers and other stuff like Ham radio and his cooking) did post one of his videos on liturgical abuse, but said it had a bit too much ranting. That said, there are too many priests doing things in Mass and outside which aren’t seemly, like changing the words of consecrations to reference some football match (some Redemptorist I think) plus other things oft referenced on this blog. I can understand how someone could turn ranty hearing of this sort of thing.


Robert gave a fair response in his video to Pat’s blog from a few days ago. Pat has given some fair responses in return in today’s blog.
Abortion. Love in a committed relationship should not result in abortion. It takes two to tango.
Catholic Faith. Is Robert encouraging adherence to the Catholic Faith within the Catholic Church? Calling out those who lead a double life?
Going solo. Robert is preaching an unpopular message. What is modern day society’s obsession with a hyper sexualised life style? Is it media influenced?
Porn. It is objectifying. Calling it out is an unpopular message. Messengers will be struck at to try and keep them quiet.


He is a nice guy Robert.
But as the saying goes, too much of anything in bad for you, and that includes religion. Being obsessed with every bit of doctrine cannot be healthy, and saying Jesus is telling me to do this and that, is a bit worrying from a mental health point of view.
I just hope Robert takes a less stringent mindset towards Roman Catholicism and enjoy life a bit more.


@1.11 pm

I agree if RN isn’t careful he will end up with a mental
health problem, it is possible he has one already.


3.48 the daily reminder that anyone who questions the Roman Catholic Church has a mental health problem!


Fr Paddy Devlin helped me overcome my masturbation addiction so I have faith that Robert can help in the same way.


It’s a debilitating addiction, but he did a great job with my Uncle Tom also. He was so addicted to masturbating it was the root cause of why he and my aunt couldn’t get pregnant. After Fr Devlin worked with him, she was pregnant 8 weeks later.


Oh, get a life, and wank away ! There are more important things in life. Obsessing about wanking is just a transference of other things. Concentrate on them. Not on the face that you wank. Plonker !



The traditional Mass gained a recognisable form in its ordinary and many of its propers before even St Jerome gave us the Vulgate. The use of Vetus Itala text in the Mass ordinary and propers of Sundays and old Feasts shows that. A little committee of academic priests, none of whom ever served a parish, acting in defiance of the Constitution on the Liturgy, Sacrosanctum Concilium decided to make a entire new Mass and calendar based on the academic and theological currents of the time. Paul VI decided to fully suppress the traditional Mass with tiny indulted exceptions, contrary even to his chief liturgist, Mgsr Bugnini, who suggested the Heenan or Agatha Christie indult be universal.

The New Order of Mass is a Mass, and gives wonderful blessings and graces to those (most active Catholics), but this does not justify the bullying attempted suppression of what has arisen since Summorum Pontificum whether people resorting to the traditional Mass or the New Order in Latin (altho some doing that should try match the rubrics not simply copy the TLM). A priest facing (liturgical) East is an extraordinarily ancient tradition, while a Mass versus populum dates from liturgical experimenters imaging things were this or that. Priests only usually faced the people (part of the people) in those churches in the round, which was a tradition which gained particular currency during the Crusades, based on the then form of the Holy Sepulchre, but it was never usual. The Roman Missal codified at Trent caters to this minority tradition in its rubrics (a few examples can be found but it wasn’t typical). Palaeo-Christian priests would among other things offer Mass on the tombs of martyrs, something which was necessarily ad orientem or versus Deum in a traditional sense. Nowadays a priest turns east after Liturgy of the Word or says something in Latin can be bullied with official Vatican backing.

Anyhow Pope Francis has managed to make the JP2 era Vatican finances under Card. Marcinkus, seem a model of probity and unsurprisingly for someone who in Argentina spent piles money not his own on protecting pederast Julio Cesar Grassi or temporarily reinstated Mauro Inzoli who then abused more young boys in confessionals, the gains in protecting children and the vulnerable (like seminarians) under Pope Benedict have been largely lost. Francis is an ill tempered bully who has done so much harm bringing V2 into disrepute. The less said about his offensive commentary on Ukraine which puts the wrongdoer Russia on the same level as victim Ukraine, the better, except it fits his general modus operandi.


The bottom line, Pope Francis has said and reiterated during the year, the Second Vatican Council is the church’s magisterium. If you don’t agree, you forfeit the right to call yourself a Catholic.

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The irony of someone like you, barely literate, commenting on Thomas Cranmer whose prayer compositions for the church’s liturgy are his lasting legacy isn’t lost on the blog’s readership.


