“In 2006, the diocese of Down and Connor made a very supportive statement in favour of Donaghy when the Public Prosecution Service of Northern Ireland decided not to prosecute him about James’ allegations.

“Fr John McManus, a spokesman for the Down and Connor Diocese, said Fr Donaghy had been through a very difficult time.


Fr Donaghy has been through a very difficult two years, years of emotional and spiritual upset,” he said.

“They have indeed been trying years for him. A heavy burden has been lifted off his shoulders.

“This has been a very difficult and demanding time for his family, his friends, his parishioners and his fellow priests. They will be more than relieved to know that no prosecution will take place.”

This must have broke James’ heart because it certainly broke mine. It would work out though because, eventually, Donaghy would be convicted of his crimes against me, James and Victim B.

I always wondered, after this very caring statement about Donaghy by Walsh through his stooge, Fr John McManus, why Donaghy wasn’t immediately reinstated as PP of Bangor.


Despite Walsh, Donaghy and their hangers on being “more than relieved to know that no prosecution will take place”, he was kept out of ministry.

I found out a few days ago that, also in 2006, the diocese received a complaint that Donaghy had repeatedly sexually abused a seven year old boy.

Read all about that here:

This would seem to explain Walsh not returning him to public ministry, despite his desperate attempts to keep him in his positions in 2003 and 2004.

Walsh had complaints against Fr Filth since the late 90s and yet, when I complained I was told in 2003 that it “is your word against Fr Donaghy’s word”.

In 2006, Walsh was made aware of a seven year old boy’s abuse by his friend Donaghy. In 2011, when I and Victim B came before the courts seeking justice, Walsh’s big pal, Gemma Loughran, was the sitting judge.


She failed to declare her friend Walsh as a conflict of interest. She severed our cases against police and PPS advice and gave no explanation. She imposed a blackout on the media reporting.

Loughran was rumbled by the Chief Prosecutor and forced to step aside from Donaghy’s trial when he discovered her close ties with Walsh. This was a wilful attempt, by Loughran, to pervert the course of justice.

There needs to be a public inquiry into Loughran. What she attempted was an act of pure evil. Walsh also needs to be scrutinised. He knew about Donaghy since the late 90s and did nothing.

All of this is a monstrous outrage, a mockery of justice and of the Catholic Faith. Loughran is a reader and Eucharistic minister in a well known Belfast church. She shouldn’t be.

I have written to both Loughran and Walsh, in recent months, facing them with their malfeasance. Their response? No solicitor has contacted me warning me to “shut up or else”.

Their response? Not so much as a peep out of them. Total silence. Their refusal to respond speaks volumes. “The wicked are caught up in the snares they laid for innocent” (Psalm 10:2)”


Paddy McCafferty’s abuse by Donaghy has taken a huge toll on Paddy’s life and health.

The attempted cover up by Walsh. Mc Manus and Loughran was horrific and took a further toll on Paddy’s and the other victims.

I was drawn into the whole saga w en VICTIM B’s family approached me.

The family and the police had their first meeting at The Oratory.

It took us 10 years to get action.

But we got there in the end.

Another horrific example of what the RCC can do to victims, families, and even its own priests.