Dear Bishop Tom,


Recently, I have been contacted by people within the Diocese of Meath. They have asked me to bring to your attention their on-going and legitimate concerns about safeguarding at Silverstream Priory.

They highlight that on the homepage of the Silverstream Priory website there is a statement about Dom Mark Kirby. But Dom Mark Kirby, we are led to believe is no longer resident at Silverstream Priory. I would respectfully submit that the non-prosecution of Dom Kirby following an investigation by An Garda Síochána should not be a cause of public celebration. The fact that the file was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions was confirmation that the investigating police officers felt there were sufficient evidence to justify a prosecution.

Furthermore, the statement makes reference to a canonical investigation involving Fr. Kirby. Who conducted this investigation? Was conducted in accordance with the dictates of Canon 1717? Why did the Diocese of Meath not make a public announcement about the canonical and police investigation into Dom Mark Kirby?

Why did you Bishop Deenihan, not preventatively suspend by Decree the priestly faculties of Dom Mark Kirby? I know for a fact that your predecessor incardinated Fr. Kirby into the Diocese of Meath from the Diocese of Tulsa by Decree. Do you deny this reality? Is it the case that a priest of the Diocese of Meath, credibly accused of misconduct is permitted to do what he likes with impunity with the approbation of his Ordinary? That is a reasonable inference take in light of the known actions that have taken place on your watch in your diocese.

Thus, it is legitimate for people to know where Fr. Mark Kirby, a priest of the Diocese of Meath, is residing at the moment? Also, where is the whistle-blower, Dom Benedict Andersen at the moment? Is Andersen still in the United States? Are Kirby and Andersen functioning as priests? Do they have letters of good standing from you as their Ordinary? Who has responsibility for the oversight of these priests while they are outside Silverstream Priory?

Who is ultimately responsible for safeguarding at Silverstream Priory? Is it the new superior, the French national, Jean-Pierre (Basil) MacCabe?

Why are Fr. Kirby, Fr. Andersen, Fr. MacCabe, and Fr Houser not listed as priests of the Diocese of Meath? I am told by a distinguished Professor of Canon Law that it is not possible for a monastery of diocesan right to incardinate clerics. Therefore, these priests are clerics of the Diocese of Meath, which makes you, Bishop Deenihan, their Ordinary, vicariously liable for their actions. Is this a proposition you want to have tested in the Irish courts should an accusation of misconduct be made against one of the priests and monks of Silverstream?

I have previously highlighted my legitimate and well-founded concerns to you about the presence of boy scouts at Silverstream Priory.

For the avoidance of any and all doubt I am NOT accusing any monk of Silverstream Priory of sexual misconduct involving a minor; I wish to be absolutely and unequivocally clear on this point.

But, if an accusation of sexual misconduct involving a child is made against a monk of Silverstream — who is responsible? According to The Property Registration Authority of Ireland, Silverstream is owned by a Trust (St. Finian’s Trust) constituted to oversee the property portfolio of the Diocese of Meath. Ask your legal team to advise you about vicarious liability. Again who is responsible? Is it the current superior, the one who has only recently arrived from France, who has not been publicly named as the superior? Why the secrecy surrounding his appointment?

Why does the safeguarding link on the website of Silverstream Priory automatically lead to this webpage:

Is the link to the “Meathsafeguarding webpage” a tacit acknowledgement that the Diocese of Meath is ultimately responsible for Silverstream Priory and for all its safeguarding issues; but is it a reality that the Diocese of Meath wishes to remain occult?

Bishop Deenihan, I note you are the Chair of the Council for Education of the Irish Bishops’ Conference. Is safeguarding and the application of same within your own diocese something that you do not take seriously? I think it is a legitimate question because the chronic and on-going lack of transparency and the obfuscation surrounding everything to do with Silverstream Priory. Has nobody within the Diocese of Meath learned any lessons from the sexual scandals involving children that have befallen the Irish Church in the last three decades? Respectfully, I submit the answer to my question is: NO. Because if safeguarding was taken seriously on your patch, I would not be writing this e-mail to you this afternoon calling out this unacceptable lack of oversight.

It is respectfully submitted within the present that safeguarding (or the lack thereof) within Silverstream Priory is one that needs to be immediately addressed. A positive first step is to acknowledge that there has been a failure of oversight of Silverstream. Thereafter, the person(s) with responsibility for safeguarding at Silverstream can be identified and their contact details posted on the webpages of the Diocese of Meath and Silverstream Priory.

