Dear Tom

Certain information has been brought to my attention that begs the question: are you a liar. This evidence portrays you as an individual who has displayed breathless, almost unprecedented duplicity. And, this is not supposition on my part.

Until the truth of the matter addressed hereinafter is established, you, Bishop Deenihan, can legitimately be portrayed as an individual that does not have the courtesy or the decency to tell the truth to a fellow prelate.

Of course, I accept in light of what follows that if the duplicitous two-faced liars are in fact the Rt. Rev’d Dom Jean-Bernard Marie Bories, OSB, Abbot of the Abbey of Saint-Joseph de Clairval and certain monks with stability in that community. If that is indeed the case, I will offer you an unreserved and public apology.

As you will be aware the Abbey of Saint-Joseph de Clairval is a “traditional” Benedictine house located within the Archdiocese of Dijon, in France. As a monastery of diocesan right, it is subject to the oversight and authority of the Ordinary of the aforementioned archdiocese, Archbishop Antoine Henry Pierre Marie Hérouard. Therefore, based on the balance of probabilities, I am willing to take my chances that the monks of this abbey are telling the truth about what is addressed hereinafter and, they are the victims of YOUR wilful and deliberate deceit.

Recently, a reader of my blog wrote to my attention, the latest newsletter from the. The newsletter is noteworthy because of the conclusion it contains the personal signature of the current superior, Abbot Bories.

The letter contains the following text:

“On May 14, Bishop Deenihan of Meath in Ireland, visited us accompanied by his to vicars general and his chancellor. He explained the situation of the Benedictine Priory of Silverstream founded in his diocese in 2012 and canonically erected in 2017. The founder, Dom Mark Kirby, has retired for health reasons. As a result, this community is in need of guidance to meet the expectations of the many young men who have joined. Bishop Deenihan asked our Abbot to “lend” him our Father Basil, well known to the brothers in Silverstream. Father Basil has been appointed Prior Administrator for one year. At the request of the Bishop, the monks of Silverstream will take turns to stay in Flavigny for a extended period of time in order to get to know our customs and to benefit from our monastic experience. For our part, we are happy to enjoy the paternal presence — and the generous work—of these young monks”.

This newsletter begets a number of observations. I am sure it was absolutely delightful for the four-person delegation to leave the Chancery offices of the Meath to visit that part of France.

Bishop Deenihan, did you tell Dom Bories that Fr. Mark Kirby had been credibly accused of sexual and financial misconduct? If not; why not?

Before your arrival in France, did you e-mail to Dom Bories, a link to this Pillar article, and was the contents of same discussed during your visit to the monastery?

Did you tell Dom Bories that it was you personally that referred Fr. Kirby to An Garda Síochána [the Irish police force]?

Did you tell Dom Bories that Fr. Kirby was investigated by An Garda Síochána (the Irish police force) for nearly a year, and they found sufficient evidence to justify a referral of Fr. Kirby to the state prosecutor, the Director of Public Prosecutions?

If so, why does the community newsletter make reference to Fr. Kirby resigning on the grounds of ill-health? Who is telling the truth about Kirby?

Did you tell Dom Bories that Fr. Kirby was notorious for telling individuals about the indiscretions of the monastic community? We are unsure who made the decision to appoint Dom Elijah Carroll, OSB as superior of Silverstream Priory, however, did you apprise Dom Bories that the aforesaid Elijah Carroll has a known addiction to viewing gay pornography on the internet?

If Dom Elijah Carroll is visiting the Abbey of Saint-Joseph de Clairval, do you believe that you have a duty of care to apprise Dom Bories of Dom Carroll’s unfortunate and troubling on-line addiction?

If the monks with stability at Silverstream Priory are going to be spending time in France at this abbey — will they be undertaking studies to ensure they are suitable for ordination to the priesthood? Do you intend ordaining any monk from Silverstream to the diaconate and priesthood in the near future?

Bishop Deenihan, I respectfully submit that any right-minded and reasonable individual would take the inference that you did NOT tell Dom Bories the totality of the scandalous behaviour of Fr. Kirby. Because, if you did, it would not appear in the Abbey newsletter that Fr. Kirby had resigned on the grounds of ill-health.

