The Kerry priest Sheehy is quite entitled to promote the OBJECTIVE teachings of his church but he is not entitled to judge people and the state of their souls.

Only GOD can judge the state of the soul of Leo Varadkar’s and whether or not Leo Varadkar will get to Heaven.

Fr Sheehy is certainly entitled to objectively judge people’s actions against the background of what he believes and teaches – even though many of us would disagree with him and his interpretations of both Scripture and doctrine.

But you step one step too far when you judge a person’s inner life and their liklihood of salvation.

And BEING GAY, like being heterosexual is not a sin.

Being gay is either the way you are born, or the result of some formative force – or a mixture of many things.

It’s like saying that being red-haired is a sin.

And Fr Sheehy is not, to my knowledge, privy to everything that goes on in the Varadkar household.

Maybe Leo and his partner exchange hugs? Hugs are not sins.

Or kisses? And kisses are not sins.

Why is it that so many of these “conservative,” Catholics and Christians seem to be totally focused on what gay people do with their bits and bobs.

As if life, gay or straight, was only about bits and bobs.

We have a sleeping life, an eating and drinking life, a working life, a hobbies life, a social etc.

I know many couples, straight and gay, who do not have a physical sexual side to their relationship but are bound together by bonds of love, friendship, ompanionship etc.

Would Sheehy say are living in sin and going to Hell?

The RCC has a hang up about sex and always have had that hang up.

Why is this Sheehy Sheehy just concentrating on sexual sins?

Is that his hang up to?

I’m sure there’s plenty of other sins going on in Kerry – thieving, fraud, tax evading, lies, perjury, jealousy, drunkenness, drug taking and dealing?

Why is Sheehy hung up on sex?

Is he sexually frustrated or in need of the odd viagra?

Has Sheehy ALWAYS been pure, chaste and continent?

His latest outbursts leaves him and his own life eligible for intense scrutiny!