In conclusion, I would be grateful for a prompt acknowledgement of the present either from you personally and/or the head of safeguarding within the Diocese of Meath at the earliest convenient moment.

In particular, I would wish the reply to clarify: (1) who has overall responsibility for safeguarding at Silverstream Priory; (2) whether or not the priests of Silverstream Priory, are incardinated as clerics within the Diocese of Meath; (3) the exact addresses and locations of Fr. Kirby and Fr. Andersen, the missing monks of Silverstream; and (4) who has safeguarding responsibility for these clerics who are residing outside the Priory.

As ever, because I believe transparency is good for the Church, I will post this correspondence on my blog and along with the reply from the diocese.

+ Pat Buckley


The Silverstream problem has not gone away and WILL NEVER GO AWAY until the gaping injustice against DOM BENEDICT ANDERSEN, the esteemed co founder of Silverstream, is resolved.


Kirby. Deenihan, Purcell, Coffey and Porn Again Elijah all conspired against Dom Andersen and continue to conspire against him.

Hang down your head Tom D


Bishop Tom Deenihan is more concerned with his own interior design addiction, appears completely unconcerned about victims of Dom Mark Kirby or the ongoing Silverstream saga, Bishops are business and property managers these days.


It’s been a while since I heard that nonsense, usually from some elderly person who heard it from a priest who lost the faith. It doesn’t withstand a moment’s study and most indicative of naivety. The Eastern Orthodox, plus most Greek Rite Catholics, quite rightly revere him as a saint.
Dom Andersen needs to be pulled out of that limbo cruel immediately and given a chance with the monastery he co-founded, perhaps Le Barroux Abbey might be the most plausible model as that place has both numbers and economic viability.


All clergy & cathbots keep themselves busy conspiring against whistleblowers & anyone they perceive might upset their various cozy arrangements mainly centred around drug abuse, sexual abuse & financial misconduct.


What’s happening about Abbot Rawhide Purcell. What did Abbott Brendan Coffey in Glenstal have to say after the visitation/investigation?


I can’t speak for Brendan but in my experience the usual thing abbots say after finishing anything is ‘Get us a gin, dear’.


Pat’s ghost writer is in top form again. And his professional can lawyer is also in flight. There are some clerics in the Meath Diocese who hate Bishop Deenihan and want his head on a plate. All very Machiavellian and rely on this blog to plot against their nemesis. Apart from the serious issues raised, these plotters are utter cowards. I don’t think the vulgar cartoons are pertinent in any way.


Dear +Pat,
the next time a person is creditable accused and remains in possession of facilities, but is subsequently accused the following is the appropriate response.
Send evidence of the original accusation to the Gardaí as proof that the Bishop knew, along with evidence of the new accusation. Then report the bishop for issuing the facilities document as a breach of s.9 of the Criminal Justice (Corruption Offences) Act 2018.
This section reads:
Creating or using false document
9. (1) A person who, either directly or indirectly, by himself or herself or with another person, corruptly creates or uses a document, that the person knows or believes to contain a statement which is false or misleading in a material particular, with the intention of inducing another person to do an act in relation to his or her office, employment, position or business to the prejudice of the last-mentioned person or another person shall be guilty of an offence.
Please note that this Act is for the Irish Republic so only applies to Bishops in that jurisdiction. However the wrongdoing may happen anywhere. The facilities document, for people who are not clergy, is a letter (or now commonly a card like a work ID) where the bishop testifies that the carrier is a priest in good standing and are usually presented as evidence to celebrate, concelebrate or minister when outside the priest’s home diocese.


‘with the intention of inducing another person to do an act’
I honestly don’t think that would work because the bishop isn’t inducing someone to do an act.
Certainly in the UK it isn’t a crime not to report a crime.
My personal opinion is that the rare occasions where the law catches out a cleric are sheer fluke.


But “to do an act” is the bishop’s act of representing such a priest, and inducing the priest to represent himself, as in good odour, which prejudices that priest’s position if not his feelings, plus the public. (In the US there are endangerment cases about authorities’ misrepresenting in order to lull parishioners.) They are prejudicing the priest by sending him out on an unwarranted limb instead of promptly getting him dealt with proportionately. (The entire nexus of problems would go away if we would recognise the Vatican’s sacraments as void as of recent years.)


I don’t think you understand what’s is happening in my point.
When a bishop issues the statement of faculties they act with the intention of inducing clerics in other diocese to consider the priest as a priest in good standing. Without this letter an unknown priest should never be allowed minister, celebrate or concentrate in your parish. The fact that it is now a printed thing is because of, believe it or not, people randomly showing up and presenting themselves as priests on holidays and the concelebrating for fun.
* in my original comment faculties autocorrected to facilities. Although some priests faculties should be left in the facilities.
With regards to not reporting a crime, it is a crime in some instances in the Irish Republic…if the crime comes within the remitnof the Withholding Act. I would be surprised if the UK doesn’t have a similar piece of legislation


Not sure how this works in Ireland.
In the US dioceses have moved their property to different legal entities from the diocese to keep them safe when the diocese gets sued.
In Canada (sensible people) courts have explicitly forced the church to sell off property, even a cathedral, and it’s glorious.


Bishop Pat, the whole Silverstream saga in our Diocese of Meath is the Theatre of the Absurd, presided over by the Fool from Cork. We’ve no confidence in him. I’d say he’s a joke, but no one’s laughing.


7.53 current accommodations are spacious, luxurious and “wanting for nothing”.


Did M. Smith have a retirement house built for himself in the grounds of his then residence in anticipation of a congenial successor across the avenue similar to the arrangement between himself and John McCormack?
Is the property for sale now?


These Bishops & their members ultimately only safeguard their own self interests. Anyone naive enough at this stage to have ignored all the worldwide concrete evidence confirming this “FACT” is gullible & delusional.

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IICSA reported on Birmingham in their recent Final Report. “While some improvement has been noted in the Archdiocese of Birmingham since the publication of these reports (Nolan and Cumberlege), there were still significant gaps in their child safeguarding arrangements.” Both Nichols and Longley, who presided over Birmingham during this time, were not significantly engaged with safeguarding and allowed things to slip, with disastrous consequences. Both, although mouthing the right words, never really convinced that they truly got it, and both had at the forefront of their minds and action the reputation of the Church and the clerical class. Do you think we can be sure that they have changed their view and actions ? Especially Nichols, who exudes insincerity and manipulation of the facts and truth. It would be interesting to hear from people who know about Birmingham as to how things are there now in respect of safeguarding. I’m sure IICSA will be looking at an improvement review at some stage, and I suspect that they will find that things have not substantially changed. Not surprising, when the people who are charged with leading these things have loyalty to the institution of the Church and protection of their own clerical class and status at the forefront of their minds.


I bet Nichols and company are relieved that IICSA is now over and that people will move on so that they can get on with their own agendas. The spotlight is off them. Watch that space. IICSA will disappear in to the background. Bishops and clergy will become emboldened. We will move back to the times when clergy thought they were untouchable, and will begin to act criminally again. It’s inevitable. Nichols knows this.


No the churches will not get away with neglect of children in the future, there are recommendation which will be written into law, not least mandatory reporting.
Scorer’s article on the 6th October ’22 clearly explains what will be require. As in Australia following the Royal Commission’s Inquiry into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse where they too followed on with mandatory reporting.

1)’IICSA’s final report and what we want to see from it’ – NAPAC › guest-blog-from-slater-gordon-ii…

2)IICSA concludes with a demand for mandatory reporting of child abuse

3)Tackling child abuse in religious settings: What must happen next
Posted: Thu, 06 Oct 2022 by Richard Scorer


As with all whistleblowers Dom. Benedict Andersen has legal rights & protections as well as the right to take legal action for libel & defamation against the relevant parties.


Good luck with pursuing his legal ‘rights’ within the church, which exist merely for appearances sake.
He also hasn’t been libelled which requires something to be written about him


I’m not a lawyer but a far more fruitful approach would be for Dom Andersen to bring a civil case against Mark Kirby, Silverstream Priory, the Diocese of Meath, and St Finian’s Trust for sexual harassment. The fact that the Gardai requested the prosecution of Mark Kirby suggests that there should be plenty there to work with in a civil suit.

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Civil cases are not cheap, and daunting when the foe has relatively bottomless pockets. If Dom Andersen was unsuccessful in his civil case, he might find how bishops and flunkies ignore Romans 12:19 in regard to vengeance. Whistleblowing priests or religious have suffered worse than the exile of Dom Andersen from the house he co founded. Mysterious murders or strange suicides show a sadistic willingness to humiliate the whistleblower in death. On a more prosaic level, online fundraising sites can be easily spooked by any sort of concerted false flagging. That said +Deenihan is no evil genius, so something might work, although his family have surely considered those options.

