One of the main reasons that the British Government helped the RCC build Maynooth seminary was to stop RC priests being trained in France- where they were imbued with revolutionary and anti-stablishment ideas and politics.

The Brits called this indoctrination of Irish priests in France, The French Disease.

Currently, the RCC is suffering from another plague – The Latin Disease.

The Novus Ordo – or New Mass – in the vernacular – people’s everyday language – is absolutely more akin to Jesus’ actions at the Last Supper and indeed what happened in people’s houses when the early Church met for the Breaking of the Bread.

There was no altar, no vestments, no silver and gold Chalice, no insense, no set Eucharistic prayer, no lectionary, no Gregorian chant, no altar servers, no deacons or subdeacons, etc.

AND, the emphasis was not on sacrifice – but on doing what Jesus did in memory of Him – as He Himself had requested.

There is the strongest of arguments to be made that the the Mass of Vatican II most resembles what Jesus did and what the early Church did.

Things changed when the Church became the state Church of Constantine.

The Church began to take on some of the culture, language and structures of the state.

And, the Church, in responding to increased numbers and indeed the threats of various heresies, needed to develop a system of authority – if you like – basic hierarchy and a basic set of rules and norms.

But, like in all human societies, structure and laws have a propensity to creep onwards and upwards.

And there are always those individuals and groups who see these things as an opportunity for gaining power, wealth etc.

And that happened, continued to happen and continues to happen in the RCC.

All of this came together in the middle ages – in medieval times, when the RCC, as a world power, was in full flight.

And the Latin language was absolutely central to it all.

Catholic Christianity is an organic, living creature.

By its very essence it cannot be considered to be static.

Many of the LMB want to freeze the church in medievalism.

In fact. In their extreme insistence on the Latin Mass alone, and by weaponising it for their anti Vatican II agenda, hey are worshipping, not the real God, but the GOLDEN CALF OF MEDIEVALIISM.

This is not unconnected to the big battle between MODERNISM and MEDIEVALISM that took place at the beginning of the 20 th century.

Father George Tyrrell SJ is one of my all time heroes.


George Tyrrell was excommunicated, denied a funeral Mass and buried in unconsecrated ground.


I went in 2003 and celebrated a Requiem Mass for him on his grave.

Past can inspire those who seek changes

Less than a century ago, a dissident Dublin priest was refused a funeral Mass and not allowed to be buried in consecrated ground…

Mon Jul 14 2003 – 0

Less than a century ago, a dissident Dublin priest was refused a funeral Mass and not allowed to be buried in consecrated ground, writes Bishop Pat Buckley

Tomorrow is the 94th anniversary of the death of the Dublin-born Jesuit priest George Tyrrell. He had been expelled from the Jesuit Order, suspended from the priesthood and excommunicated by Rome at the time of his death.

Father Tyrrell was born into a Church of Ireland family at 91 Dorset Street, in February 1861. He was drawn to the Anglican “high church” tradition and worshipped at All Saints, Grangegorman. In 1879 he converted to Roman Catholicism and spent a probationary year at the Jesuit College, Malta.

In 1891 he was ordained a priest. He joined the staff at Farm Street, London but, in 1899, he was forced to retire. He had become identified with the “modernist” movement, which was later condemned by Pope Pius X in his 1907 encyclical Pascendi.

In his 1908 Lenten pastoral, Cardinal Joseph Mercier, Archbishop Primate of Belgium, took the highly unusual step of naming Tyrrell as “the most penetrating observer of the present Modernist movement – the one most alive to its tendencies, who has best defined its spirit and is perhaps more deeply imbued with it than any other. Little wonder, for Tyrrell is a convert whose early education was Protestant.”

Cardinal Mercier said modernism was the child of Protestantism with its emphasis on individualism while Catholicism was based upon the acceptance of the authority of the Catholic episcopate through whom the Christian faith is communicated to the faithful.

Tyrrell replied to Cardinal Mercier with a masterful treatise entitled Medievalism, in which he reprimanded Mercier for naming him, reminding him that the Pope had named no one in Pascendi.

He accused Mercier and Rome of promoting a “sterilising uniformity” which, to Tyrrell, was far worse that the “divisions of Protestantism”. He berated Mercier for confusing “faith with theology, unity of faith with theological uniformity”.

Then Tyrrell tackled Mercier about the gradual evolution of the thinking that “the Pope is the Church”! Tyrrell said that the true tradition of the Church was of the Pope teaching the deposit of faith with and from within the college of bishops. He rejected Mercier’s term for the Pope as “the bishop of bishops”.

