I neither liked or respected Ratzinger.

He spiritually and intellectually tortured many good theologians over the decades.

He covered up sexual abuse on his own behalf and on behalf of John Pole II.

He was completely aware of all the evil corruption and sexual scandal in the Vatican and around the globe.

He resigned in a cloud, leaving much speculation about his own involvement in corruption and sexual matters.

He placed the right-wing Latin Mass crowd in a way that has led to the beginnings of a real schism

He was ridiculously into wearing medieval papal trappings and hats that made him look like an old lady queuing up for her pension in a post office.

Benedict, who was a theological adviser at Vatican II, really wanted in the end to go backwards towards Trent and papal infallibility.

We once saw him slapping a journalists hand for daring to ask him an unwelcome question.

Pope Francis has claimed that his predecessor Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was a leader in “taking responsibility” and responding with transparency to clerical sexual abuse.
However, Benedict XVI was blamed directly for ignoring repeated pleas by senior American churchmen to take action against a priest who molested up to 200 deaf boys. Further, in 2001, as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, he required clergy child abuse claims to be handled in canonical trials behind closed doors.


A priest of the Portsmouth Diocese, Father Ray Lyons, has said that he
is “shocked” and “concerned” that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger has been
elected Pope.
The 78 year-old German, who is thought to have a conservative outlook,
took the name Benedict XVI.

Father Lyons had hoped someone with a “reform agenda” would be elected
to act as a “healer and reconciler”.

“I felt we needed a healer and reconciler and I don’t think he is the
man to do that job,” he told the BBC.

‘Great thinker’

“He is a great thinker who will probably go along the same lines as his
predecessor, but he is not what I felt was needed.”

Father Lyons, who was the executive secretary of the National Conference
of Priests for five years, recalled meeting the new Pope and described
him as “a very nice man”.

“He is very polite and intelligent,” he said.

“We just have very different views on the best direction for the

He also expressed surprise at the new Pope’s choice of name, saying that
the name Benedict suggested he would break with tradition – although
this would not be consistent with his conservative reputation.

“A few years ago, back when Pope Benedict XVI was still Cardinal Ratzinger, he was approached by an ABC reporter as he was getting into a car. The reporter asked him a question, Cardinal Ratzinger said he wasn’t informed on the matter and that it was an inconvenient time to ask him anyway. When the reporter pushed the issue again, Ratzinger got visibly upset and gave the reporter a whap on his hand before getting into a car. “ (

I don’t believe that Ratzinger was a nice man.

I don’t believe that Ratzinger was a real pastor.

But, as a Christian, I hope that God has a “come here I want ya” chat with him, forgives him his sins, and allows him into Heaven – maybe after a period washing the dishes and WC”s in Purgatory.