In his tribute to Ambassador Treanor the Roman incumbent of Armagh says that Noel Treanor is now embracing THE MINISTRY OF DIPLOMACY

“At this time, there are many challenges to be faced across Europe and at global level and the ministry of diplomacy within the Church serves to promote the pursuit of justice and peace in the world”.(sick)

How in the name of all that is holy, does living in a Brussels’ mansion, eating caviar hor d’oeuvres, drinking pink champagne, in various embassies and Michelin starred restaurants suddenly become a MINISTRY !!!

Is it based on that piece from the Gospel that says

“I send you out like Princes among the plebs. Carry a full purse of Euros and a Gamarelli haversack. Only salute the rich and famous on the boulevards. Whenever you go into a house, make sure it is a rich man’s house. If Michelin standard, eat what is set before you. Let your first words be: “I’m here to collect Peter’s Pence”. If a man of wealth lives there he will write a big cheque. If not leave that house and shake the shag pile off your feet and say to that house: “It will worse with you than in the Tuam baby home”.

If Noel’s new appointment is a ministry

1. Is burying babies in sewerage tanks a MINISTRY to poor, unwanted children?

2. Is money laundering in the Vatican Bank a MINISTRY to rich con men?

3. Is imprisoning and slaughtering native children a MINISTRY to indigenous people?

4. Is making pregnant girls convent slaves a MINISTRY to women?

5. Is shagging a cleric in a monastery kitchen a MINISTRY to priests?

6. Is sticking your ass out in a Boilerhouse a MINISTRY to bishops?

7. Is sacrificing your wallet and car a MINISTRY to rent boys?

8. Is making an American woman pregnant a MINISTRY to depressed divorcees?

9. Is taking Class A drugs in forest cruising areas a Ministry to young rural males?

10. Is showing your genitalia on the nocturnal Internet a MINISTRY to teenagers?

11. Is having say sex on an altar a MINISTRY to seminarians?


Amy is one of those in the RCC who invent new notions in order to justify church behaviour that is not of God and not according to the mind of Christ.

Jesus NEVER INTENDED a Vatican State, a Vatican Bank, a Vatican Museum, a King Pope, His church owning trillions and trillions, papal nuncios, bishop’s palaces, etc

All these things are the inventions of men – a minority of men who have hijacked His church and like in the Temple turned it into a den of thieves and robbers.

The RCC is not organised and run according to the mind of Christ and His New Testament teachings.

It is simply an international conglomerate based on money, power, control and corruption of every kind.

On one occasion a man asked me:

Bishop Pat, is it possible that the Anti Christ is an organisation and not an individual”?

My answer: