Vatican and China extend their deal on bishop appointments

Vatican and China on Saturday extended their oft-criticized agreement on the appointment of bishops in the Asian country, where the government has waged crackdowns over the years on religious believers.

The Holy See announced the latest, two-year renewal of the 2018 arrangement in a brief statement.

It said the Vatican was committed to “constructive dialogue” with China on implementing the accord and in improving bilateral relations “with a view to fostering the mission of the Catholic Church and the good of the Chinese people.″

The two sides haven’t had diplomatic relations since 1951, in the wake of the the Chinese Communists’ rise to power.

In the past, conservative Catholics slammed the deal in view of China’s persecution of people practicing their religions. The Vatican insists better relations allow for discussions about any human rights abuses.


The RCC is supposed to regard the Holy Orders of its bishops, priests and deacons as central to its mission and Sacramental integrity.

And yet it is allowing the Chinese atheistic,communist and torturing and murdering government a veto over its appointment of bishops !!!

In doing so it has ignored the wishes of the faithful and persecuted Catholics in China.

It has also sold Hong Kong’s elderly and highly regarded Cardinal Zen down the river.


Cardinal Zen has been opposing China’s abuse of human rights for decades and was totally opposed to the Vatican / China deal.

What’s the old saying about unscrupulous people – “They would sell their mother”.

In return for the deal large sums of Chinese money has poured into the Vatican.

Mind you, people in Argentina say that Francis was in the hands of the Argentine Junta when he was Jesuit superior and bishop there.

….And that he played a role in the disappearance and deaths of a number of Jesuits who were resisting the cruel regime.

It strikes, in so many ways, that China. Russia and The Vatican are all birds of a feather.