It is inconceivable that Dom Bories with the consent of his monastic council would have agreed to the appointment of Fr. Basil as the temporary superior of Silverstream Priory if they had been told the ugly truth about Fr. Kirby and his despicable behaviour.

However, if they were aware and agreed to Fr. Basil’s appointment; this, too, raises serious questions about the decision-making of Dom Bories, OSB, and, it has concomitant implications for the governance of that monastic community. It may well be the case that this is a monastery that needs to be referred to the oversight of a competent Rome-based Dicastery, because it may be the case that its obsession with Latin has clouded its prudence.

I find it further inconceivable that an abbot and a monastic community would wilfully lie to its donors and supporters in a publication pertaining to its apostolate, thus participating in an Irish ecclesiastical cover-up; but in the Church of today — it would not be surprising.

However, given your known indifference and acquiescence to the wrong-doing of Fr. Kirby and your continuing punishment of the whistle-blower, Fr. Benedict Andersen, on the preponderance of the available evidence; it is clear as night follows day that you have lied to Dom Bories. And that is a truly regrettable situation.

Bishop Deenihan, you need to come to the rapid realisation that it is impermissible for you to act in a manner that is comparable to the egregious actions of Irish bishops in the 70s, 80s and the 90s. Gone are the days where a bishop could invent whatever narrative he pleased to advance his own agenda to perpetuate an institutional cover-up.

It truly beggars belief that you would go to France and deliberately lie to an Abbot of a French monastery. And, it stretches all known credulity for that religious superior, ie, Abbot Bories to wilfully and knowingly participate in that deceit. In light of the scandal surrounding the Holy Ghost Fathers in Ireland; your behaviour is truly despicable; it is unconscionable, and you should give serious consideration to tendering your resignation to the Holy Father. Because, I can assure that your demonstrable deceit will be brought to the attention of the competent Dicasteries of the Holy See.


+Pat Buckley.


Rt. Rev’d Dom Jean-Bernard Marie Bories, OSB, Abbot of the Abbey of Saint-Joseph de Clairval.

His Excellency, Archbishop Celestino Migliore, Apostolic Nuncio to the Republic of France.

Archbishop Antoine Hérouard, Archbishop of Dijon.

Fr. Basil MacCabe, OSB, Temporary Superior, Silverstream Priory.





Dear Bishop Pat, I thought you might be interested in keeping an eye on ongoing events in the Diocese of Salford.

It has been eight years since John Kenneth Stanley Arnold left the Archdiocese of Westminster and headed north to take up charge of the Diocese of Salford, replacing Bishop Terence ‘Bungalow’ Brain, during those eight years the Diocese has sunk, vocations have all but disappeared, we have had no ordinations now since 2019, and the two in that year were late vocations, good men, but of advanced years.​ ​


Other younger priests are leaving the diocese, in the last few months Fr Gambella, ordained 2014 has transferred to Aberdeen, and Fr Horne, ordained 2013 has joined the staff of the Nuncio in London, many more at the opposite end of the age range are opting for early retirement, while others are on long term sick leave (usually following mental breakdowns), the common cause of all this is Arnold – a nasty little bully with a vindictive streak as long as the M6, the Westminster clergy nicknamed him ‘Ming the Merciless’ when he was their VG and Auxiliary, he was also accused of being involved in the Ealing Abbey coverup.

He demands utter unquestioning obedience and reacts badly if challenged, he’s been known to scream in the face of Priests who disagree with him and if you cross him, he will go out of his way to break and destroy you.

These days he remains holed up at Wardley Hall, his moated Tudor mansion, he never goes on visitation and communicates with his clergy only through weekly Friday emails, the clergy en-masse are more demotivated and fed-up than ever before in diocesan history, they all live in fear of questioning Arnold, having seen their colleagues forced out of ministry, while he jets around the world on CAFOD business.

Nero allegedly fiddled while Rome burned, Arnold however has another solution to occupy himself while Salford crumbles, he is spending tens of millions of pounds of diocesan funds refurbishing his Wardley Hall estate converting it into a Laudato Si research and education centre, this project and expenditure is his vanity project, there was no consultation of clergy or laity about whether they wanted their money spent in this way, it just happened  and the diocesan finance gurus are getting increasingly worried about the solvency of the diocese.


