STILL TONE DEAF: U.S. Bishops Elect McCarrick’s Former Secretary and Roommate as Chairman of the Committee on the Protection of Children and Young People



 United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) announced they elected Bishop Barry C. Knestout of Richmond as chairman-elect of the Committee on the Protection of Children and Young People in a 127-114 vote. Congratulations guys on being completely tone deaf!

Here are a few facts about Bishop Knestout:


No Roman Catholic priest or bishop should ever be allowed to serve on any committee to protect children or young people.

And MOST CERTAINLY no RCC priest or bishop should ever be appointed chairman of such a committee.

The Catholic priesthood and episcopate is now regarded, globally, as a profession that poses a danger to children and young people.

TED MC CARRICK is the most infamous and disgraced Catholic clerical paedophile and ephebophile in the world.

Any male who has been friends with him is, sadly, suspect.

Any cleric who has been favoured, recommended or promoted by Mc Carrick should not be taken into a seminary or ordained either a priest or a bishop.

The appointment of Knestout to this position is a stark and deliberate slap in the faxe to all victims.

His appointment is also the US bishops giving the TWO FINGER SALUTE to their critics.

RCC bishops and clerics simply don’t give a shit about anyone or anything.

They think that they belong to the most important organisation that ever existed and they think that they have God in their cassock pockets.