50 Homosexual Italian Priests Come Out.

50 homosexual Italian priests have published a letter denouncing the “internalized homophobia” of the Church, announcing they “no longer want to hide.” The letter, titled “Con tutto il cuore” – With all my heart – first circulated discreetly, before being picked up by the left-leaning Italian daily Domani, followed by the Spanish publication Público.

The letter denounces the existence of “plans” aimed at eliminating all allusion to homosexuality in the seminaries and at promoting an empty sexual morality there. It adds, in a grotesque way, that this attitude finds an echo in traditionally Christian countries, such as Italy or Spain, where there is collaboration between the ecclesiastical hierarchy and the political extreme Right.

The authors speak of the hatred of the gay world inoculated in the seminaries, and of the “social prejudices” scattered through even the latest Vatican documents, with an almost obsessive reference to “gender ideology,” which has multiplied since Giorgia Meloni’s rise to power.


The ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH is going to have to be rational and consistent on the whole question of homosexuality in general and among its bishops and clergy in particular.

The RCC stance on homosexuality is irrational, anti-scientific, anti-medical, and even against proper Biblical interpretation.

The fact that the RCC is anti homosexuality and that most of its recent popes, bishops, and priests are gay – and actively gay – is quite simply bizarre.