Spiritans told abuse survivor (74) they would deny everything and ‘get him’ for costs

A survivor of abuse at a school run by the Spiritan congregation in south Dublin was told they would deny all allegations against them, force the case to a higher court and “get him” for costs.

Dr John Connolly (74) says he went to the Spiritan congregation in recent years with allegations of his abuse as a child in 1958 by the late principal Fr Robert Stanley (“Stanno”) at their Willow Park school in Blackrock.


However, Dr Connolly ended up in the Round Hall of the Four Courts in Dublin where he was told “they would not only deny everything but force it to a higher court and get me for costs [range €40,000-€80,000].”



The RCC and its dioceses and religious are great at PR and pay expensive PR companies large sums of money to make them look good.

You can see this contrast today in how DR JOHN CONNOLLY was treated and the great SPIN in the video of the Irish Spiritan leader, Kelly.

When they get victims on their own, they threaten and bully them.

But when the TV cameras are rolling, they come across as sweet as grandma’s apple pie.

These people speak with forked tongue – and we know where the forked tongue originates.

Bishops and religious superiors re-abuse victims by their cover-up and by their bullying and threatening.

If they were men of God, they would reach for their prayer book and Bible when faced with suffering victims.

Instead, they google the most expensive lawyers to protect the millions in their coffers.

Does Jesus not say to them what he once said to Peter? “Get behind me Satan”.

I wonder how many little boys and girls the Spiritans and other Irish missionaries have raped and ravaged in Africa, Asia, and South America?

That Irish Missionary Paedophile Legacy is coming down the track!

Jesus wept !