The death this last week of Sister Rita Lee, star of the BBC television series about her work amongst the poorest members of society in Manchester, reminded us why she disappeared so suddenly in 2017 and moved to Derby after a lifetime in the Diocese, she publicly confronted Arnold about his spending on Wardley Hall while she was struggling for funds to help the poor and homeless, and then suddenly was recalled by her superior and sent to Derby. A similar situation occurred at the Cornerstone RC Homeless centre in Moss Side, when the entire volunteer staff were sacked without warning and replaced. Last year, the entire Safeguarding team walked out and had to be replaced en-masse.​

Arnold’s treatment of lay staff and volunteers is notoriously bad, when he arrived in the diocese, one of his first acts was to forcibly shut the Diocesan Archives, which at the time was one of the most open and accessible Catholic archives in the country, Fr Xxxxxx and Mr Xxxxxxx who ran it had an open door policy – Fr Xxxxxx was forced into retirement and Mr Xxxxxxx turned up one day to find the doors chained shut and was told to hand in his keys and leave – after 15 years of voluntary service, the other volunteers received not even that. Paul Carr, a school friend of the then VG Mgr Kay, (Carr a former priest, originally with the Church of St Pius X, who then did a couple of years with the Diocese) was appointed as archivist and since then the archives have remained sealed and inaccessible, Arnold was later removed as episcopal patron of the Catholic Archives Society.

Then we have the case of Fr Tony Duffy, a diocesan priest of more than thirty years who had been on leave with mental health issues, Arnold forced laicisation on him cutting him off with no means of support, and a few weeks later he was found death in a homeless hostel in Manchester, Arnold’s response was to ban the clergy from concelebrating his funeral, to ban any mention of his priesthood from his eulogy and to refuse to pay for the burial.​

The man is without empathy, conscience or compassion, his reckless spending habits are bankrupting the diocese, he’s killed off vocations, the clergy have given-up, the numbers of lay staff bullied out of their roles is extraordinary.​

As a footnote, another interesting character in the Diocese is the aforementioned former Vicar General, Mgr Anthony Kay, who also served as Vocations Director for many years, (he had a reputation of selecting for formation candidates who were ‘pretty gay boys’ and rejecting from formation those who repelled his advances). He went on to become VG under ‘Bungalow’ Brain and took advantage of Brain’s dodderiness to build an unprecedented power base, removing all clergy and lay staff who weren’t subservient to him and replacing them with his friends. With the arrival of Arnold things became difficult (you can’t have two dictators in one kingdom) He was allegedly due to become the 7th​ Bishop of Lancaster in 2017/18 but the offer was withdrawn at the 11th​ hour (for an unknown reason) and within twelve hours of the announcement of the appointment of Paul Swarbrick, Arnold sacked him as Vicar General and Kay then disappeared, leaving the country for the next eighteen months, then suddenly reappeared, reassumed his former post as PP at St Mary’s, Mulberry Street, Manchester, a tiny city-centre parish with no resident congregation, school or chaplaincy work, where he has been left – nobody knows why, when a man of his age should be running some of the huge busy parishes elsewhere.

There is much more going on in the diocese, this is just the tip of the iceburg and sooner or later the proverbial is going to hit the fan.



I think this is a very good read



To our dear members who still attend churches or who have family members who attend churches,

I’d like to share with you some of my thoughts on the traits I have come across that characterize priests, pastors and religious community leaders who are untrustworthy and abusive.