Now, said Tyrrell, the bishops have begun to refer to the Pope as “Father”, for “they are no longer his brethren but his sons or, rather, his servants”. And Tyrrell spelled out the consequences for the whole Church. “We have a sort of a double episcopate in each diocese, the Bishop of Rome and the local bishop, the latter being merely the delegate or vicar-general of the former.”

Tyrrell told Mercier that he was once shocked to see crosses being sold in Rome on which the figure of Christ was replaced by that of the Pope. “Have we yet to hear of the immaculate conception of the Pope or of his real presence in the Sacrament of the Altar.”

Tyrrell ended up living at Storrington in west Sussex. For years he had suffered severe migraine but he was then afflicted with Bright’s Disease and died in 1909, aged 48.

A non-judgemental priest friend heard his last Confession, for Tyrrell had said “if I decline the ministrations of a Roman Catholic priest at my death-bed, it is solely because I wish to give no basis for the rumour that I made any sort of retraction of those Catholic principles which I have defended against the Vatican heresies”.

Bishop Amigo of Southwark declared that Tyrrell was not to be given a funeral Mass or be buried in consecrated ground. So he was buried in the Protestant graveyard and his grave lies, rather prophetically, half way between the Catholic and Anglican churches at Storrington. Tyrrell’s great friend Abbé Brémond was later suspended from the priesthood for praying over the deceased priest.

Tomorrow I will be in Storrington and, alone, I am going to celebrate Mass at his graveside as a gesture of regret for the vicious persecution he suffered at the hands of Rome, the Jesuits and the Catholic hierarchy. I have written to the Father General of the Jesuits at Rome asking him and his Order to engage in a posthumous reconciliation with a man they “martyred” because he wanted to reform the misguided Church.

The Tyrrell story is a great inspiration to all Catholics today – clerical and lay – who long for Church renewal. Tyrrell also stands pointing the prophetic finger at today’s Vatican with its Emperor Pope, its ruthless Ratzinger Inquisition, and its world college of bishops who are simply the Pope’s curates.

(Bishop Pat Buckley is a dissident Catholic bishop, based at Larne, Co Antrim. He was removed from priestly ministry by Cardinal Cahal Daly in 1986 and was excommunicated from the Catholic Church following his consecration as a bishop in 1998. That consecration by Tridentine Bishop Michael Cox was described as “valid but unlawful” by a Catholic Church spokesman at the time.)


Typical Pat. A rewriting of history to suit his agenda. As was said by a wise man once: If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything! Pat, you make beliefs up as you wakrn each day. Having watched some of your masses in the past, I’d opt for the beauty and holiness of TLM any day. I loved Latin at secondary school and at college. The beautiful Latin motets and sacred arias are infinitely preferable to boring, strumming guitars…Stop weaponising your contempt for those with a love for the sacredness of the Latin Mass. Not everything modern is good or uplifting.


It’s highly unlikely that any of the young bucks currently swishing around in brocade, satin, lace and birettas and celebrating mass in Latin, in whichever version, know any Latin. They only learn to mouth the words. Put an unseen text in front of them, and they will not have a clue how to translate it. I would have thought that if you were going to make Latin such an element of your priestly liturgy, you would at least do us the courtesy of spending some time learning Latin. Do they know what declensions and conjugations are all about, even ? I doubt it. They wouldn’t even recognise them in English ! It’s all a game for them, something to flirt around with and to divert themselves with until such time as something else comes along. Usually a delicious young man that takes their fancy. And then they are off, all hip beard and quiff, and delving in to the gay subculture of bars, saunas, Grindr, Canaries …. We see it so often.



Your ignorance of Christology is highly obvious, and amusing.

Jesus’ humanity, like ours, was complete AND limited. Which means (among other things) that his intelligence, health, and knowledge were all limited, too: they were finite.

Jesus prayed. PRAYED. Why? Because being limited in his humanity ( he had emptied himself for our sake), he had, like the rest of us, to rely, not on himself, but on his Father in Heaven, and, therefore, had to seek his Father’s guidance for everything he did.

Jesus did not act of his own accord; Scripture is clear on this. I repeat: ‘HE HAD EMPTIED HIMSELF’. Which means that Jesus had allowed himself to become limited, as we are limited. He had allowed himself to become, like us, DEPENDENT on his Father in Heaven. Otherwise we would not be redeemed.

