RORY COYLE hit the headlines in May 2016 during the infamous Maynooth Summer of Love.

He went on Grindr and showed his crown jewels and face to a much younger young man who knew him to have  been his school priest.

The young man claims that Rory wanted to come over his home and “do” him before his mother came home.

The young man took various screen shots etc and sent them to me and later to the Irish News newspaper.

Amy Martin immediately put Rory on a plane for the USA and a treatment clinic.

Then, he did a deal with the Servite Order in London to house Rory, while he volunteered at the Irish Centre and did further studies.

So Rory has been looked after every step of the way because he does exactly what Amy tells him to do and handles everything in the RC sneaky, secret, crooked, and truthless way.

Amy has spent numerous thousands of pounds on Rory, and that is on condition that he continue to lick Amy’s ass and dance to his every tune.

Look how in Rory’s D.Min acknowledgments, he give them all a good lick – Amy, Brady, VG Sweeney etc


I would like to thank everyone who has helped me on my DMin Journey.
I thank my family; my parents, Patrick and Rosemary; my brothers, Garrett, Enda and Diarmuid;
my grandmother, Bernadette; my in-laws and nephews and niece.
I thank Archbishop Eamon Martin, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All-Ireland for his
interest in my studies and his generousity in allowing me the opportunity to undertake my studies
on a full-time basis. I thank Cardinal Sean Brady, Archbishop Emeritus of Armagh for
recommending me to study at UWTSD.
I thank Canon Eugene Sweeney, Fr Michael Murtagh, Rev Dr Shane Crombie, Fr Michael
McCullough CM for their help. I also thank my brother priests of the Archdiocese of Armagh as
well as the staff of UWTSD.
I thank my supervisory team; Rev Dr Robert Pope for his kindness and very helpful suggestions;
Rev Dr Michael Fass for his encouragement and guidance at every step of the DMin journey.
I thank Fr Pat Ryall, OSM and the members of the Servite Community, Fulham Rd., Chelsea for
their hospitality, prayers and friendsh


Rory is upset and afraid that his new appointment in Tullyallen has been discovered and threatened by the young man he first spoke to on Grindr.

On Monday evening, that young man wrote a long email to Eamon Martin and copied it to me and some journalists.

That email contains a lot of previously unseen photographs and photo shots.

The young man says:

I have also tried to attach a video which shows Father Rory Coyle take part in the latest gay pride March in London with a gay rugby team. Not to mention the hashtags #gay #gayboy #gayculture – is included. He posted this himself. No fear

He actively wears a diocesan youth T-shirt in some of the pictures. What is going on?

Now I hear you ask what is wrong with this? Nothing? But is it ok for a priest who celebrates mass, to live a double life? Pretend all is ok? Have a major scandal fall upon the church in Ireland and the Archdiocese of Armagh in 2016 but continue to live a double life? Let’s not forget he posted pictures of himself naked on a gay dating website (Grindr). A priest remember…!!

Is it ok for Father Rory Coyle to have a gay sexual partner and celebrate mass? I don’t think that stands central to what the Catholic Church believe?

Here we have a priest actively living a double life. His leader and Archbishop Eamon Martin is cc’d into this email. As well as those that broke the story in 2016.

However, I think it’s important to highlight what is going on. This is a tip of the iceberg of what is yet to come”.


Rory, you have to shit or get off the pot.

You have to man up, grow a pair,and openly and publicly address your PAST, your PRESENT, and your FUTURE.

As a priest, you were a public person.

Furthermore, you were more public because you were the Master of Ceremonies to the RC Primate of All Ireland.

Furthermore, you were the County Secretary of Armagh – one of the prominent GAA teams on the island of Ireland.

You were at GAA meetings, matches, changing rooms, Croke Park etc

You need to make a public statement that deals with how you feel about your what you did and apologise to anyone you hurt.

You need to tell people honestly what you want to do with your life.

You can not pretend to be a celibate priest and be involved in gay apps, gay meets, and intensive gay activity on the internet.

If you want and need the gay lifestyle, kiss Amy goodbye and go out there and earn a living.

If you want to be a priest be an independent priest.

Otherwise, you will stumble from scandal to scandal for the next 40 years