  1. Tribal
    One of the most telling aspects of untrustworthy and abusive priests, pastors and religious community leaders is the way they protect each other—at the expense of the innocent, particularly those who call them out. All the while, these untrustworthy and abusive priests, pastors and religious community leaders claim to be protecting the church and doing the work of the gospel.
    This tribalism has obvious negative consequences. It leads to the exclusion of others, to outsiders being treated unjustly, and to crimes and corruption being concealed. It quickly develops into an excessive sense of privilege and entitlement as we see today in Australian and New Zealand churches by priests who are being imported from countries overseas where clericalism is rampant.
    This tribal mentality has led abusive priests, pastors and religious community leaders to collaborate in the same crimes, as happened for instance in Ballarat, Sunbury, Philadelphia, Guam, Fiji, Christchurch and Wellington.
    Beware of priests, pastors and community church leaders who stick together at the expense of truth and justice. Good priests should be known to condemn the crimes of their own. If they do not, then they are complicit. Complicit priests who preach at the pulpit though remain quiet about abuse, betray themselves.
  2. Unaccountable
    Trustworthy priests, pastors and religious community leaders would plead for accountability. Those who are unwilling to be held to account or who operate in secret, especially when dealing with abuse, are obviously hiding something. Beware! Call them out.
    For example, what was said recently in public by priests, pastors, and religious community leaders about a fair and compassionate response to survivors of abuse, and what is taking place behind closed doors are two completely different things. This is deceit. When they do not hold themselves to account in the public arena, then they are simply not trustworthy.
  3. Defensive
    Beware of priests, pastors and religious community leaders who cannot receive criticism or who become defensive when questions are raised. Faith-based communities where criticism is treated as threatening are not safe environments for anyone.
    Priests, pastors, and religious leaders who see their tribes as the defenders of truth will resist necessary correctives from those outside their ranks. They will be reluctant to admit failures or report abuse to outside agencies for fear of derailing their mission.
    Defensive behaviour has the purpose of distracting you from your right intuition about such untrustworthy and abusive behaviour. Those who deflect and divert questions are defensive. Their objective, whether they realize it or not, is to shift attention aware from the issue.
    A New Zealand bishop did this recently when contacted by the local press for comment on survivors’ complaints about his national redress office not following its own professional standards. The survivors called for an external audit but the bishop’s response was to talk about how his office was continuously reviewing itself. To deflect away from the issue of an external audit, he focused instead on his office’s internal review.
  4. Entitled
    Be wary of priests, pastors, and religious community leaders who feel entitled to special treatment. How many times have you heard them say, “I’m in charge. We’re doing it my way!” Be careful! Their church is actually your church.
    If you inquire into the kinds of lives these priests, pastors, and religious community leaders are leading, you might be surprised to see how they have cultivated a life of indulgence by taking advantage of you, especially your money.
    Rather than being entitled, a good priest, or pastor, or religious community leader will install a system of checks and balances. They would not usurp the power that is essentially yours.
    Be particularly wary of those who have disbanded their parish councils and taken all power and control to themselves.
  5. Slothful
    How many priests and pastors do you actually see out there in the field ministering to the poor, oppressed, hungry and homeless?
    Good priests, pastors, and religious community leaders would be generous with their resources and time. Beware of the ones you never see apart from at mass on Sunday preaching and asking for your money. Behind that weekly appearance they lust after sex, money, power, attention, and the appearance of godliness.
    Slothful priests, pastors, and religious community leaders will use you for their personal gain. These people are isolated and isolating. They care only about their own gratification.
  6. Rigid
    Check out how your priests or pastors talk about sin. In my experience, those who are focused on sin have a problem with their own sins. Check their speech to see if they are fixated on sin, usually yours, and usually that which they think involves sex which they like to think about a lot.
    Check also to see how Catholic priests in particular, and male pastors and religious community leaders speak about women and other religions and faith-traditions? Do they chauvinistically characterize women in ways that portray them as less valuable or talk about the gods of other religions as devils?
    Also, note how they speak to, or about, those with whom they disagree. Do they get angry and defensive when legitimate inquiries are made?
    A lack of flexibility and gentleness is a clear warning sign that these priests, pastors and religious community leaders cannot be trusted.
    How to respond to these kinds of people
    Priests, pastors, and religious community leaders who lack the values of basic human decency are very dangerous people. If you feel, for whatever reasons, you still need to be around these people, hold back your support, especially your money.
    Also, don’t be afraid to speak up and continue to speak up. Speaking up in a kind and honest way is a virtue. It will help make your church a safer community for all. Untrustworthy and abusive priests, pastors, and religious community leaders will try to shut you down. But they will eventually change or leave when you continue to speak up.
    The primary danger of these untrustworthy and abusive priests, pastors, and religious community leaders lies in their deceitfulness. By pretending to be holy and trustworthy, they cause severe damage to you even without you knowing it. They are like parasites who take and take and take, and ironically, they claim to have need of your generosity.
    There are other traits common to these untrustworthy and abusive predators that will also expose them for who they are. I am sure you could mention some more. However, these are the main ones I have come across in my experience—tribal, unaccountable, defensive, entitled, slothful and rigid.
    The question remains, how can you trust your church leaders today, those priests, pastors and religious community leaders who are tribal, unaccountable, defensive, entitled, slothful and rigid?
    Thank you for your attention. I am interested in any constructive feedback.