I don’t doubt, in such a cosmopolitan region as Galilee in those times, that Jesus had SOME knowledge of not just Latin, but Greek, too; however, this was acquired ONLY through learning, NOT by divine intuition.

You spend too much time, fool, listening to such sources as Church Militant. As far as I know, this group spouts the nonsense that Jesus knew everything, including Latin, because of his divinity. This is heresy! It implies that Jesus was not human as we are. (And we are limited in what we know, and in what we can know.) It contradicts the word of God that, for our salvation, Jesus had ’emptied himself, taking the form of a servant’.

You, along with other uneducated and ignorant fools, believe that you are orthodox Catholics, in part through your preference for the Tridentine Rite. You are not orthodox; you are heretics! The Church should excommunicate you formally and forthwith, such is your capacity for spreading the corruption you hold dear.

I am disappointed, Pat, that you permit these malevolent influences to spread their toxicity through your blog. I know that Christ himself will eventually and irrevocably judge them, with the utmost severity, for the damage they did to the little ones with their lies. But you could limit this damage by denying them a channel for their insidious filth!


9:09 What you say doesn’t just go for the Latin mass brigade, actually:
Can. 249 The program of priestly formation is to provide that students not only are carefully taught their native language but also understand Latin well and have a suitable understanding of those foreign languages which seem necessary or useful for their formation or for the exercise of pastoral ministry.


Yes Pat. No need to ask who the author of that erudite comment is. He’s a devotee of Latin but the only Latin he knows is kyrie eleison. 😀 Bela by name, Brute by nature.


8.03 one would have thought it highly unlikely but the truth is that we now know for definite that our pp is shagging the neighbours but he still calls himself a priest!


Priesthood and sexual relations are not mutually exclusive. We have many married priests in the RCC. Where have you been?


11.22 Thank you Bishop Pat for all that you do for those marginalised, vilified, slandered, libelled and even punished & avenged in the manner of their funerals & burials by the self interested clerics & laity in Roman Catholic Church. God bless you and prayers for those you trying to comfort and help when you should be enjoying a well deserved retirement but this was denied you when the evil powers that be in the RCC wronged you. They show us every day that they have no shame and zero intention to repent.


10.19: Many, many priests, day in, day out comfort many people through visiting rhe sick and housebound and by being present with families at times of loss and grief. This work is carried out quietly and without fanfare. These are particular moments to be with people and I believe most of us give our very best to these tasks and pastoral ministry, alongside other ways of reaching out to our parish communities. Pat indeed is to be commended for his particular outreach. But such ministry of caring takes place in our parishes every day and I’m fortunate to be in a parish where the “lay faithful” have a great sense of being a ommunity, filled with Christian kindness and charity.


You sound so humble and pious.
Without fanfare? Many, many priests visit the sick? Arrant nonsense. Only if there’s a handful of cash for them.
People are fools to rely on priests. Rely instead on Christ.


11.32 you are so very lucky Father, you are so proud of your parish, what is the name of your parish, our nephew is currently house hunting, yours sounds like a lovely place altogether? He works remotely since Covid so can consider any location.


Patsy you know who has surpassed herself on google today but gives herself away by her double spacing. What a liar she is, its only a few days ago that she said she would never be on this evil blog (her words) and I wont say what she said about you.


9.09 are there 2 Fr Molloy? Is this Tuam Fr Molloy or Ennis Fr Molloy or is he the same priest?


What’s the story with Roscrea? This town has had many mentions on the blog lately but no story given. It’s so annoying!!!!


3.54 Bishop Pat is a good man, giving dignity and a voice to Fr George and all those that he helps.


Bishop Amigo of Southwark was a spiteful and unchristian Bishop. His appalling and outright vengeful treatment of Fr George Tyrell defenceless in death is mirrored today in the ongoing defamation and related abuse being meted out to Dom Benedict Andersen by Bishop Tom Deenihan of Meath and by Bishop Fintan Monahan who is dancing on the graves of Miss Charlotte McNamara and her family such is his spectacular demonstration of disrespect for her wishes outlined in her last Will and Testament when she donated family land to the school in Ennis.


A lady once saw Jesus on Holy Saturday in the cathedral in Southwark. She immediately rushed to tell Archbishop Amigo what she’d seen and he said, ‘Well he’s got no business being in the cathedral on Holy Saturday ‘.


The great Peter Amigo, Archbishop of Southwark for the first half of the 20th Century met a High Anglican on the street who said, “I am an Anglican but I consider myself a validly ordained Catholic priest and I accept you as my real and legitimate bishop”. The Bishop replied, “In that case I suspend you. Good day!”


