Evidence suggests Pope John Paul II knew about abuse of minors decades before becoming pope


A Dutch journalist based in Poland revealed evidence on Friday that Pope John Paul II was involved in covering up the abuse of minors while he was the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Krakow. The journalist, Ekke Overbeek, spent the last two years combing through archives in Poland, where he resides, and found several cases where the prominent Catholic Church figure knew about priests who abused children and helped them evade punishment, including transferring them to other parishes.

He found concrete cases of priests who abused children in the Archdiocese of Krakow, where the future pope was archbishop. The future pope knew about it and nevertheless transferred those men. That led to new victims,” Overbeek said to Nieuwsuur. The journalist studied publicly available documents from the secret services about the future pope from during his time living and working in Poland. He wrote a book about his findings, Maxima Culpa, which will be published next year in Polish.

University of Warsaw professor Stanislaw Obirek, believe the documents to be authentic. So does Tom Doyle, the American priest who wrote the 1985 report. It is said that Pope Francis was warned about the possibility that Pope John Paul II knew about abuse and helped covered it up, but Francis canonized the man as a saint anyway.

“We now know that Wojtyła actively covered up pedophile crimes committed by priests under his jurisdiction,” Professor Obirek told Nieuwsuur. “That is a new chapter, a first step. We will see how the church will react.”

“The reasoning of the church – of the defenders of the pope – boils down to the fact that he could not have known. That he learned of the seriousness of the situation very late and that he first thought it was America’s problem. All those arguments can now be dismissed,” Overbeek said. “They were in a great hurry to canonize John Paul II. And now you see facts emerging from those Polish archives that are very incriminating and can therefore actually cast doubt on his sainthood.”


In the Roman Catholic Church EVERYTHING INCLUDING CANONIZATION is political!

To my mind, John Paul II was a fascist clerical bully.

He gave total cover to Macial Maciel the Mexican founder of the Legionaries of Christ who has been exposed as a swindler, drug addict and serial child abuser.


Maciel gave multi millions to JOHN POLE that made its way to Poland.

It is no surprise to learn that THE POLE covered up sex abuse in his own country.

It was for this reason that he became a bishop and climbed to the top.

God Himself only knows what other secrets are in his cupboard?

The RCC used to claim that the popewas the Vicar of Christ on earth.

They will soon claim that God is the Vicar of the Pope in Heaven!

All man made nonsense.

And all to make the Cathbots behave like rabbits caught in headlights!