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Why are you so “shocked”?
Nuns are sexual being like you, me and, the other women?
Yes and just like men, they too access pornography, and they too sexually abuse children, and thy too have lesbian relationships, not to even heterosexual sexual relationship with priests.
I am sure some must crave for the intimacy of a relationship, they may look as if, butter wouldn’t melt, but they are no different than the rest of us.
Get over it, we are not children anymore.

1)Nuns as sexual victims get little notice
By Bill Smith, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
January 4, 2003

2)Sex Slaves Of The Catholic Church
Church and sexual abuse of minors has long been an issue. But in addition to the paedophilia scandals, other revelations are shaking the Catholic Church: allegations from across the world of nuns being sexually abused by priests. In February 2019, Pope Francis acknowledged the abuse for the first time. This documentary gives an insight into an issue in the Catholic Church that has remained largely unreported.

3)Lesbian Nuns: Breaking Silence
Nancy Manahan
,Rosemary Keefe Curb

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However, remember that some nuns were sexual abusers of children in their care over the years. We have heard about that. So, like any other group of people, there will inevitably be those who are drawn to such things, and to porn.

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Where did I mention vaginas?
That’s obviously your thing?
I have no interest in vaginas apart from wishing their owners every blessing.

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Brilliant, Bishop Pat at 2:56.
And despite your lack of personal interest I would put money on you being better able to find the clitoris than 2:30. 💪


A pathetic comment from Bela at 1.12. Pat put him in his place on the issue of a warped Christology where Bela claimed Jesus could speak every language under heaven – including Manx.


@ 5:27pm
You know who on again stupid twat, Patsy wanting you to put me in my place. The only language Our Lord doesn’t know is her fourth language. You soon put her in her place when you asked her ‘was it gibberish?’🤣 I’m sill laughing yet🤣🤣🤣 God love ya!


Anon at 7.24pm

Yes I have heard Latin Mass stories re monkstown from ex gay friend, who used to go there quite regularly during the early 90s. He ranted and raved re TLM which I rolled my eyes at that time.

Don’t know these people re you mentioned.

Ha ha re valium to watch TLM. Had valium once prior to surgery cos I was quite nervous. Its dangerously additive as I heard similar to lyrica pill.

Is any there any chance that mother Burke in all glory of his cappa magna dress, would turn up, if so I might take valium in jest🤭🤣🤣🤣.

I prefer low mass in Latin with minimum of 30 to 40 mins or less, 😜🤣.


OMG! Patsy, she’s in good form today, the grim reaper is on again after trawling through the Death Notices to inform us all again. Requiem aeternam dona eis, Dominelux perptua luceat eis.


people can’t take a joke , I have a well lit energy saving lamp that can be shoved up anyone’s arsehole that needs it to lighten the fuck up….

Have a fucking a laugh !

Bishops cracks jokes,my god what a travesty !

Priests and bishops do a lot more than pray 😀


Bishop Tom is a great Bishop. It takes time to settle into any appointment but I for one am grateful for his leadership and pastoral approach.


9:58, Do let us know when the great pastor “settles in” and gets the hang of that very difficult skill of issuing a simple letter of good standing for Dom Benedict Andersen. What a leader!


Well has it ever crossed your mind @9.58 that there may well be reasons such a letter can not be granted, just saying like. poor Jim Royleidiot you are upset today. I will do my yoga class for you today.

by John W. Miller Oct. 25 2022.
” A report last month that a priest in suburban Chicago had been accused of sex abuse after a diocesan review board had found “insufficient reason to suspect” misbehavior has raised questions about the efficacy of these special committees set up to review allegations of sex abuse by Catholic clergy. For me, it also brought to mind an invitation I received last year to join one of those boards.” “Part of my journalistic commitment ‘ is an authentic desire that the truth, as I uncover it, belong to the public; the people, the wider church,’ I wrote in an email to the diocese.” “I don’t like signing non-disclosure agreements, or participating in institutional secrecy.” “One of my vocational roles, I have learned, is the opposite of keeping secrets.”

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It’s not my place to say it but it’s not looking good from outside perspective.

Can that Bishop be reported to the Vatican? Just wondering 🤷‍♀️

Only way out of this mess is the legal route for Benedict but I’m no legal expert. He would certainly need a legal advice.

Cos Bishop of Meath so brazen so cocky re his treatment of DBA., thinking he will get away with it. His treatment of DBA was shocking, no fair treatment, no accountability for his actions. In any responsible job like this, any manager would be given a warning or get sacked by HR.

Here, he’s getting away with it with no repercussions to date.


+Pat, I had a look at the Silverstream website. It is not a good look for any religious community to have a statement saying its “founder” was cleared of misconduct. Like all trads I imagine that the majority of the wholesome Americans that make up the community see your blog and the involvement in Garda Síochána in their internal affairs as some kind of metaphysical persecution because they celebrate the TLM. I wonder does Mystic Meg Kirby portray himself as some kind of modern day Padre Pio been persecuted for upholding “tradition”?

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They probably do see themselves as persecuted for “tradition” and betrayed by Don Andersen as “Judas”, but the only problem is that in virtually all such persecution fantasies the local bishop is against them. In this case, they’re being protected by the very non-trad Bishop Deenihan, who is also persecuting a Latin Mass priest, Dom Andersen, for revealing basically a gay scandal. So while Mystic Meg and the Dames at Silverstream may imagine themselves as trad martyrs, in fact they’ve merely revealed themselves as being protected vassals, if not honoured members, of the Lavender Mafia. 💅

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Do I recall that one of the nuns from the order that taught me became a prostitute after she left the convent b/c it was more remunerative than teaching? I think she flourished in Australia or some such place. She may have written a book too.

My evil self did wonder how she prepared for her second career. Alas!

Ven. Marie-Madeleine Victoire, priez pour nous.

PS: Orthodox honor Justinian as a saint too. Well, he did embellish S. Catherine’s Monastery, and it proves there’s hope for all us wretches.


This is so very sad, the Roman Catholic nuns are likely to be either asked to leave their religious orders, or are kicked out, while their sexual & psychological abusers go to Confession, all’s forgiven, and on they go, life continues as normal, until they start looking for their next conquest, repetition follows, abuse, confession, reoffend, the same regime, when sexually abusing children.
Is it any wonder, that mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse is being put forward as the way forward.?
The extraordinary finding is, many of the Roman Catholic nuns have abortions after they fall pregnant, how do they square that circle?
Is it that abortion is unacceptable only when applies to those outside a religious house?
Obviously the two nuns in 2019, who returned to Italy pregnant were doing more than missionary work in Africa……..

Roman Catholic Nuns forced to become PROSTITUTES after they were ‘abandoned’ by the Roman Catholic Church have been sheltered at a secret Vatican residence for more than a year, Roman Catholic cardinal reveals
Cardinal Joao Braz de Aviz says Pope Francis wants to rectify past sex abuses & the abuse of power by Roman Catholic priests.
He admits that many Roman Catholic nuns had been ‘completely abandoned’ in the past
And says it is time to ‘change the attitude of rejection’ towards them
PUBLISHED: 15:15, 24 January 2020 | UPDATED: 16:13, 24 January 2020

Nuns forced to become PROSTITUTES after they were … › news › article-7925557

Catholic Priest Impregnates 30 Reverend Sisters › 2020/08/13 › catholic-pri…

Catholic Church investigating nuns who returned pregnant … › 2019/11/05 › catholic-church-inve…


They don’t square that circle. I have said here repeatedly that the so-called pro-life position is ALWAYS a lie and if you dig deep enough online you can find abortion clinic staff talking about what these people are like when they go for abortions.
As they do.
‘The unborn ‘ are a notional set of ‘people’ who enable some people to virtue signal without having them imposing on their life in any way. This virtue signaling only affects other people’s lives.
That’s why priests preach about it because they will never be affected by it.


Safeguarding my ass. Further details on the Fr Arnie Rosney scandal have been sent to Bishop Pat. Killaloe is a disgrace. Watch this space.


Lovely picture of the bauld Fr. Arnold looking well in the Clare Campion this eve.. butter would’t melt.. +Bishop Pat you are losing your touch! Fintan Monahan is going to face you down on this one.. God be with the days you would have a mens night and a womens night for the big talk! Thursday night I think on the sixth and ninth commandments! None of that in Shannon parish mission …


We can name woman No 1. She is reconciled with her husband. Why should we name her ???


8.59 Fintan Monahan and Tom Ryan knew about Arnie and yet Arnie is still saying Mass. What does that tell you?


This is what Deenihan has been busy organising


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