It became a number one Irish paperback best seller and there was a second reprint.
I don’t know how many copies sold or resold.


Pat, I hope you are working on publishing another book that continues the theme of, ‘A Thorn in the Side.’ It would be a great read giving your perspective since your last publication in 1994. It’s time, don’t you think. Keep stirring the pot!


I did publish A SEXUAL LIFE – A SPIRITUAL LIFE in 2005.

I am working on another just now –


How long have you been working on it and when do you hope to publish? Can you give us a little spoiler alert.


No. 1 bestseller in Knock Shrine Shop:-)
All jokes aside I’d say every bishop and senior cleric in Ireland has read your books Pat. They just don’t put them on display on their bookshelf:-)


9.18 The tweet was sent out from Fintan’s account the day after Bishop Pat’s blog on Arnie. Coincidence? Me thinks not.


This tweet was sent out at lunchtime on Sunday, the day Bishop Pat broke the story on Fr Arnold Rosneys multiple affairs with women in Shannon Parish. If you look closely at video, Fr Rosneys clerical collar is pulled to the side – half on and half off. Interesting revelation into the psychological makeup of Bishop Monahan in him choosing to video Fr Rosney in such a disheveled state and with his clerical collar in disarray. One “like” probably from Bishop himself via Killaloe page. Fact is indeed stranger than fiction in Killaloe. In fact it’s overuse of “fiction” that appears to have landed many in Killaloe in such hot water to date…….


10.11 Even if the video was made before the blog went up, Arnie and Fintan had prior knowledge from Pat that he intended to blog about it. Also note that there are not any recent Fr Arnie videos on Fintan’s Twitter feed.


Fintan Monahan should be making all these bandits under his command apologise publicly for wrongs done. I am amazed that he hasnt taken this step and told them shape up or ship out. I hope all the victims of these lame lotharios and beach wankers are OK and settling down again.


What a blast from the past!!

it was March 17th that year when eve went public with the situation on Facebook. the situation was only a week old. The communities world was shook in disbelief and accusations flying from all angles.

Interesting reading some of the Latin reference commenters on it who suggested Eve was lying and ‘how G and T think they will win ‘.

Who could of known the outcome nearly two years later.

Weldone Eve. You did have the laugh last in the end.


Pat, I am delighted you have seen how much the LMB are in the dark that is twice this week a topic on the LMB and you know who will not be pleased.
You said it all and made me think how right you are and I hate to quote anyone but theses words say it all and so True “mentally disturbed or highly aggressive people”
We should really offer the Holy Rosary for the LMB that they return back to their True Spiritual Home.


Thank you kindly…..
Good friends areas red to find …
Mind you, I do one it a little disturbing that one can remember a blog from 20 months tht has no relation to Latin apart from a couple of brief mentions of Latin in the commenters,even I didn’t remember this and most comments from a lot of blogs and it was my life .
Nothing brings a group of assholes together faster than mutual hatred for another cunt.
Some people are clearly obsessed, more than some realise,I would highly suggest for certain people to be mindful of these types.
Sleep well people!


I think I’d dispute that the Latin mass crowd are in love with mediaevalism, surely more with baroquerie?


@ 9:47am

Oh please! the explanation was very one sided and from the extreme liberal side. Heresy is heresy and has to be dealt with. In those wonderful day’s they were, just look at the state of things today


Would you know?
Could you distinguish between hearsay and heresy when you can’t differentiate between a plural and a possessive?


1 . Is there continuity between the shallow Amigo and the problems in and around Southwark ever since?
2 . The two faced Mercier had Anglicans fawning around him.
3 . Teilhard proponents gleefully besmirch Tyrrell, who was nothing like Laberthonniere, Loisy, Barth and similar pretend non-fundamentalists
4 . Maude Petre laconically called the Vatican’s reaction “elusive”, a quite good word for it ever since (not all there).


I wondered when this would raise its head:
Some idiot bishop trying to defend the indefensible in the interests of maintaining clerical exceptionalism. His arguments are pathetic. “Oh, if there isn’t confidentiality then these people would not come to us and we wouldn’t have the opportunity to persuade them to do the right thing !” “The priest would become an agent of the state.” “It doesn’t really matter if the priest is there, because he’s really not there, because this is between a penitent and God.” What twee nonsense. I think they know that they are supporting the indefensible against the quite proper and right expectation that victims, especially children, should be protected in whatever way. They will not win this one. And, one day we will have a priest prosecuted for non-disclosure, and let’s hope he gets a good whack in prison “pour encourager les autres.”

Liked by 1 person

Any priest may declare at any moment, “this is not sacramental confession”, which means there wasn’t a seal. The only rationale I was given was that it entitles one to re-admit oneself to the smarties queue. JP II revived the Pius X nonsense about compulsory “communion”, a fad which the “latinists” or “baroquists” share equally. On top of this rests everything about ontological change, ordination, seminaries, hierarchy, celibacy and the sixth commandment (which you would think they had invented).


Maybe a bit of prison time for + Elsie would heal her from her overarching arrogance and ambition. She needs humbling before appearing before the Mercy Seat. The man uses people, casts them aside when they are no longer any use, and just does not get it about the abuse scandal. He is a company man and will defend the Church and priests at any cost. Especially if it means just having to ignore, belittle, ridicule or hold in contempt those victims who have dared to challenge him and his Church and his priests. Yes, definitely he needs to be brought low. I think there is a lot out there that has the capacity to do so. It’s just below the surface and will out one day.


The Shannon ‘mission’ looks like a damp squib! Do parishioners want Brendan Grace’s daughter -lifecoach and animal lover? and Padeep Ramnath toolmaker and someone who attends Diwali? No wonder parishioners are leaving in their droves, if this drivel is all they are being offered in a Parish Mission? Today’s article is about Cardinal Mercer’s reaction to modernism. We have swung from ‘medievalism to this relativist, ‘whatever your having yourself’ nonsense in Shannon next week. No wonder young people/ potential priests who express an interest in Christianity go to something like the TLM where there is something definite, of worth and meaning being offered. We endured a century long dominance by the Redemptorists and Passionists giving parish missions. They have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous.. They are left with the dregs now like Brian Darcy and even Tony Flannery, can’t speak at a mission pulpit TG. One good thing though, is Shannon parishioners have a chance to confront their philandering parish priest when Bishop Fintan addresses the parish mission next Tuesday. Now that could make the Parish Mission meaningful and very interesting! That is a night at Mission I would love to attend!!


@ 12:17pm

You are so right about the dregs and dross like D’Arcy and Flannery ,I loved The Holy Mission’s preached by the Redemptorists in our packed Churches of yesteryear. Wonderful times and many graces granted.


Bishop Pat, I just heard from a young priest in a English diocese being treated awfully by the PP who is of Irish descent(no insult intended). Why would anyone put up with that? I talk to him and
his response is if he goes to the bishop it would make matters worse.


Thank you for this/is wonderful insight. I used to feel sorry for the guy, now I realize he really was trying to destroy the Catholic Church with his Protestant ways. Why did the Anglicans not bury him, why didn’t he return? He had time!


The problem I have with Latin Mass is their secrecy in relation to abuses. Its quite prevalent in sspx societies and pre vat 2 as well.
Treating their bishops as ‘gods’.
Can’t rem one Bishop who said its God speak as Bishop speaks etc. It’s a famous quote I can’t recall.
Latin Mass has some values as I found it. It helped me to speed up to fight new age spirits that I was fighting. Whereas in NO mass, it was slow to fight against it. Although it’s has some flaws in regards to accessibility.
But I was healed in some ways in new mass via priests who had healing gifts.
Either Latin Mass or New Mass weren’t perfect cos both have pros and cons.
One thing that I don’t like was bishops use excommunication as a weapon to batter people. The way I see is excommunication is a weapon of control or to put fear in people.
Did jesus ever say that word in the bible?
Problems at Southwark still continues to this day since that Bishop Mercier, CMOC, and conroy.


DG @ 5:20pm

If you’ve a problem with The Latin Mass you should have the same problem with the NO crowd who are no different as regards abuse. You’re forever going on about healing, get a grip that’s all nonsense, and it’s the price of you for becoming involved withe all that New Age shite in the first place.🙄


Anon 8.57pm

Its Latin Mass cardinals and bishops who VOTED for vat 2 e ven though they were ordained in TLM. Its the same crowd who ignored abuses through pontifical secrets. Their obsessive secrecy put me off big time especially sspx and how they gotten away with it.

Why is rcc hiding theirs and at same time, they preached against sex re sin but they were doing it. Its schizophrenia attitude that they have.

You can’t have it in both ways.

Remember jesus mission was all about healing and Miracles in the first place. I think rcc lost their sense of their mission, also what they stood for, instead they reverted to dishonest one instead of honest organisation. That isn’t 0f God.

