One of our Scottish correspondents writes:

“It was announced yesterday (Sunday) at the 11am TLM Mass in Sacred Heart, Bridgeton, Glasgow, one of four TLM Mass Centers in the Archdiocese, that the usual Celebrant, Fr Stephen (Dancer) Dunn, would no longer be saying the TLM anywhere and indeed the TLM in that parish was discontinued with immediate effect.

This is the beginning of Archbishop Nolan getting rid of TLM in the Archdiocese


The Mass was celebrated and the announcement was made by the TLM Diocesan Chaplain, Fr Gerard Byrne, aka The Naked Chef.


It was also announced that Dancer Dunn has been suspended (again) and had his faculties removed due to letters he has written publicly condemning Pope Francis, Archbishop Nolan and other Scottish bishops.

Dancer Dunn is from a well known Catholic middle class family. His Grandfather owned a Football Club, Greyhound Stadium, Dunns Biscuits and Dunns Solripe Ginger. His maternal Grandfather was a surgeon and his parents were GPS and Dentist.

This family has had too much influence due to their finances. A family who are well educated but obsessed with money and power and equally arrogant and screwed up. Dancer Dunn is no exception: an arrogant bully, mysogonist and homophobe. He rides rough shod over everyone and thinks he’s exempt from the rules that govern everyone eise. Not to say anything of them removal company here runs with hos white transit van which he charges cash for.

His comes from a long line of priests: on his Mothers side he is the nephew of the late Bishop John and Father Willie Mone and cousin of Fr John Mone. His mothers two brothers are priests: Fr Jim Sweeney, Passionist Provincial and Fr Tony Sweeney who infamously was caught paying off rent boys he’d meet in Public Parks. His Fathers brother, Fr Gerry Dunn, was a Columban Missionary who like Fr Stephen was obsessed with Communism, Fatima and Homosexuality.

Dancer Dunn has been a disaster in every parish he has been in and driven out of. He was only ordained as his Father paid for his seminary education and was Cardinal Winnings GP. He was previously removed as PP of Sacred Heart for physically manhandling primary school children and emotionally and verbally abusing parishioners and it was a disgrace that he was returned during lockdown & Sede Vecante period to a people he hurt & offended and who couldn’t wait to get rid of him.

He is of course a close friend and confidante of Patricia McKeever of Catholic Truth, 2 crack pots together and like Patricia he denies Vatican II.

Thanks to the bravery of Archbishop Nolan it’s good riddance to this drunken bully. May he never be inflicted upon Gods holy people again. He is the wolf in sheeps clothing


Its good to have this update on the Scottish church and TLM.

I’m glad to see the archbishop of Glasgow implement Pope Francis’ instructions on the TLM.

Why is Father Dunn called “Dancer”?

Is he good on his feet?

I actually liked Patricia Mc Keever when we spoke. I like her challenging spirit and her willingness and ability to challenge clerics and hierarchs.



I’m told Mr Maguire is pleading Not Guilty.