“Dear Bishop Pat,

Since O tober 2022, Bishop Philip Egan has been rolling out a fundraising campaign called CLOSER TO CHRIST with the aim of raising 13 million pounds.


The campaign is nearing its end.

There were three reasons for raising the money:

1. 1/3 for training and support of students for the priesthood.

2. 1/3 to support the ongoing formation for active clergy.

3. 1/3 for Retired Priests.

So, a third of this was to be given to the Priest Retirement Fund,p that’s what donors were told.

Not a penny has been paid into the Priest Retirement Fund!

Instead, all the money raised has been used to pay off office debt, which has built up in the central bank account, accrued mostly, due to the obscene salaries eing paid to diocesan employees.

Having been tackled about this, the spin is: “we’re holding on to the money until the confusion surrounding the PRF charity is clarified” ( as you know, Egan and Hauschild are trying to gain control over the fund).

Bishop Philip and HeatherHauschild are holding the donations ransom until they get their way!

The diocesan debt is increasing, and they’ve just had to beg for a 6 million pound loan from the bank to tide them over.

Of course, the ultimate plan is to merge parishes, sell off real estate and pay off the debts, but that takes time, and we don’t have much of that left at present.

The donors to the fundraising campaign do not realise that their money is being misused in this way, but furthermore, the dwindling number of Sunday punters do not realise that their weekly contributions given during the offertory collection is being used, not for the parish, but to fund Hayschild and her minions. Thus is scandalous!

Please do update your readers of this development.


“You have them rattled in Portsmouth Bishop Pat.

Here is a message from the Chief Operating Officer, shown here exactly as it was shared via Bishop Philip’s Ad Clerum:


Over the past 12 months, concerns have been raised about possible lapses in confidentiality, such as personal details and records of clergy and employees inappropriately shared. It is good practice to remind everyone that there are laws with serious penalties governing the disclosure of personal information. Occasionally, data is shared accidentally, for example, through forwarding emails. It is good practice to report this so that help can be given towards damage limitation and what safeguards might be put in place to minimise the risk of recurrence. Please seek advice as soon as possible if you think this has happened. If the breach of confidentiality is serious, we may need to report it to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and advise them of actions taken. An even more serious matter is the deliberate sharing of personal information. The law changed in 2018. Section 170 of the Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018 creates criminal offences relating to the use of personal data. It is an offence for a person “knowingly or recklessly to obtain or disclose personal data without the consent of the controller.” Criminal investigations and prosecutions for the misuse of personal information are hugely damaging, and so we ask for your increased diligence. Karena Fulford, Head of Administrative Support, is responsible for this area.

This shows that they are determined not to hear what people are saying or to recognise the hurt and irreversible damage being done to people and the diocese. Their response is to steamroll their way onwards. They know better.

The suggested threats fired from Hauschild is a perfect example of her passive aggression and abuse of her position, enabled, of course, by a spineless bishop who has no idea what he is doing.


Thank you, Fathers, for your concern for the People of God and your diocese.

It is vital that parishioners know exactly what their money is being spent on.

If you or they have concerns, don’t hesitate to contact the police or Charity Commissioners.

The RCC has always tried to silence its whistleblowers. Stand up to them.

If they threaten you with laws or seek to hide behind laws – call it out.

In this time, of the economic collapse, no diocese should be paying anyone £ 100,000 per annum.

Let there be redundancies, volunteers, and a good accountant.

Who does Egan think he is? The chairman of M&S ?

And remember, financial abuse is as much abuse as sexual abuse !