Rcc ain’t about healing cos they don’t give nor arrange a day of healing especially for the laity who suffered through ill health.

Not one parish or religious orders talked about healing, how to get healed etc. John gillespie was that guy who did it and talked about it.

Gotten over that new age crap cos I made a huge mistake. I’m only human as everybody make their mistakes in various shape or form. That’s the lesson I leant.

Latin Mass

Good for fighting against the demons which arose from new age.

Not good in terms of accessibility.

Not good cos their obsessive hiding of their secrets. You must obey Bishop etc etc if they tell you that they cover up something.

NO mass

Good for accessibility.

Good for healing et al.

Not good re sacred defiled and trodden.

All focus on the priest but not on jesus.

Loosing of morals.

Once you lose ‘rights and wrongs’, it became an area to blurred and lack of clear definition etc.


6:52 he will be of enormous interest to some of the clergy trolls, maybe fresh meat for these 2 faced cover up merchants & their pals.


An excerpt from: Expositions of Holy Scripture: St. John Chaps. XV to XXI — Alexander Maclaren.
… One attitude only befitted Pilate, since he did not in the least believe that Jesus threatened the Roman supremacy; namely, to set Him at liberty, and let the disappointed rulers growl like wild beasts robbed of their prey. But he did not care enough about a single half- crazy Jewish peasant to imperil his standing well with his awkward subjects, for the sake of righteousness. The one good which Rome could give to its vassal nations was inflexible justice and a sovereign law; but in Pilate’s action there was not even the pretence of legality. Tricks and expedients run through it all, and never once does he say, This is the law, this is justice, and by it I stand or fall.


Pat, our Parish priest shot his dog last week, it had bitten someone but should it not have been put asleep by a vet and not shot in the head. I know mad farmers often do it but surely not a priest

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Reply to;K-9says:
Oct 25, 2022 at 7:01 pm
Bloody savage! that! I hope is the end of your attendance at Mass, if you can’t bear to do that. please consider not giving any money whatsoever to him.
“You can take the man out of the bog but never the bog out of the”


Latin. The language of Christ’s persecutors and the oppressors of Early Christians.
What an insult it is to our Lord to sustain the use of that wicked, dead language.


@ 7:46pm

So you prefer the Tower of Babel and languages who’s meaning changes all the time. I am very pleased that you do not agree with that dreadful Council Vat. II who stated that Latin was to remain the primary language of The Church. It was one of the very few statements I agreed with.


A newly departed politician used to advise folks to get their name in the paper whether positive or negative.

Thank you, Bishop Patrick, for bringing Latin to the attention of your many readers!

Now if you could rage against (liturgical) Greek so much the better.


Bishop Pat, when is the Killaloe hate going to end. I am sickened by it day in and day out. If Fr Rosney is rodgering a parishioner, does it really matter among consenting adults??? And you going on about the Shannon Novena, maybe you should go.


That mission in Shannon sounds dreadful! My God what has the RCC morphed into.. a psycho babble fest.. i logged on to Shannon parish newsletter to find out more.. such a revelation!! Such the essentials.. 200 ish in the parish basket.pop c10000 roughly 20 cent each.. interesting.. about right.. money grab 1.. 2nd mission sunday 2nd collectuon money grab 2.. ohhh the tax back scheme love.. money grab 3.. irish taxer payer share of shannon parish money!! If only they knew.. ah the best til last.. the annual ‘i’m a soul get me out of here’ .. november holy souls money grab.4.. send in your lists and dont forget a few notes to keep Fr. Rosney in the style he is accustomed to! A nice little earner..Bishop Pat has clearly demonstrated how all that works out!! Thought all this buying salvation business had died out. Pardon the pun..come back martin luther all is forgiven.. isnt irish parish life a grubby sad greedy little operation in 2022. Except multiply this parish by hundreds and hundreds and RCC is a very valuable Corporation with loads of Fr Arnolds and bishop Fintans all taking their cut!! Another item on the shannon newsletter caught my attention. All the good padres of killaloe are having a nice juncket to a four star in Loughrea for a few days.. a little winter break..nice hotel.. food.. residents lounge.. outing to local golf courses i’m sure.. wonderful .. while elderly parishioners shiver this winter.. the boys take off!! Unbelievable i presume all the lads will be there.. fr ger fitz. fr jerry.. fr arnold.. the roscrea mia pair. And to top it all. To the good parishioners of shannon dont die while fr rosney is gone. You wont get a funeral!

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9.59 is it the foster carer annoyed that the cleric ended their relationship & moved on to his next conquest.


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