A man who claimed that a nun subjected him to years of sexual and physical abuse at a children’s home in Belfast is to receive £250,000 in damages.

The 41-year-old man, who is not being identified for legal reasons, stayed in Nazareth Lodge as a boy.

The payout forms part of a settlement reached over allegations that he was beaten and assaulted on a weekly basis.

He also claimed he was locked in a cupboard, made to eat food out of bins and was sat on as a form of punishment.

His action against the Sisters of Nazareth religious order was resolved at the High Court in Belfast without any admission of liability.

Lawyers for the plaintiff alleged that he was targeted between 1989 and 1996 by a senior nun at the home located on Ravenhill Road.

Dragged under a staircase’

He was groomed from the age of eight for the purposes of an abusive sexual, physical and emotional relationship, according to papers in the case.

The alleged treatment involved forbidding him from joining the rest of the children at mealtimes or speaking to other residents and members of staff.

It was claimed that the nun regularly punched, slapped, nipped and poked him, held him down, and pulled his hair.

On another occasion she allegedly dragged the plaintiff under a staircase to sit on him and spit in his face.

The nun was also said to have instructed a former resident, with whom she had an intimate relationship, to carry out an attack.

In a bid to prevent the plaintiff from telling anyone, she offered to reward him with sweets or by taking him for car journeys out of the home.

The lawsuit involved claims for negligence, assault, and post-traumatic stress disorder he suffered.

According to the man’s case, he was denied medical treatment for injuries inflicted by the nun.

‘Shame and suffering’

It was claimed that she told him that he was not lovable and she described him as a “reject”, “useless” and “dirty, fat and greedy”.

With the alleged sexual assaults described as “oppressive and degrading”, aggravated damages were sought due to the plaintiff’s young age.

The case had been listed for a three-day High Court trial but after negotiations a settlement was announced.

The judge ordered the Sisters of Nazareth to pay the man £250,000 in damages as well as his legal costs.

Outside court the man’s solicitor Claire McKeegan said he was relieved that his “ordeal” was over.

“Survivors of historical abuse carry with them from childhood a lifetime of shame and insecurity and suffering,” she said.

“Today’s settlement provides further vindication for survivors of religious institutions in Northern Ireland that abuse perpetrated on children was wrong and those who caused harm will be held accountable in our courts.”


In my childhood, I met wicked, aggressive, and violent nuns – nuns from Hell.

I always thought that these monsters were sexually frustrated and that they hated children because they would never have one themselves.

I remember seeing a vodka add that reminded me of these nuns:


In this case, the nun beat the boy, locked him in a cupboard, spat on him, sat on him, pulled his hair out, isolated him from the other children etc, made him eat from bins.

I wonder if that old witch is still alive?

She should be named and shamed.


As a priest, Cahal Daly was chaplain to the Nazareth Sisters in Belfast and said Mass for them daily.

When Daly was appointed Bishop in Longford, he took one of the orphans from Nazareth Lodge, who was 16 to live with him in Longford.

He told the boy not to tell the nuns where he was going or who he was going with.

The boy was James, and he lived as Daly’s servant until Daly died. Daly always introduced him as his “valet.

Here they are in Rome when Daly was made a cardinal

James died recently. RIP.



Died 16 January 2022 peacefully at Nazareth Care Village

The remains of James will leave O’Kane’s Funeral Home 116-118 Donegall Street Belfast BT1 2GX on Tuesday 18th January 2022

James’s remains shall be received at St Brigid’s Church, Derryvolgie Avenue at 6.00pm.

Requiem Mass will be on Wednesday 19th January at 11.00 am followed by interment in Milltown Cemetery.

Mass will be streamed live via

Our Lady of Lourdes pray for him.

Rest in peace

Deeply regretted by the Daly Family and his extensive circle of friends.




Almost every day now, new shocking reports of CLERICAL SEXUAL ABUSE CASES are emerging all over EUROPE and the WORLD.

And we have hardly even started hearing about the abuse that happened in AFRICA, ASIA and SOUTH AMERICA – at the hands of foreign missionary priests, brothers and nuns

CHILDREN, especially in Jesus’ view, are the Number One exemplars of the qualities needed for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus also reserved the greatest punishment for anyone who would hurt “the little ones.”

Matthew 18:6

Biblical Translations of Matthew 18:6

“If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”

How many thousands of bishops, priests, brothers, and nuns should have had a large millstones hung around their necks and be drowned in the depths of the sea?

How can the RCC exist with Christ’s condemnation on it?

How can it get away with pretending to be of Christ?

How can parents still hand their kids over to them in schools?

With all we have learned to date. Not to mention what is to come, how is the RCC still a legal entity, and why is it not banned and outlawed by the international community?

Why is torturing and raping thousands upon thousands of children not regarded as NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM?