To my mind, there is a massive difference between a priest who falls in love with another individual and a priest who is on the orgy circuit.

It is the most natural ( and beautiful) thing for two people to fall in love.

This has been the basis of marriage and family for a very long time.

Secular / Diocesan priests do not take a vow of CHASTITY.

They take a promise to be celibate – not to marry. Of course, chastity is implied in this promise.

Is it possible and moral to make a promise at 23 that implies going against nature for the rest of your life?

Surely, this is only possible for the very small minority of human beings that have the “charism” for celibacy.

The very first book of the Bible says: “it’s not good for a man to be alone.”

And that’s God talking !!!

To my mind, it is morally evil for the RCC to impose on every priest a burden for which only the rarest are given the grace.

What does a priest who genuinely falls in love with another do?

Does he declare his love to his people, his fellow priests, and bishop and suffer dismissal and exile?

Or does he live a double life ?

Double and secret lives are destructive of mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

I think that such a priest should, as Shakespeare and Lady Macbeth say “Screw his courage to the sticking place”; tell his people, fellow priests, and bishop of his love and deal with the consequences.

Such honesty and authenticity ALWAYS bears fruit.


The Church’s orgy priests are mainly of the antique disposition.

They are not seeking love, friendship, or companionship.

They are seeking orgasmic thrills, sexual conquests, and drug – or chemically sourced and mind-blowing experiences.

They are predatory monsters seeking self and mutual disintegration and are hiding behind ecclesiastical structures.

To me, these are “lost souls.” And while that is terribly sad in itself, they are targeting innocent young seminarians and other “lambs” and creating havoc in the House of the Lord.