JOHN PAUL LYTTLE originated on the Isle of Wight but had Belfast family.

For whatever reason, he moves to Belfast to live with his granny in Whitehouse, Belfast.

He entered the seminary in Belfast to be a priest for Down and Connor diocese.

In the Belfast, he went out at night to the gay cruising areas to get “action.This was well known to his fellow seminarians.

At some stage, the PP of Whitehouse – the convicted Fr James Donaghy – where his granny lived got him drunk and ttued to sexually seduce him.

He says he repelled Donaghy and thought it was terrible that Donaghy got him drunk and tried to seduce him.

Soon afterwards, JPL left Belfast and ended up in Oscott Seminary. He also appears to have time in Wonersh and Allen Hall ?

At this time, he had been accepted by Bishop Crispin Hollis as a seminarian for Portsmouth.

In Oscott, he ended up in the bed of the seminary rector.

Hollis dismissed him from Oscott. The seminary rector was “reassigned”.

He spent some time with the Capuchins in Donegal and Africa and with another religious order.

He reappeared in London in the home of Fr Ray Lyons, who had been suspended and reinstated and was acting as a school chaplain.

One evening, he came home with some young men from a gay bar. They were drinking on the upper floor of the house, and JPL fell from the window and suffered life-threatening head injuries.

The three young men in his company were not charged with any crime.

JPL remained seriously ill in the hospital, and it was feared he would not survive.

As it happened, he had a miraculous or semi miraculous recovery, surprising all the medics.

He next appeared as a volunteer minister to the marginalised on the Portsmout diocesan website and wearing a clerical collar.

Then, out of the blue, Bishop Egan ordained him hurriedly and on a week day.

We next see him turning up in a Reading Parish where he was assistant priest and hospital chaplain.

It was in Reading that he invited a young policeman to the parochial house for dinner. The PP was away for the night. He plied the young man with alcohol and tried to seduce him. He had told the young man that he watched gay porn, was always horny and masturbated a lot.

The young man fled the house and reported the incident to the police and Bishop Egan.

The young man remains completely dissatisfied with Egan and the diocesan safeguarding.

JPL was on the move again.

He was saying that he was conducting research for Bishop Egan.

Eventually, Egan arranges for him to live in a church house in Fareham. Portsmouth in the parish controlled by Canon John Cooke.


JPL is drinking in a local pub from 1.30 pm daily.

In the pub, he meets a young part-time barman and his long-term girlfriend.

JPL invites the young barman for dinner and drinks.

After dinner, a gramme of cocaine is produced, and JPL and the barman share it in a room with a prominent crucifix on the wall.

JPL then tries to seduce the barman. The barman refused his advances and leaves very hurt and angry.

The barman contacts me, and I inform Egan, safeguarding abd Canon Cooke in Fareham.


1. Why has Bishop Egan continued to let JPL live in diocesan properties that he uses for drinking, drug taking, and attempted sexual assault?

2. Has Egan referred JPL for detox and rehabilitation?

3. Does Egan not realise he made a massive mistake in ordaining JPL and that he should be laicised?

4. Is Egan or other clerics compromised by JPL either by being involved with him or JPL having the dirt on them?

5. Does Egan and Cooke not realise that if JPL harms anyone after they have been made aware of everything, they leave themselves open to serious litigation?

6. Is Egan and others going to allow this to continue until someone, either JPL or another, is seriously injured or killed?