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That said priest (Father Rory Coyle) has been in London as of late (all expenses paid) completing a doctorate titled:​

“Towards a Framework of Creating Coping Strategies for Newly Ordained Roman Catholic Priests Engaged with Major Transitions in Their Lives”

Again, this has been paid by the parishioners and people of the church in the Archdiocese of Armagh. Father Rory completed this at the​ University of Wales Trinity Saint David whilst resident at St Luke’s Institute in the United States of America and the Irish centre in London. Again, all paid by for parishioners.

Note: “Saint Luke Institute is an independent, international Catholic education and treatment centre dedicated to healthy life and ministry for priests, deacons, and religious. We bring the healing ministry of Christ to those we serve through integrated psychological and spiritual treatment and education.”

You can read his paper here:​,%20RORY.pdf

His acknowledgments are very interesting.​

Now to the real story! Father Rory has recently returned to Ireland since living, what can only be described as ‘an interesting life’ whilst away from priesthood.

Father Rory celebrated mass three days ago? Pictures attached. I understand he’s currently staying in Mellifont Parish with Father Sean Dooley.

You ask why does this all matter though? Right? Well here is why! On the one hand up until three days ago, this Grindr priest which was put on leave in 2016 to study a PhD In transitioning and attend therapy at Saint Luke’s institute celebrated mass.


Rory categorically denies he is in a relationship ***

However, on the other hand we have the following: (which Father Coyle has posted himself)

have also tried to attached a video which shows Father Rory Coyle take part in the latest gay pride March in London with a gay rugby team. Not to mention the hashtags #gay #gayboy #gayculture – hopefully the video is included. He posted this himself. No fear


He actively wears a diocesan youth T-shirt in some of the pictures. What is going on?

Now I hear you ask what is wrong with this? Nothing? But is it ok for a priest who celebrates mass, to live a double life? Pretend all is ok? Have a major scandal fall upon the church in Ireland and the Archdiocese of Armagh in 2016 but continue to live a double life? Let’s not forget he posted pictures of himself naked on a gay dating website (Grindr). A priest remember…!!

Is it ok for Father Rory Coyle to have a gay sexual partner and celebrate mass? I don’t think that stands central to what the Catholic Church believe?​

Here we have a priest actively living a double life. His leader and Archbishop Eamon Martin is cc’d into this email. As well as those that broke the story in 2016.​

However, I think it’s important to highlight what is going on. This is a tip of the iceberg of what is yet to come.


I am very disappointed when I read the content of this email to Eamon Martin.

We all supposed that after his FALL, Rory had gone away to repent, pray, get therapy and treatment, do volunteering work and study.

Most sabbaticals are 6 to 12 months.

Rory has had SEVEN YEARS or 84 months.

The good people of ARMAGH have paid Rory his £24,000 salary a year for seven years – a total of £ 168,000.

They also paid for St Luke’s in the USA – costing at least £ 30,000.

They have also paid 7 years rent to the Servites in London.

They have also paid for his D.Min from a Welsh university.

And what has Rory been doing

Having a great time on the London Gay Scene, thanks to the CLAPHAM FEELERS and Instagram.


I am personally disappointed because, unknown to anyone, I have been in touch with Rory, helping him all I could and referring him to others for support.

He always approached me seeking sympathy, advice, prayers, and seeking little or no mention on this blog.

My personal and journalistic integrity would not allow me to concede silence to Rory, but I did help all I could and fretted over things I published.

And, now that I see Rory was pulling the wool over all our eyes – including the eyes of Eamon Martin.

I think that Rory has used everyone for his own ends.

I think he will continue to do that.

But he will eventually run out of road.

Rory is totally unsuitable to the priesthood and perhaps even to any job that involves dealing with vulnerable people.

Is Eamon Martin going to continue with this charade?

If so, what is in this totally dysfunctional relationship for Eamon Martin ?