A Keady priest accused of voyeurism by spying on a woman in a changing room was found not guilty of the charge.

Having heard evidence from the complainant, District Judge Bernie Kelly said she had “not been satisfied to the criminal standard” so she was dismissing the single count against Father Aidan McCann.

She gave evidence that she had been in a changing cubicle in Rushmere Shopping Centre when she saw her curtain twitch a number of times, leading her to take a video of the incident on her mobile phone.

During cross examination from defence counsel Andrew Moriarty, the court heard there were a number of inconsistencies between her initial police statement and the evidence, and it was those inconsistencies that led to Father McCann being acquitted.

Acquitted vs. Not Guilty

“An acquittal does not mean that the defendant is innocent of the crime—only that the prosecutor failed to prove that the defendant was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.”


I am sure that AIDAN MC CANN is greatly relieved that this matter has come to an end and that he emerges without a conviction.

We have no details of the woman who accused him.

If she was lying or exaggerating, she has justly been rejected.

If she was a genuine victim, whose evidence did not reach the benchmark for criminal law, she will be devastated.

If she has made a complaint to the Church, there will now be a canonical investigation.

Maybe there will be one anyway.

But let us remember, we are dealing with Amy and Armagh

Of all dioceses, Armagh is a diocese where clerical “willie” crimes and misbehaviours are almost absolutely tolerated.

They can even get you promoted and be given special opportunities 😞


On 12th April 2022 Fr Aidan McCann sought leave of absence and voluntarily stepped aside from all public ministry pending the outcome of legal proceedings.

“Since those legal proceedings concluded yesterday with the acquittal of Fr McCann, the Archdiocese of Armagh will now conduct the Church processes which are required in such instances. Fr McCann remains voluntarily stepped aside from all public ministry while this is ongoing.

“We offer our prayers and support for all concerned.”