I want to ask readers to address Robert’s views – and not to attack his person, his family, or his employment.

When you launch a personal or ” ad hominem” attack on someone, you are being illogical and lose the argument.


I said on the blog the other day that I regard Robert as genuine and sincere. And I do.

I do not have the same approach to faith and Catholicism as Robert has.

Robert is looking at the hierarchy and clergy from the outside.

I’ve been on the inside for 52 years now – longer than Robert has been alive – 6 years in seminary and 46 years as a priest.

First of all, we must distinguish between the Church as the Bride of Christ and People of God – and the man made institution that has evolved under the power of politics, power, greed,and corruption.

The Churh, the mystical body of Christ – has always been pure – as it operates under the will and grace of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

But the problem was that after Jesus left, the Church fell into the hands of men – and men who did not faithfully follow the mind and teaching of Christ, but who began to introduce the ways and thinking of the world.

1. Jesus never intended the leader of the Church at Rome to replace the old Roman emperors.

2. Jesus never intended His Church to become a state with ambassadors to the secular states of the world.

3. Jesus never intended His Church to found a bank to launder money for the world’s rich and corrupt.

4. Jesus never intended His disciples to rape children, women, and men.

5. Jesus never intended His Church leaders to cover up abuse, rape and corruption.

6. Jesus never intended His male disciples (priests) to assault and rape His female disciples (nuns).

People like Robert do not distinguish between these two “churches” and want us to deal with the hierarchy and clergy as if all this abuse and corruption is not there.

Surely, that is willful and sinful blindness?

And it’s not just the case of a few rotten apples in the barrell.

It’s the barrell that is rotten, and that is rotting any good apple 🍎 going into the barrell.

For example , a sincere young man going into Maynooth to serve God, ending up being serially seduced and turned into a homosexual predator.


1.PRAYER is talking to and listening to God. No third party is needed.

2. SCRIPTURE is the Word of God available for all to read. There are plenty of good commentaries to read to guide you. Then, take it to God in prayer.

3. As Catholics, we believe in sacraments. Find a church and a priest who will celebrate sacraments with you without a lot of legalistic strings attached.