Now that’s rubbish. That doesn’t follow. I criticised the Spirit of V2 which is dying as fast as its upholders whether in Rome or the ACP. That’s a sort of pavlovian reaction from you. You’re like those idiots on Twitter who screech ‘you’re not Catholic’ if someone criticises a policy decision of the Pope. Go back to school or maybe buy a dictionary or think back, if you can, to relevant seminary classes or college, if applicable. Pope Francis appears to support a particular interpretation regarding liturgy hitherto only upheld by a certain and now dying academic fringe. SS Paul VI and JP2 did not, nor did Pope Benedict. Arthur Card. Roche, bankrupter of Leeds diocese and eulogiser of Jimmy Saville won’t matter when his master has gone. People like you put the airplane rambles of an Argentine above the the perennial Teachings of the Church. What you say doesn’t really matter either.


Your lugubrious, tedious and frequent rehashing of a point about the Vetus Latina needs to be put to bed now just as much as on the day it first appeared here.

Methodologically flawed, it overstates a simple detail and tries to make something of it. The fact that say, a thirteenth century document cites a third century source instead of one a century later tells us very little about the thirteenth century document.

You refer to a Rev John Z….. That puts you in a category all of your own.


You seem to like hitting the ol’ thesaurus to no great effect. What you’ve said is rather unclear. The point I made is Roman Mass predates the Vulgate as ordinary and propers draw on something far older. What you say is a non sequitur or at least doesn’t support the meaning you appear to put on it. That quote is a great of meaningless pompous, rubbish. The Novus Ordo was concocted by a bunch of academics who never had a parish between them. Now its status solely depends on the bullying and lewd friend of sex predators against young boys and seminarians, dear Pope Francis.


OMG!! I have found that YouTube clip very disturbing, almost pitiful. It put me in mind of David Icke who claimed to be the Son of God.
I am wondering what his wife and, family think when they see this. I would guess they are very worried.
Does he ever spend anytime at home?
Surely, if the only way to gain orgasm, was to wait for marriage, there would be even more rapes than there are now, apart from being pleasurable, is it not also a safety valve?
“More to be pitied than laughed at”
1)Divine Madness
On Religion and Mental Illness
Nick Coccoma Feb 3 2022
2) BMJ Journals
Original research
Hearing spiritually significant voices: A phenomenological survey and taxonomy C H Cook1, Adam Powell1, Alderson-Day2, Woods3
3) Is it even possible to live a celibate life?
BBC 5 March 2013


Robert bought into the Silverstream scam so completely and fanatically that he felt it his solemn duty to publicly defame Kirby’s victim, Dom Andersen. Robert clearly has very little sense or discernment. Nothing he says on spiritual or moral matters is credible in light of his abysmal conduct here.


Dom Benedict Andersen - Church Whistleblower current being defamed by Roman Catholic Churchsays:

3:59 has anyone spoken to Dom Benedict Andersen recently?


Agreed. That has been my view since he first posted here. He appears driven in his campaigns. Is that part of his LC background?


Links to medjudorje and their slant on it. Take your time to read it through re links below.

Despite all the fact and evidence to date, Vatican is v interested in medjudorje bec of money money to be gained for their own benefits. There is a huge flow of money slushing around medjudorje and boom of properties.

Last time when I was in medjudorje, there was no hotels, very rural as I slept in a farmhouse with half board for a week, not far from the mountains. There was no commercial there at that time, very simple. Our organiser was O Leary, who wrote a book on Vicka, one of the seers.


Medjudodrje is a complete nonsense, FFS. Worse than Fatima or Lourdes or anywhere else. If you go there you have a problem. You ! Who believes in that crap, but people who are just simple and needy / And happy to be taken advantage of. I despair !

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11.11: Don’t despair on behalf of millions who have returned back to God because of their time in Medugorje. I know so many whose lives are profoundly touched and changed for the better because of their time in Medugorje. Weep rather for your own despair and cynicism. And PRAY.


Reply to;
Only mental people dare question the Roman Catholic Church!says:
Oct 17, 2022 at 6:50 pm
Questioning the church is vital, and should be, the problem is most Roman Catholic don’t care, they go to Mass on Sunday if at all, and have little or no interest in how the Catholic is organised, until things go head over tit, they rarely if ever probe into any changes, just go with the flow, that’s the clergies domain, I fulfill my obligation by attending Mass when I should, to save my own a–e if and, when I die, immortality is what is craved and, promised, I don’t think it’s anything related to religion whatsoever.
When a person is telling you he/she is hearing voices from above, and seeing the reaction on video of that person, who believes some deity is communicating with them, naturally alarm bells ring loudly, mental health problems could definitely be an issue. Don’t you think so? Or, do you believe so too?


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