From a Scottish reader

Morris was one of 8 priests who attended the annual Education Mass on Thursday night-it had been rescheduled due to the strikes. He is at the far left next to Fr Hughes and Fr Lamb. You can also see Deacon Colum Martin, who, of course, made national news in Scotland. Schools took bus loads of pupils as representatives – surely this is a safeguarding issue? A teacher friend of my wife described it as a ‘beautiful Mass’ – if only people knew what was stood before them on the altar!!!!


TMTBCT can be a bit rambling at times but those twitter comments are actually astounding. You wouldn’t expect them from some scheme rat as opposed to a supposed man of the cloth.
What a scumbag.

Given his profession, it probably isn’t the most offensive thing you’ll find on his internet history

Motherwell diocese,home of Bishop Joe Devine ,who admitted that RC schooling was “divisive”

Certainly looks like his legacy lives on


What is going on in Motherwell Diocese and in the Catholic Church in Scotland in general?

Not only are sexually active seminarians welcome in ministry – but so are people who have stirred up sectarian strife.