Malachy of Armagh: Same-sex soulmate to Bernard of Clairvaux


Malachy of Armagh is an 11th-century Irish saint who died in the arms of his more famous soulmate, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. Their monastic community honored the male couple as “two stars of such surpassing brightness” and a “twofold treasure.” Bernard showered Malachy with kisses during his lifetime and they are buried together, wearing each other’s clothes. Malachy’s feast day is Nov. 3.

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The Catholic Church in its history has been much more accepting of same sex love than you would imagine – given the hullabaloo in recent days over the homily of the Kerry priest, Sean Sheehy.


Same sex relationships were common in ancient time both in Greece and Rome.

In the history of the Church, at various times, same sex blessings existed

It seems to me that the Christian churches have a lot of rethinking to do on this topic.


Early in the year I let readers know that I had registered as a person willing to sponsor Ukranian refugees in my home.

Many more were making their way to the Republic of Ireland as the government there was issuing visas for refugees much more quickly than in the UK / N. Ireland.

After a long wait, this week, I have been asked to sponsor a specific and identified Ukranian family and I have agreed.

We are now going through the important preliminary steps and hopefully soon the sponsorship will be in place.