The Pope has said even priests and nuns give into temptation and watch online pornography.

Francis, responding to a question in the Vatican, said: “It is a vice that has so many people, so many lay people, so many lay women and also priests and nuns. The devil enters from there.”

He said he wasn’t referring only to “criminal pornography like that of child abuse”, but also to “normal pornography”.

The Pope urged prospective priests to delete any such sites from their phone “so you won’t have the temptation in hand”.

Francis warned: “I tell you, it is something that weakens the soul. It weakens the soul. The devil enters from there: he weakens the priestly heart.”

In 2020 there was embarrassment for the Vatican when the Pope’s official Instagram account liked a revealing photo from Brazilian glamour model Natalia Garibotto.

She claimed to have gained 600,000 followers as a result and Vatican staff launched an investigation into how it happened.


It is no news to me and to readers of this Blog, that PORNOGRAPHY plays a big role in the life of seminarians and priests – and obviously, by extension, bishops.

NUNS AND PORN – a kinda of a new aspect.

“Porn Again” Elijah.

The Silversteam whistleblower did make it known that Dom Elijah had a gay porn addiction and was not allowed to be alone in a room with a computer.

Kitty Kirby made Elijah sit in a room with the door open when he was “on line”

In spite of his gay porn addiction, TOM DEENIHAN appointed him as the prior to replace Kirby !!!


Is basically a porn app. And the vast majority of priests these days use Grindr.

On Grindr seminarians, priests and bishops seek random sex. Grindr is not for those seeking friendship, companionship or love.


Used Grindr etc to seek out young men and seminarians for sex and altar sex.

Images of the altar sex – which were absolutely pornographic, appeared on Grindr and other social media.

THE ARMAGH PRIESTS like Rory Coyle and McCamley showed off their “bits” on Grindr etc to other men.

Surely the pictures of priestly genitalia are pornographic?

Could King Puck’s jock pics be described as porn?


I have no direct information about nuns using porn.

But as a younger priest I had two nun stalkers.

One of them went as far as breaking into a hospital consultant’s office and filing cabinet in an attempt to discover why I would not have sex with her.

If seminarians, priests and bishops use GRINDR

What would we call a similar app for nuns?

Suggestions on a post card please………