The American anti abortion priest activist, Frank Pavone, has been laicised by the Vatican for his very rigorous anto abortion campaign. The Vatican said he was laicised for blasphemous statements and disobedience to his bishop.

 In a tweet Sunday, Pavone sounded defiant, comparing his fate to that of the unborn.

“So in every profession, including the priesthood, if you defend the #unborn, you will be treated like them! The only difference is that when we are “aborted,” we continue to speak, loud and clear.”



A famous Jesuit of Francis – Fr Marko Rupnik is being protected by Francis and the Vatican…..

….In spite of the fact that


1. He sexually assaulted several nuns!


2. Gave Confessional absolution to a woman he had sex withfor which he was originally EXCOMMUNICATED!

Pope Francis

Lifted the excommunication!

Stopped the Vatican acting against him!

And invited him to preach at a Vatican retreat day!

Rupnix was also the favourite artist and church restoration man for JP II.


How, in the name of all that is good and holy is disobedience to a man with a special hat, worse than raping children, women, men, and nuns?

The truth is that the RCC regards its clerics as superior and different to all other people and are therefore to be protected at all costs

Women victims, child victims, nun victims, and men victims. are all relatively unimportant, in comparison to priests and bishops.

All cults regard the leader and leadership team as beyond reproach or questioning.

And the led must simply suck it up.

This attitude is absolutely anti-Christian and anti Christ.

And, the Catholic followers choose to close their eyes and keep believing that their buck naked emperors are fully dressed.




Dear Archbishop McMahon,

You will be aware by now that the apostolic nuncio, Archbishop Gugerotti, has forwarded my correspondence with him to your goodself as he says you are the appropriate person to investigate the priest’s complaint against Bishop Robert Byrne.

I have strongly advised the priest to make a formal complaint to the police and I hope you will encourage him to do the same, even if it delays your own investigation, as would be normal.

The priest has been very upset by this matter and eventually found himself able to share his suffering with fellow clergy at a deanery meeting.

A considerable number of the priests if his diocese are aware of this serious matter.

The diocesan bishop is aware of the complaint and has been, according to reports, extremely kind and gentle with the priest.

It is extremely difficult for a Catholic priest to make such a serious complaint against a Catholic bishop. It takes great courage on the part of the priest to do so.

I know that you will investigate this matter without fear or favour and get to the whole truth and see that justice is done.


+ Pat Buckley












Gugerotti is leaving the UK in ten days.

The first person to investigate a bishop is the archbishop (metropolitan) of the area.

MALCOM MC MAHON is the archbishop of Liverpool and thetefore the metropolitan for Hexham and Newcastle.

So, now McMahon will conduct the first investigation into the Byrne complaint.

As a church investigation, it will be conducted IN SECRET.

It is vital that the priest victim involve the police.

I will convey that to the victim.




You have turned my Fathers House into a den of thieves


Dear Chief Superintendent Xxxxx

I have been made aware that a serious crime has been committed in your divisional area.

A Father Pat Butler, a priest of the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore is alleged to have stolen the sum of € 70,000 from diocesan funds.

The Bishop of Waterford and Lismore, Phonsie Cullinane​ has made a private arrangement with Father Butler to pay monies back at the rate of € 5,000 over a period of 14 years.

As the money was donated by the public of Waterford and Lismore​ this is a serious matter of public concern.

As a priest, who lived in and was ordained in Waterford, and having family members still residing in Waterford,​ I have a strong interest and involvement in that area and feel that because of my connection I am a person who can legitimately report this matter to the Gardai.

Father Butler still resides in the Waterford area.

Sincerely yours,

(Bishop) Patrick Buckley.



Dear Bishop Buckley

I previously spoke to you in late April/Early May in regard to the email which you sent as listed below.​ I have been liaising with the office of Bishop Cullinan over the last 6 months and neither Bishop Cullinan or his office have any criminal complaint to make.​ Without any firm evidence to indicate a criminal act we cannot pursue this matter any further.​ Many thanks for your initial correspondence and you taking my previous call.


Inspector Xxxxx Xxxx



“If PB did nothing wrong, there are 2 questions to be asked.

