The controversy surrounding Bishop Robert is not by any means ended.

Another serious matter was made known to me yesterday, by two different sources, and I felt compelled to let the papal nuncio to the UK, Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti know about the matter, as it is most serious.


The complaint concerns a priest of another English diocese.

That priest has made his own bishop aware of the situation, and I’m told the priest’s bishop has been more than kind to him.

I have copied my letter to the papal nuncio to that other English bishop.

I do not know if the papal nuncio knew about this matter before hearing about it from me.

It is my belief that this matter should be immediately he made known to the police if it hasn’t been already.

In my opinion this matter requires a full police investigation

And I hope that no one in the English Catholic Church covers this one up !!!

I will not let it go and, if necessary, will make it public.

However, it is more appropriate that the English bishops, the papal nuncio, and the police deal with it.