  1. If he did nothing wrong, why is no longer listed as a priest of the diocese?
  2. Why isn’t he allowed to say Mass in public?


Same old! Same old!

Sex and / or money.

What makes Phonsie think he is ABOVE civil and criminal law?

Phonsie told another Waterford priest that this hiding would never be found out!

It has been exposed.

And once again, Phonsie, you are exposed for the creature you are 🐍




The controversy surrounding Bishop Robert is not by any means ended.

Another serious matter was made known to me yesterday, by two different sources, and I felt compelled to let the papal nuncio to the UK, Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti know about the matter, as it is most serious.


The complaint concerns a priest of another English diocese.

That priest has made his own bishop aware of the situation, and I’m told the priest’s bishop has been more than kind to him.

I have copied my letter to the papal nuncio to that other English bishop.

I do not know if the papal nuncio knew about this matter before hearing about it from me.

It is my belief that this matter should be immediately he made known to the police if it hasn’t been already.

In my opinion this matter requires a full police investigation

And I hope that no one in the English Catholic Church covers this one up !!!

I will not let it go and, if necessary, will make it public.

However, it is more appropriate that the English bishops, the papal nuncio, and the police deal with it.




I have been contacted by Hexham and Newcastle clergy and others………




A leading figure in Catholic education pleaded guilty in a London court this week to downloading more than 5,000 images of child pornography from the internet to his computer.

Fr Tim Gardner, 41, a former religious education adviser to the Catholic Education Service (CES), admitted possession of the images when he appeared at Southwark Crown Court on Monday. Of the 5,005 images cited, many were graded at level four and five – the most extreme – and one depicted bestiality.

Bishop Byrne wanted to bring his best friend, the paedophile Dominican priest TIM GARDNER, to live with him in Bishop’s house!!!

Byrne was enraged when safeguarding officer Angie Richardson told him : “NO, YOU CAN NOT HAVE GARDNER LIVING WITH YOU ON DIOCESAN PROPERTY.

Why would Byrne want such a man living with him?

***** Byrne tried to get Gardner a position as an educationalist on a H&N project for vulnerable people in a Peru mission !!!


A Catholic priest took his own life days after learning police were investigating him over a ‘historic allegation’, a coroner has ruled.

Canon Michael McCoy, 57, was found dead at his apartment in Newcastle on April 10 last year.

Mc Coy, Byrne’s cathedral Dean, held weekly gay parties in a cathedral room attended by gay cathedral volunteers.

These meetings took place during the Covid lockdown.

These very boozy parties ( who paid for the booze) were attended by lay men, and a drag artist called MISS RORY.

Byrne knew about these parties and did nothing.

Did he ever attend them?

We don’t know at present.

The Bishop, sex offender and McCoy socialised together and the Bishop also took the sex offender into the private quarters in the cathedral.


One young male altar server in his 20s was invited to those parties.

Later, Byrne made that young man his PRIVATE SACRISTAN.


The diocesan safeguarding officer ANGIE RICHSRDSON, a former police officer, refused to let Byrne meet victims of abuse because of “his lack of judgement and lack of a moral compass.”


The Hexham and Newcastle safeguarding officer, Angie Richardson, resigned specifically because Byrne refused to take safeguarding advice and undermined safeguarding decisions at every turn.

Angie received no support from her line manager, Fintona Standfield, the non Catholic COF – chief operating officer of Hexham and Newcastle diocese.

More, much more to come …….






I asked one English priest about this. His answer:

Byrne should never have been appointed a bishop in the first place.

He is an Oratorian, and all the English Oratorians are odd balls, nut cases, and Latin Mass fetishists.

Also, most of them, if not all of them, are of the antique disposition.

He probably was appointed in the wake of the canonization of John Henry Newman.

Byrne is a dresser upper and not a pastor.

If he gone for financial ineptitude and nervous collapse, he couldn’t be much of a man. He is only 66, and Hexham and Newcastle is hardly the most challenging of dioceses?

Or is there a secret scandal that is being covered?

If so, it will not be that he has fathered a child 😀

I don’t know if religious order members should be appointed as diocesan bishops?

Byrne will now spend his time flouncing around in purple and lace, presiding over Latin Masses, etc.

This is a case in which he should not be allowed to wear Pontifical gear!